The easiest way to acquire the latest patch is to be connected to the internet and to load the game. It will automatically prompt you to download any available patch. Alternate download locations are listed below. If any of these links are broken, please email us.



General Bug Fixes


* Corrected a saved game issue that occurred after installing the 1.04 patch.


Space Tactical Changes


* Millenium Falcon "Invulnerability" duration was reduced from 10 seconds to 6 seconds

* Corellian Corvettes and Tartans now become available at Tech Level 2 instead of Tech Level 1

* The Corellian Corvette price was reduced from 1850 to 1800 credits

* The Imperials now starts with 2 TIE Fighter squadrons instead of 3

* Tartan "All Power to Weapons" duration was reduced from 10 seconds to 7 seconds

* Acclamators only spawn 1 TIE Bomber squadron (down from 2) and 3 TIE Fighter squadrons (down from 4)

* Victory Star destroyers now only spawn 2 sets of TIE Bombers squadrons (down from 3)


New Features
* Players can now play on maps made with the STAR WARS:
NOTE: The Editor is available through a separate download.
* Support added for auto-downloading of custom maps. Players
who need to download a custom map in order to play in a
particular game will automatically download that map when
joining the game.

General Bug Fixes
* Corrected several issues related to spaces being used in
player names
* Corrected issue for player’s getting kicked from a game
due to the game host clicking on their name
* Corrected an issue for missing Japanese characters in the
disconnect screen

General Balancing Changes
* Reduced the accuracy of corvettes (both Empire and Rebel)
vs. fighters/bombers by 15%
* Reduced Corellian Corvette shield health by 10%
* Increased shield strength of Corellian Gunship by 15%
* Reduced Corellian Gunship hit points by 15%
* Corvette class ships (both Empire and Rebel) now do
slightly less damage to mining facilities
* Accuser tractor beam now holds Corvettes and Frigates
in place
* Imperial Star Destroyer tractor beam now reduces frigate
and corvette speed by 85%
* Adjusted Empire space station shield generator hit points
to be balanced properly with the Rebel space station shield
generator hit points at all tech levels.
* Increased shield generator hit points on Rebel and Empire
level 4-5 stations by 100 points
* AT-AT’s now do 15% damage to T4B’s
* SPMA-T’s now do 15% more damage to T2-B tanks, T4-B Tanks,
turrets and structures
* Reduced T4-B rocket damage by 25%

Space Tactical Changes
* Rebellion now starts with 2 X-wing squads instead of 3
* Imperial Star Destroyer’s price has been reduced to
5000 credits, down from 5200 credits
* Accuser’s price has been reduced to 5800 credits, down
from 6200 credits
* Nebulon B Frigates now do 20% less damage to mining
asteroids and space defense satellites
* Redesigned mining asteroid layout on Bothan Frenzy map
* Resized Battle over Geonosis map
* Acclamator’s price has been increased to 2350 credits,
up from 2200 credits
* Acclamator build speed increased from 15 to 18 seconds
* Corellian Corvette and Tartan Cruiser damage reduced vs.
mining facilities by 15%
* Fixed Rebel starting unit spawn issue on map
“Alderaan Defense”
* Corrected an issue where capital ships would be invisible
during space combat

Land Tactical Changes
* Corrected an issue with Turrets shooting at the ground on
the Corellian Countdown map
* Heavy Reflective armor (level 1) upgrade is now available
at Tech level 2
* Level 1 Rebel Combat Armor price has been increased to 700
credits, up from 450 credits
* Level 2 Rebel Combat Armor price has been increased to 875
credits, up from 675 credits
* Level 1 Rebel T4B Firepower upgrade price has been increased
to 1000 credits, up from 700 credits
* Level 1 Rebel T4-B Firepower upgrade build speed increased
from 20 to 25 seconds
* Level 2 Rebel T4-B Firepower upgrade build speed increased
from 25 to 35 seconds
* Level 2 Rebel T4-B Firepower upgrade price increased from
1100 to 1450 credits


New Content
* Added new Multiplayer Land Skirmish map "Corellian Countdown"
* Added new 43 Planet Multiplayer Campaign Map "Lines are Drawn"
General Issues
* Corrected several text issues including the removal of references to the Venator and missing text.
* Corrected an issue that allowed Empire Heroes to be placed on the Death Star.
* Corrected an issue that allowed multiple turrets to be built on the same build pad.
* Corrected an issue that caused AT-AT's to become stuck when deploying troops over build pads.
* Corrected an issue where AT-AT's would stop moving when tow cabled by Rebel Speeders allowing players to stop the unit from suffering a successful tow cable attack.
* Corrected an issue in which the Death Star could be sold.
Multiplayer Issues
* Added an "ignore" button to the Internet lobby - Ignored player chat is not seen in any Internet dialog, and Ignored players are shown in a different color in the player list.
* Corrected several issues that caused quick match to hang indefinitely.
* Corrected an issue where quick match would connect more than 2 players to a game resulting in a sync error.
* Added "Quality Lights" to the game setup screen to indicate connection performance between players. Detailed ToolTips will also display when the mouse cursor is hovering over the "quality" lights.
* Added a "test connections" button to the game lobby that allows players to test out their connections with other players in a match before starting.
* GameSpy Arena 1v1 Space Skirmish, 1v1 Land Skirmish and 1v1 Campaign ladders have been reset due to several stat exploit corrections that have been made.
* Corrected an issue that caused CD-Keys to become invalid when playing on Limited-User Windows profiles.
* Corrected an issue for missing map names in the Multiplayer Lobby.
* Victory movies can now be skipped in multiplayer games.
* Corrected an issue where player count would display incorrect information like 59/2 when a game is first listed.
* Corrected several general connectivity issues with multiplayer improving connectivity performance.
* Client player in a match is now allowed to change color/faction after pressing accept.
* Increased Multiplayer stability for LAN and Internet games.
* Changed light up buttons to check marks in the Host Game Setup menu.
Balance Issues
* Improved targeting priority for AI when fighting Star Destroyers.
* Increased the tractor beam hard point health from 100 to 150 for Star Destroyers.
* Increased the Garrison spawn time from 15 seconds to 25 Seconds for most buildings.


