EaWH Forum Party Guide

Written by Crazed Ewok on Feb-21-2006

Forum Parties are events that Empire at War Heaven holds, from time to time. This tradition is echoed on many other Heavens, and they are all generally the same. Of course, there is some variance in these parties, and this article is intended to explain that to both new participants and old participants alike.

To sum up a Forum Party in a few words, I would have to say it is a date and time picked for various members of EaWH to all get online and play the game with each other. However, since our first Party, I’ve learned it’s far more than that. Not only is it an opportunity to play Empire at War with people you’ve seen on the forums (including the staff members), you can really get to know them. Aside from having fun, you could also meet some new friends…play a few games…joke around, that sort of thing. Anyone that visits our forums should definitely participate in the Parties.

Parties are usually held on the weekends; you’ll know from a news post on the main site and a post in the forums by one of the staff members. They will most likely echo what I am about to say below, but I will inform you of them anyway:

  • Games will [usually] be hosted in the General lobby.
  • Games will be prefixed with [EAWH] (you can create your own game, of course)
  • All games will be held in the USA server
  • All games will have the password of “discodarth”.

I recommend you always check the latest Forum Party thread; any of the information above is subject to change, unlikely as that is.

There are additional rules and recommendations for a Party. For instance, you should read the Configuring EaW for Multiplayer guide to avoid nasty connection problems. It will save you alot of time and confusion, so do yourself a favor and read it.

When you are preparing to join a Forum Party, there is an important thing to be aware of. EaW supports multiple servers across the world. If you live in England, your server will automatically be UK; if you’re in America, it will automatically be the USA server. This is for faster connection speed and decreased lag, but it also leaves you blind to other players on other servers. Since HG is based in the United States and that many of our forummers are from the US, all games will be hosted on the USA server. You can change the server in Network Options from the EaW Options menu.

Every Party is subject to rules of conduct. When we “invade” a game room, you are representing HG to a point. We ask that you don’t flame anyone, harass anyone, anything else that is frowned upon. Be respectful and friendly; be a good sport.

The most important part of these parties is for everyone to have a good time. If you want to get to know someone better, ask him to play a game. If you want to get to know a staff member (I suppose we can be imposing at times), ask him to play a game with you.

So, good luck with your games!