Demo Modding Guide for Newbies

Written by lordbodin99 on Feb-25-2006

The Tools

You’ll only need the EaW Extractor by Dante of Renevo which can be found here.

Extracting the Files

Unzip the Extractor and open it. Double click on Config.meg and select Tools>Extract all. Let’s say they’ve been extracted to a folder named “EaW Extracted Data.” In it, you should have a Data folder and inside it you’ll have 3 Folders: Resources, Scripts and Xml. In the Xml folder there should be a lot of Xml files and 2 folders. That’s good, because We’re going to work with Xml files only in this Guide.


You should make another folder, like “My EaW Demo Mod”. Copy the “Campaigns_Singleplayer.xml, Factions.xml, Planets.xml and Spaceunitscapital.xml” from EaW Extracted Data/Data/Xml to “My EaW Demo Mod”. Then create a folder called “Xml” in “My EaW Demo Mod”. Copy and paste all the .xml files in it.

Let’s Start

First we’ll edit the Campaigns_Singleplayer.xml (the one in My EaW Demo Mod/Xml of course). Hit Ctrl+F and write Demo Campaign, hit enter then. It should of scrolled down to something like this:

<!--*****************************DEMO CAMPAIGN**************************-->

Good, this is the Demo Campaign you’re usually playing in the DEMO. Now we’ll edit it. Scroll down, down. Let’s change the locations. Clear everything that is beetween <Locations> and </Locations>. Now put beetween them: Galaxy_Core_Art_Model, Hoth, Atzerri, Tatooine, Geonosis, VergessoAsteroids.
It should look like this:

<Locations> Galaxy_Core_Art_Model, Hoth, Atzerri, Tatooine, Geonosis, VergessoAsteroids </Locations>

Now let’s edit the Trade Routes. Initially it’s:

<Trade_Routes> Hoth_VergessoAsteroids, Tatooine_VergessoAsteroids </Trade_Routes>

We’ll edit it and it should look like this:

<Trade_Routes> Hoth_VergessoAsteroids, Hoth_Atzerri, Tatooine_VergessoAsteroids, VergessoAsteroids_Geonosis </Trade_Routes>

Very good, now we have 2 new playable Planets, actually they’re not playable now. Later on we’ll edit them so they are playable. Oh yeah, you’ll have to change the <Planet_Auto_Reveal>FALSE</Planet_Auto_Reveal> to TRUE and should look like this:


NOTE: When we’re editing the Campaigns_Singleplayer.xml you’ll allways have to hit Ctrl+F, write Demo Campaign and hit enter because we’ll be editing only the Demo Cpn.

Now let’s change the Starting Forces, Starting Credits and Starting Tech Level. First we’ll edit some Starting Forces. Let’s say, we’ll start on Hoth with 2 Mon Cal Cruisers, 4 X-Wing Squadrons, 3 Y-Wing Squadrons, 1 Nebulon B Fregate and 2 Corellian Corvettes.
You’ll have to scroll down to “<!– HOTH –>”. There you should find:

<!-- Rebel Space Forces -->
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_Star_Base_2 </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Y-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Y-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Han_Solo_Team </Starting_Forces>

<!-- Rebel Land Forces -->
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, R_Ground_Barracks </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_Infantry_Squad </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_Tank_Buster_Squad </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_Light_Tank_Brigade </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_Artillery_Brigade </Starting_Forces>

Now we’ll have to copy “<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>” 2 times so we’ll have 4 of them, and “<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Y-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>” so we’ll have 3 of them. Okay, now we’ll add some Ships. Copy any of these Space Starting Forces and replace the Text after “Hoth, ” with “Calamari_Cruiser” for Mon Calamari Cruiser, “Nebulon_B_Frigate” for you know what, and “Corellian_Corvette” for you know what, if you don’t, you’re stupid. It should look like this:

<!-- Rebel Space Forces -->
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_Star_Base_2 </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Y-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Y-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Y-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Calamari_Cruiser </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Nebulon_B_Fregate </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Corellian_Corvette </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Corellian_Corvette </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Han_Solo_Team </Starting_Forces>

Good, good. Let’s move on.

HINT1: You can change the Tech Level of the Star Base by changing the number after “Rebel_Star_Base_”.
HINT2: You can enable the Death Star by putting “Death_Star” after “Hoth,”

Where were we? Ah yes; changing Starting Credits. Very simple. Find this in the Demo Campaign:

<!-- Rebel Starting Forces -->

<Starting_Credits> Rebel, 20000 </Starting_Credits>
<Starting_Tech_Level> Rebel, 2 </Starting_Tech_Level>
<Max_Tech_Level> Rebel, 4 </Max_Tech_Level>

Change <Starting_Credits> for how many credits you wish to have. Change the number in <Starting_Tech_Level> after “Rebel,” for the starting Tech Level, and the number in <Max_Tech_Level> after “Rebel,” for the maximum Tech Level you want to reach. Well, basicly we finished with Campaigns_Singleplayer.xml.

