Forces of Corruption: Units

Capital Ships & Cruisers

Name: Executor Super Star Destroyer
Faction: Galactic Empire
Description: “Super Star Destroyer” is a general term for any Imperial Star Destroyer over 1,600 meters. Therefore, the Executor is a class in itself. Hulking, and about twelve times the size of the Imperator Star Destroyer, the Executor is one of the Empire’s ultimate space fleet weapons. Easily able to slay (and survive) a formidable amount of Mon Calamari cruisers, the Executor is capable of shifting the odds of an entire campaign.


Name: Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought
Faction: Known Underworld – Possibly all
Description: Though only a few hundred meters longer than the Executor, the Eclipse is capable of uncomprehensible destruction. At a startling eleven miles long, the most formidable Imperial weapon ever is capable of using its superlaser to fry the crust of a planet. Its destructive power is only topped by the Death Stars.

Underworld Capital Ship

Name: Underworld Capital Ship
Faction: Underworld
Description: Seemingly the Underworld’s largest general-use capital ship.

Underworld Cruiser

Name: Underworld Cruiser
Faction: Underworld
Description: A cruiser of unknown function, employed by the Underworld.


Name: Vengeance Cruiser
Faction: Underworld
Description: A unique fighter employed by the Underworld, the Vengeance is aptly named. With proper modifications, it is capable of activating a cloaking device. Its weapons also have the unique ability to slide through enemy shields, similar to ion cannons. It is also capable of manuvering through asteroid fields with no ill effects.

Space Fighters


Name: StarViper-class Assault Fighter
Faction: Underworld
Description: The StarViper fighter is a potent weapon designed by Prince Xizor of Black Sun. It is heavy and quite deadly – a very functional weapon of war for a warlord.


Name: B-Wing
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Description: A brand new Rebel space fighter design, the B-Wing is a capable fighter, though awkwardly shaped.

Underworld Fighter

Name: Aggressor Assault Fighter
Faction: Underworld
Description: This Aggressor Assault Fighter is possibly a Underworld figher craft; but IG-88 also pilots a version called the IG-2000.



Name: Juggernaut Transport
Faction: Galactic Empire
Description: The Juggernaut is a precursor to the AT-AT, but is still in frequent use as a heavy, lower-cost transport for infantry. It can transport infantry units and protect them with powerful point-blank defense weapons to eliminate projectiles. It is hardy and rough, perfect for the forces of the Empire.

Plasma Tank

Name: Plasma Tank
Faction: Underworld
Description: Strong, but prone to power-overloads, the Plasma Tank is an underworld weapon employed by Tyber Zann. However, slight misadjustments of the power distribution can cause fatal explosions within the craft. Nevertheless, it is a potent weapon of war.



Name: Droideka/Destroyer Droid
Faction: Underworld
Description: Once a weapon feared by even the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic, the Trade Federation Destroyer Droid is still a mechanized terror to be feared. They no longer make up the lines of massive droid armies – they are now specialized units used by criminal lords as personal guardians, and they are a prize on the black market.

Phase II Dark Trooper

Name: Dark Trooper
Faction: Galactic Empire
Description: The Dark Trooper began appearing in Imperial shock forces shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The first phase was a skeletal droid, designed by General Rom Mohc. Subsequential phases incorporated such features as jetpacks, advanced plasma weapontry, and the ability for Imperial Army men to use the droid shell as an exoskeleton. All three phases are in the game.

Mercenary Trooper

Name: Mercenary Trooper?
Faction: Underworld
Description: Many men and women are lored into criminal organizations for the profit, the infame, or just for the adventure. Upon recruitment, so many opportunities open up – in return for total and complete loyalty to their cartel boss.


Name: Hutt
Faction: n/a
Description: The Hutts are Tyber Zann’s worst enemies. He seeks to crush their criminal empire and replace it with his own.


Tyber Zann

Name: Tyber Zann
Faction: Underworld
Description: Tyber Zann is a ruthless figure of the Underworld. Shrewd, and with the sole intention of undermining both the Alliance and the Empire to gain the Eclipse Star Dreadnought, he will ally with those when necessary, including Black Sun. One of his powers is the ability to bribe units to his side.


Name: Holowan Laboratories IG-88 Assassin Droid
Faction: Underworld
Description: Though he is employed as a bounty hunter, IG-88 and his three “brother” units have aspirations of galactic domination. Indeed, at the Battle of Endor, IG-88 was in full control of the Second Death Star, which was destroyed before he could reveal his massive plot for droids across the galaxy to rise up and destroy their masters. However, until then, as cover, he works as an assassin with the alternative purpose of eliminating his creators. He has an ability in which he can release dangerous radioactive gas, dealing massive damage to biological units.


Name: Silri
Faction: Underworld
Description: Hailing from the matriarchal society of the Dathomir Nightsister witch clan, Silri is skilled in “magic”; the word her people use to describe the Force. Her paths have crossed with Tyber Zann, and she is an excellent addition to his team of dregs. She fights with a laser whip, and she has the ability to inspire fear into her enemies, causing them to run away in terror.


Name: Yoda
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Description: A final relic of the Jedi Order, Yoda’s small stature lead many enemies, and even friends, to underestimate his extraordinary abilities. Though usually peaceful and serene, Yoda is quite capable when combat is required of him, using his size to his advantage.

Super Weapons

Death Star II

Name: Death Star II
Faction: Galactic Empire
Description: The Second Death Star is a formidable space station capable of targeting not only planets but capital ships as well. It is larger than the first Death Star and has fewer vulnerabilities.