A Guide to Galactic Conquest

Written by Xaphanion on Sep-21-2006


Each planet in Galactic Conquest has a specific ability that will make it more or less desirable to you. Bespin, Courscant, and Kessel all have higher than usual credit income. Planets like Carida can decrease troop recruitment throughout the galaxy, while owning the Vargesso Asteroids increase the damage that Rebel fighters do. With so many planets, which ones do you want to get?


One of the most important things about a planet is its special ability. You’ll want to keep ones that give you high credits, but the ones which have an ability like Auto-heal should be low on your list of priorities for a while. As the Rebellion, one of the best planets to have isn’t even a planet – it’s the Vargesso Asteroid Field, and it gives a 25% damage boost to your fighters and bombers. This means taking out hard points 25% faster with Y-Wings, and protecting your own ships against bombers 25% better.

Another feature that is hard to ignore is the ability to make Capital Ships (Mon Calamari Cruisers and Star Destroyers). This is confined to the planets of Kuat, Fondor, Mon Calamari and Sullust. These planets should always have a high-level space station, and it’s the best place to put some surface-to-space weapons.


The location of a planet, for obvious reasons, is important. A planet close to the enemy will be in more danger than one blocked off from the others. A very important part of location is hyperspace lanes.

When you have two planets connected by a lane, you get more credits. Hyperspace lanes also mean that you can travel to planets regardless of their distance from each other. This can make some interesting situations.

In this diagram, taken from the Galactic Conquest map Alderaan’s Demise, Sullust is only reachable by Eriadu, which is in turn connected to the Vargesso Asteroids and Alderaan by hyperspace lanes. In this manner, it is impossible for enemy forces to reach Sullust without first conquering Eriadu, and it is safe to place heroes on Sullust, while leaving it defenseless. The troops and ships that would be guarding Sullust should be stationed on Eriadu.

This is the principle of borders, similar to the board game Risk. Sullust is reachable only by Eriadu, which is in turn reachable by Vargesso Asteroids and Alderaan, which are then reachable by other planets. By capturing Vargesso and Alderaan, you have cut off Eriadu from the galaxy and can now split its defenses between Vargesso and Alderaan.


“But Xaph,” I hear you cry, “what if Alderaan and the Vargesso Asteroids are conquered? Eriadu is left for my enemies to pick clean!” Well, you’re right. But Alderaan and Vargesso should not be conquered.

While defensive play can be effective, you should always aim to play aggressively whenever possible. By choosing where to attack, you get to choose where your opponent places his concentration. Think of your forces as a punch, heading towards your opponent. When you pull it off hard and fast enough, even when he puts his hands up to block, that’s what he hurts.

Always keep your momentum. It is the driving force behind campaigns, even when playing defensively. The person with the momentum decides where the attacks are, and that makes the game much easier.


Video Games are often compared to Poker, and it is not too bad of a comparison. If you are dealt two aces, your immediate reaction would be to make a large bet and take the pot. However, if you are dealt these aces 4 times in a row, and you play it the same each time, the other players now have you marked as an aggressive player who will leap at anything.

Always be aware of what the other player thinks and sees. He may be concentrating on the fleet that is even now making it’s way to the heart of his territory, not realizing that you are holding back your true forces for a strike at his edges. If you are playing aggressively, occasionally change the front on which you attack. Let’s use Alderaan’s Demise as an example again.

Instead of going for the most obvious planet, he will attack Ryloth. Fig. 5 He keeps his momentum going, but he shifts it to another area. It’s a move his opponent doesn’t expect, and hasn’t prepared for.

Your Opponent

If you’re the Empire, you may not think to conquer the Vargesso Asteroids. After all, it’s no benefit to you, right? It only improves Rebel fighters.

Well, you’re wrong. Because if you control it, your opponents’ fighters will be 25% less powerful than they normally are. In short, if your enemy wants something, you shouldn’t let him have it.


And so, taking these factors into play, you should gain a pretty good idea of which planets to capture. Always remember though: watch out for a fast move. A stealth hero could be waiting on your planet, waiting for the minute your fleet gets away to call in their own forces. And, of course, always watch out for the Rebels raiding ability. You can completely forget that sometimes and lose a few key buildings in the blink of an eye.