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Empire at War Heaven » Units » Pirate Interceptor Frigate

Pirate Interceptor Frigate

Pirate Interceptor Frigate
Interceptor cruiser armed with 2 turbolaser batteries and a proton torpedo launcher. Designed to defeat freight convoys and light military escort ships.

Affiliation:Pirates, Empire, Rebel
Tactical Heath:3200
Shield Points:700
Shield Refresh Rate:50 points/sec
Cost: credits
Build Time: seconds
Hyperspace Capable:Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed:2.2
Population Slots:3
Req. Space Station:Level

Strong Against
Corellian CorvetteCorellian GunshipTartan Patrol Cruiser

Weak Against
Assault Frigate Mk IIY-wingTIE bomber
Special Attributes


Boost Weapon Power: Divert power from the shields and engines to the weapons. For a short time, firepower will be increased at the cost of shield regeneration and engine speed.

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