Bespin: Planet Information


Bespin is a large gas giant that has no landmasses, but its upper atmosphere of billowing clouds hosts an envelope of breathable air called the Life Zone where a variety of life forms have evolved. Local inhabitants have established floating colonies here such as Cloud City, a popular resort and mining town. Bespin’s chief and most profitable export is precious tibanna gas that is used to power blasters and other energy weapons.


Wind Storms
Clear: Clear skies have no effect on unit performance.


Additional income provided by Tibanna gas mining.

Trade Routes

To: Hoth, Sullust, Vergesso Asteroids, Dagobah, Eriadu, Naboo, Bestine
From: Coruscant, Geonosis


Quick Facts

  • Advantage: High Credit Value
  • Population: Human, Ugnaught
  • Wildlife: Velkers, Beldons
  • Terrain: Temperate: Gas Giant
  • Additional Population Capacity: 5
  • Max Land Structures: 0
  • Max Space Structures: 2
  • Max Space Station Level: 5

Planetary Maps

Space Tactical Map

Natives: Human, Ugnaught

Planetary information from Empire at War