Corulag: Planet Information


Corulag boasts vast urban sprawls with the underdeveloped areas covered in forests of sturdy bamboo. The planet’s population is devoted to Emperor Palpatine and is viewed as a model world of proper Imperial behavior. The capital city of Curamelle is the site of Corulag Academy, a branch of the Empire-wide military school.


Clear, Rain
Rain: The harsh rain conditions have reduced the accuracy of lasers by 50%.


Cost of training for infantry is reduced due to the Corulag Academy.

Trade Routes

To: Taris, Ilum, Coruscant, Eriadu, Jabiim, Fondor, Bothawui, Hoth
From: Coruscant, Bestine, Corellia, Anaxes


Quick Facts

  • Advantage: Production Boost (Infantry)
  • Population: Human
  • Wildlife: Bulfusi
  • Terrain: Temperate: Urban Sprawls, oceans, forest
  • Additional Population Capacity: 5
  • Max Land Structures: 6
  • Max Space Structures: 1
  • Max Space Station Level: 5

Planetary Maps

Space Tactical Map
Land Tactical Map

Natives: Human

Planetary information from Empire at War