Kuat: Planet Information


Kuat is a temperate Core World that is the site of the massive Kuat Drive Yards starship construction facility. The planet is covered in expansive forests and plains with generally mild weather. Kuat society is structured by class where the lower and middle classes are often considered not worthy of notice to the elite. Kuat’s upper classes are the families of the legendary Kuat merchant houses including Kuat Drive Yards.


Clear, Rain
Rain: The harsh rain conditions have reduced the accuracy of lasers by 50%.


Capital class ship production time reduced due to Kuat Drive Yards construction processes.

Trade Routes

To: Kessel, Bothawui
From: Coruscant, Fresia, Byss


Quick Facts

  • Advantage: Production Boost (Imperial Star Destroyer)
  • Population: Human
  • Wildlife: Drebin
  • Terrain: Urban: Forest, plains
  • Additional Population Capacity: 5
  • Max Land Structures: 3
  • Max Space Structures: 3
  • Max Space Station Level: 5

Planetary Maps

Space Tactical Map
Land Tactical Map

Natives: Human

Planetary information from Empire at War