Overcoming “Credit Shock”

Written by Darth Persia on May-01-2006

Credit Shock: A term for when the initially large stockpile of credits you begin the game with runs out, leaving you relying on your normal income.

Yeah, your faction is flourishing. You’re positive that the Rebellion will soon overturn the Galactic tyranny instituted by Palpatine, or you feel it is just a matter of time before the Rebellion is crushed, restoring peace and order in the galaxy. Suddenly, BAM

Your economy seems to grind to a halt. Whereas before you were cranking out fleets and armies, now it seems you have to wait a turn just to build one or two ships. Pretty soon, you’re scrambling around, panicking, worrying that you’re losing somehow, and pretty soon you aren’t thinking clearly. You become overly defensive. What gives?

Well my friend, you just developed “credit shock”. I’ve seen it ruin a player’s game, and it’s ruined a few of my own also. Here are a few things you need to remember.

  • Make a note of how many credits you begin with. Remind yourself that the initial rush won’t last the whole game.
  • When you hit the bottom of your credits, make a note of your planets. Do they have enemy smugglers on them? Have you lost planets? (If you didn’t notice you lost a planet to the enemy, you have a problem I’m not qualified to assist you with.)
  • Are you using your faction leader to the best potential? Palpatine and Mon Mothma provide a 25% cost reduction for everything built at the planet they inhabit. Move them around often when constructing a large ship or station or expensive structure to take your savings to the highest level. Believe me, it adds up.
  • Are you purchasing upgrades, structures etc. judiciously? That planet to the rear of the enemy doesn’t need a station upgrade. Mines would be a wiser investment. That system which has a very low credit count doesn’t need mines. Maybe it would be wiser to invest in a better station or military structure to increase production.
  • Are you wasting units? Instead of prudently retreating from an attack, or retreating from a system too difficult to defend, did you stick it out to the bitter end, losing more ships and men then you should have?
  • Have you been taking planets in the correct order? Planets with trade routes give more credits than ones without. Depending on your military situation and the map, give these at least some slight priority.
  • Have you been wasting your credits on units you don’t need? Are you training a bunch of tanks when you have a deficiency of fleets, or need to save your credits to afford that tech upgrade? Have a clear idea as to what your spending priorities are.
  • Be patient. Don’t be afraid to wait an extra turn for that extra round of credits required for that extra cruiser or the station upgrade.

That concludes this fairly common sense guide to a healthy economy and how to avoid the demoralizing spectacle of your empty coffers.