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Empire at War Heaven » Units » Corellian Corvette

Corellian Corvette

Corellian Corvette
Fast patrol cruiser armed with 8 laser cannons. Designed to destroy fighters and bombers. Engines are extremely powerful allowing it to safely run away from any fight it can't win.

Tactical Heath:750
Shield Points:600
Shield Refresh Rate:15 points/sec
Cost:1250 credits
Build Time:15 seconds
Hyperspace Capable:Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed:2.45
Population Slots:2
Req. Space Station:Level 2

Strong Against
TIE fighterTIE bomberPirate Assault Fighter

Weak Against
Imperial Star DestroyerVictory CruiserAcclamator-class Cruiser
Special Attributes


Boost Engine Power: Redirect power to engines. While activated, speed is increased but at the cost of reduced firepower.

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