Ok, moving to Factions.xml. Open it with Wordpad. First thing we can change here is the colour by changing these:

<Color> 185, 40, 39, 255 </Color>
<Display_Font_Color> 185, 40, 39, 255 </Display_Font_Color>

Just put random numbers till you find the colour you want, or take reference from a chart like this. The first one’s red value, the second is green and the third is blue value. The fourth… I dunno (probably opacity).

Next. The Space Battle Population Capacity? What is that? You know that you can’t bring your entire fleet into the battle, don’t ya? Well by changing:




You surely can!

What’s next? Retreat! Well, this is just tweaking it, to enable it you’ll have to do something else (like Cain’s Enabling the Retreat Guide). Anyway, changing the retreat time is done by editing:

<Space_Retreat_Countdown_Seconds> 10.99 </Space_Retreat_Countdown_Seconds>

And the colour of the Countdown Seconds by editing:

<Space_Retreat_Countdown_Color_RGBA> 255, 255, 255, 255 </Space_Retreat_Countdown_Color_RGBA>

Okay, now I’m gonna teach you how to be able to play as the Empire. It’s actually quite simple. Cut the Empire half and paste it in front of the Rebel half so the Empire is the first, the Rebels are the second and then the other factions. Open up Campaigns_Singleplayer.xml and hit Ctrl+F and type Demo Campaign. Hit Enter. Scroll down till you find:

<AI_Player_Control> Empire, None </AI_Player_Control>
<AI_Player_Control> Pirates, None </AI_Player_Control>
<AI_Player_Control> Rebel, SandboxHuman </AI_Player_Control>

Change it to this:

<AI_Player_Control> Empire, SandBoxHuman </AI_Player_Control>
<AI_Player_Control> Pirates, None </AI_Player_Control>
<AI_Player_Control> Rebel, BasicRebel </AI_Player_Control>

One more step. A little higher there should be:

<Starting_Active_Player> Rebel </Starting_Active_Player>

Change it to this:

<Starting_Active_Player> Empire </Starting_Active_Player>

Gooood, now close it. Open Planets.xml with Wordpad. Firstly, we’ll enable our two new planets by changing both their <Space_Tactical_Map> and <Land_Tactical_Map>. Change them so they’re like this:

<Land_Tactical_Map> _Land_Planet_Tatooine_02.ted </Land_Tactical_Map>

Otherwise it won’t to battle on them. Now a little cool thing for the ones who love Space Battles. You can edit the:

<Planet_Surface_Accessible> Yes </Planet_Surface_Accessible>

<Planet_Surface_Accessible> No </Planet_Surface_Accessible>

And there won’t be any land battle on those Planets.


Now, let’s edit the Planet Credit Value (this will modify your daily income). Hit Ctrl+F and type “Hoth”. Then Hit Ctrl+F again and type “Planet_Credit_Value”. It should find you this:


Change the number for how many credits you want to get from Hoth every day.

Now, let’s change the Galactic Population Capacity. You know when you can’t build anymore because the Pop Cap is full, don’t you? Well, simply hit Ctrl+F… again and type “Additional_Population_Capacity”. For that it should give you this:


Wow, 5?! We gotta change it:


There. Of course if you want more, change it to 100, or even more. How much you want it to be.

Done, now heading towards Spaceunitscapital.xml. Open it with… Wordpad of course. Since you’re the Rebels, you’ll edit the Mon Cal Cruiser.

First you can change the size:


Change “1” to how big you wish.
Then you can edit its strength by modifying:


Change “60” to how much damage you want it to do.
You can also edit it’s speed:


Change “1.5” to how fast you want it to be.
You can change it manuverabilty too:


Change “0.4” for how manuverable you want it to be.
Next? The Hyperspace Speed:


Change “1” to how fast you want it to be.
To make it buildable in the DEMO change:




To change if you can steal its technology edit this:


To change the price of stealing the technology edit this:


Change “2000” to how much you want.
To change its required Star Base Tech Level edit this:


Change “4” to how much you want, even 1.
To change the planets it can be built on edit this:

<Required_Planets>MonCalimari, Kuat, Fondor, Sullust</Required_Planets>

Add the planets you want it to be built, let’s say Hoth.
To change its Health edit:


Change “8500” to how strong you want it to be.
To change its Shield, edit:


Change “2000” to how strong you want its Shield to be.
To modify its cost edit this:


Change “4000” to how expensive/cheap you want it to be.
To change its build time edit this:


Change “90” to how long you want to wait for it to be built.
Well that’s all about this xml. If you want to change these things for other Space Units like Nebulon B Fregates or X-Wing Squadrons you’ll have to edit Spaceunitscapital.xml, Spaceunitscorvettes.xml, Spaceunitsfighters.xml and Spaceunitsfrigates.xml.

Ending and Credits

Modding the EaW DEMO is easy and fun. I hope this guide helped.


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