Fondor: Planet Information


Fondor is densely populated and has sprawling urban centers, factories and junkyards across the entire planet. Fondor is designated as a manufacturing and shipbuilding center because of nearby resource-rich asteroids, moons and other worlds ripe for abuse. The planet boasts huge orbital starship construction facilities that provide an abundant feeding ground for Mynocks, flying parasites that feed on energy.


Clear, Sandstorm
Sandstorm: Heavy wind and sandstorms have reduced rocket accuracy by 50%.


Cost of frigate class ships is reduced due to Fondors orbital construction facilities.

Trade Routes

To: Abregado Rae, Sullust, Thyferra, Anaxes
From: Thyferra, Abregado Rae, Alzoc III, Corulag


Quick Facts

  • Advantage: Production Boost (Assault Frigate)
  • Population: Human
  • Wildlife: Mynock
  • Terrain: Urban: Urban sprawl
  • Additional Population Capacity: 5
  • Max Land Structures: 3
  • Max Space Structures: 2
  • Max Space Station Level: 5

Planetary Maps

Space Tactical Map
Land Tactical Map

Natives: Human

Planetary information from Empire at War