Campaign Guide

Written by Darth Persia on May-28-2006

The Campaign game; Similar yet adding many new layers of strategy to the standard skirmish map. When playing a Campaign map, many new elements not in a skirmish map are brought to the foreground. Here is a brief overview.


In a campaign game, the placement of your units counts not only during battles, but also on the larger galactic map. Here are a few basics.

  • As a rule, keep the bulk of your fleet on your outer planets where your enemy attacks will be directed. This allows you to have the most amount of your forces concentrated at the only (or few) places your enemy can strike.
  • Ground forces should be spread evenly. Never leave a planet totally without a ground presence. If the enemy should break through your main fleet line, you want him to encounter resistance on the ground everywhere. This prevents him from being able to blitz through your territory taking planets like a madman. If anything else, it slows your enemy down considerably if he is not prepared.
  • Move your units intelligently. Don’t send a big stack of ground units to orbit a planet first. Be sure that you can’t be surprised in this manner.
  • Never fear retreating. If the battle cannot be won and your units have a chance to escape, do not hesitate to retreat. Ships and men take credits and time to build; something of which you probably don’t have a lot.


Heroes on both sides are extremely powerful, especially in the campaign map. How you use them can determine the outcome of a battle, even the game.

  • Except in rare cases, Heroes should never go alone. Unlike in the skirmish map, heroes cannot be bought. If they die, you lose them for a period of time until they respawn (or, in the case of Mon Mothma or Palpatine, you lose the game!) Don’t believe your heroes are invincible. They are not. This goes doubly for your faction leader (Palpatine and Mon Mothma). Never let them go anywhere alone, and do not allow them to be trapped in space. 9 times out of 10, they will be destroyed.
  • Your faction leader should never stay in the same place for long, unless there is nowhere for them to safely go or you have found a permanent area for him, both heavily defended and industrially powerful where they are able to use their -25% costs for all units and structures built there.

The Last Ditch

Please note this only works on the larger maps.

So, you’re losing, your fleet has been decimated, many of your heroes are killed. The enemy still has a single, large, strong fleet which will soon rampage its way through your territory. What are you to do? Well, let us take a strategy from the ancient Persians, known colloquially as “cutting the head from the snake”. That is precisely what we shall do, for the faction leader of your enemy must die!

Now, you don’t have much time. Follow these steps in order.

  1. Take what money you have left and order ground units and at least one unit capable of bombing runs (a Y-Wing or Acclamator is preferable) and move everything including your faction leader as far away from the enemy fleet as possible and as close as possible to the “backdoor” of your enemy. You may have to fight through a neutral planet. Do so. You don’t really have a choice.
  2. When you have found the backdoor to your enemy, take all of your ground units, your faction leader and the rest of your units and move out! Run from planet to planet, destroying the space station and invading. If the enemy faction leader is not there and resistance on the planet is such that it may cause you to take casualties, leave it. Move on to the next planet.
  3. Hopefully, your enemy has become overconfident and has his or her faction leader essentially alone on a planet he never expected to be attacked.Counter with: Infantry, heroes. Han and Chewie have rather low HP amounts for heroes, so they’ll die rather quickly to hordes of infantry, Palpatine, Vader etc.