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Empire at War Heaven » Units » Mon Calamari Cruiser

Mon Calamari Cruiser

Mon Calamari Cruiser
Heavy Rebel attack cruiser armed with 4 turbolaser batteries and 2 ion cannon batteries. Invulnerable to shield generator destruction.
This ship can only be built on Kuat, Sullust, Fondor or Mon Calamari.

Class:Capital Ship
Tactical Heath:8500
Shield Points:2000
Shield Refresh Rate:50 points/sec
Cost:4000 credits
Build Time:90 seconds
Hyperspace Capable:Yes (1)
Sublight Speed:1.5
Population Slots:4
Req. Space Station:Level 4

Strong Against
Victory CruiserAcclamator-class CruiserTartan Patrol Cruiser

Weak Against
TIE bomber
Special Attributes


2x Ion Cannon Battery
- 420 health
- 2000 range
- 41° rotation
- 1.16 shots/sec
4x Turbo Laser Battery
- 420 health
- 2000 range
- 44° rotation
- 1.49 shots/sec
- 490 health


Boost Shield Power: Boost shield regeneration for a short duration. While shields are boosted, ships move and fire at a slower rate.

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