General Issues
• Corrected an issue with server disconnection.


General Issues
• Corrected an issue that could prevent progress past mission 4 in the Rebel Campaign.
• Added AI improvements for Land Control games.
• Corrected an issue to count troop transports towards unit cap in space tactical battles.
• Improved AI to move units within firing range when using Tractor Beam/Proton beam weapons.
• Corrected an issue where proton torpedoes would ignore hardpoints when applying damage.
• Corrected an issue in tutorial mission 5 that caused hint Voice Overs to stop repeating if the reinforcements objective has not been completed.
• Corrected multiple text and voice issues in Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Polish versions of the game.
• Corrected an issue that prevented two Force-sensitive heroes from targeting the same building.
• Corrected an issue that caused ground troops to be destroyed in space tactical battles when using Auto-Resolve.
• Corrected an issue that prevented enemy units from displaying their team color in the mini-map.
• Corrected an issue with the magnapulse cannon that required double-clicking in order to target enemies.
• Corrected a collision issue with Land Skirmish map "Clash on Tatooine" that allowed units to fire through the terrain.
• Disabled Save/Load functionality when in tutorial missions.
• Corrected an issue that allowed AI to use Luke Skywalker's special ability without waiting for the recharge timer.
• Corrected multiple issues with the cinematic camera.
• Corrected an issue that allowed the Interdictor Cruiser's Gravity Well to remain active after it was destroyed.
• Corrected an issue that prevented multiple units from using the Barrage ability on the same target.
• Corrected an issue that allowed the Death Star to fire after a tactical battle completed.
Performance Issues
• Corrected performance issues with particle effects.
• Improved path-finding and collision for troop transports in space maps.
• Corrected performance issues caused by ToolTips in tactical battles.
• Improved load times.
Graphics Issues
• Corrected an issue with the shadow mesh for X-wings.
• Improved accuracy for auto-detection of graphics Detail Level.
• Corrected an issue that did not pause the demo-attract cutscenes behind full-screen menus.
• Corrected a sizing issue with ToolTips in menu screens after changing the Video Resolution.
• Corrected issues with the Fog-of-War in the Collector's Edition bonus maps.
• Adjusted the tactical camera for widescreen aspect ratios.
Multiplayer Issues
• Increased Multiplayer stability for LAN and Internet games.
• Disabled the Fast Forward and Play buttons in Multiplayer games.
• Corrected an issue that caused Game Speed settings to revert to defaults when changing modes in Multiplayer.
• Corrected a crash issue caused by clients joining a game without selecting the same map as the host.
• Corrected multiple issues that caused text to word wrap in Multiplayer screens and menus.
• Added a message in the lobby to inform clients when they were missing maps for some hosted games.
• Corrected Save/Load issues in Multiplayer Campaign games.
• Added a message box to state when players leave Galactic mode in Multiplayer Campaign games.
• Corrected an issue that prevented double-clicking to select all of a unit type in Multiplayer games.
• Corrected an issue that allowed two players to use the same player color.
• Corrected an issue that allowed the droid log to retain information from previous Multiplayer games.
• Corrected an issue that caused players to lose Skirmish battles when a different player would quit the game.
• Corrected an issue that caused custom game names to display incorrectly.
• Corrected an issue that caused the mini-map to appear black after completing successive Multiplayer games.
• Corrected an issue that allowed too many AI units in Multiplayer games.
Balance Issues
• Updated Tech Level build times for Command Centers
o Tech 2:
Previous Build Time 40 seconds
New Build Time: 60 seconds
o Tech 3:
Previous Build Time 50seconds
New Build Time: 85 seconds
• Updated Tech Level 3 costs for Command Centers
o Previous Cost: 3800
o New Cost: 4000
• Reduced the amount of time that Force Corrupt will affect vehicles.
o Previous Time: 120 seconds
o New Time: 90 seconds
• Reduced fighter laser damage against capital ship and space station shields.
• Reduced damage caused by AT-ST units against infantry.
• Increased the cost of AT-ST units in Skirmish games.
• Increased the recharge timer for the Millennium Falcon's special ability.
• Reduced Millennium Falcon's shields and health.
• Increased the cost of Emperor Palpatine in Skirmish Multiplayer games.
• Increased the cost of Colonel Veers in Multiplayer games.
• Adjusted the radius and recharge timer for Colonel Veers' special ability.
• Increased Vader's TIE Advanced fighter to have 50% more health and double the firepower.
• Increased the amount of shield damage caused by the larger ion cannons.
• Increased the health for Mineral extractors.
• Increased Anti-Aircraft damage against Airspeeders.
• Reduced AT-AA damage against infantry.
• Increased the rotation speed for the turret of AT-AA units.
• Corrected an issue with Fighter damage verses armor.
• Increased the health of Darth Vader's escort fighters.
• Increased the amount of damage Obi-wan does to buildings.
• Increased the cost and build time of missile cruisers.
• Decreased the amount of damage to turrets, vehicles, and buildings caused by Airspeeders.
• Corrected an issue that prevented Colonel Veers from being vulnerable to the cable attack.
• Increased the recharge timer for Red squadron's lucky shot.