Wayland: Planet Information


A simple clerical error in the Old Republic planetary registry removed Wayland from all known charts and doomed the expeditionary vessel seeking to settle a colony there. Without support from the Republic, the human colonists regressed technologically, discarding their blasters for bows and arrows, their modern fabrics for furs and hides. The colonists continue to clash with the two native intelligent species on Wayland, despite being forgotten by the galaxy at large.


Clear: Clear skies have no effect on unit performance.


Grants a 15% speed boost to all MPTL and T4-B tanks in the galaxy as long as this planet is controlled.

Trade Routes

To: Alzoc III
From: Byss, Coruscant, Dantooine, Mon Calamari, Jabiim, Bonadan, Kessel, Manaan


Quick Facts

  • Advantage: Improved Treads (MPTL\T4-B)
  • Population: Humans, Psadans, Myneyrsh
  • Wildlife: Clawbirds, Vine Snakes, Garrals
  • Terrain: Temperate: Forests, mountains
  • Additional Population Capacity: 5
  • Max Land Structures: 5
  • Max Space Structures: 1
  • Max Space Station Level: 5

Planetary Maps

Space Tactical Map
Land Tactical Map

Natives: Humans, Psadans, Myneyrsh

Planetary information from Empire at War