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Forces of Corruption: FAQ

Table of Contents

About Forces of Corruption
  1. What is Forces of Corruption?
  2. What does this pack add to the original?
  3. What is the game's focus?
  4. How is the game played?
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. When is it released?
  7. Will there be new planets?
Gameplay and Campaign
  1. Will the new campaigns follow the next logical step in the story?
  2. Will Forces of Corruption provide unique methods of play?
  3. What new units are there?
Star Wars Questions
  1. Will the Death Star II be complete?
  2. Why are there Droidekas?
  3. Why is the Eclipse in the game?
  4. What new heroes are there?
  1. I want another question on this FAQ.

About Forces of Corruption

What is Forces of Corruption?
It is the first, and currently only, expansion pack to the hit game Star Wars: Empire at War. Like the original game, it is being made by Petroglyph and published by LucasArts.

What does this pack add to the original?
A great wealth of things! It adds a new criminal/underworld faction which can use underhanded tactics to eventually dominate their enemies. It also adds to the original game's factions too, with new units such as TIE Interceptors, the Executor Super Star Destroyer, the B-Wing fighter ships and, most importantly, the Second Death Star seen in Return of the Jedi, and so, SO much more! It also adds at least one element from the Expanded Universe - the ultra-powerful Eclipse-class Star Destroyer. Also, visual effects are even more amazing and take less of a hit on performance.

What is the game's focus?
You still try to conquer the Galaxy, as in the original game, but you do it in a different time period and in a different fashion. The focus of the expansion pack starts after the canonical destruction of the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. This probably means you won't be able to have two versions of the Death Star at once, sadly.

How is the game played?
LucasArts has promised several new land combat features, a feature that many feel needed more attention in the original. More customizable bases and "guerilla warfare" are features confirmed so far. There is something of a strategic mini-map in which you can see the precise layout of enemy planets before attempting a battle; it must be a boon to strategy, if you have a spy on the planet. If you use the strategic mini-map on your on planet, you can move buildings and units around to totally customize your base! Petroglyph has said this featured is at the request of the community - us. I'm sure there's more, so keep checking back!

How much does it cost?
A price has not been posted yet, but, like most other expansion packs, we expect it will be anywhere between $35-$55 USD.

When is it released?
Fall 2006. Pretty darn soon!

Will there be new planets?
Yes, 13 of them are confirmed by the developers at E3. Confirmed are Cloud City, Mustafar, Mandalore, Utapau, Kamino and Felucia.

Gameplay and Campaign

Will the new campaign[s] follow the new logical step in the story, from the end of A New Hope to around Return of the Jedi?
Yes, if there are new campaigns for the two original factions, they will most likely follow along loosely, like in the original. However, some elements of the time period are modified, such as the addition of underworld lord "Tyber Zann," who is the leader of the brand-new faction. There will also be a campaign for his faction and it will probably be totally original. Due to this addition, some of the events will obviously not be exactly the same, but we do know there are going to be elements which don't appear until the final movie of the Saga.

The original game had totally unique methods of play for each faction. Will Forces of Corruption follow suit in this aspect?
We think it's safe to assume that the answer is most definitely yes! A recurring theme among all information at this time is that the new faction is a departure from the rank-and-file method of play of the Empire, and also different from the well-intentioned freedom fighters of the Rebel Alliance. The underworld gains money and technology by "corrupting" other planets, similar in method to the Rebel Alliance. Instead of making big unit upgrades like the other factions, the underworld instead appears to research smaller elements that can effect multiple units. They can also sabotage buildings on the surface of enemy planets. Additionally, it seems like each faction may be gaining a new mini-"superweapon" to use on the ground in addition to bombers. They will function like bombers in the fact that a cooresponding unit needs to be in orbit. Also, the underworld can bypass enemy fleets on their way to another planet; but they can't engage a ground battle and bypass space, like the Rebel Alliance can.

What new units are there?
There will be a total of 40 new units. There have been some canon vehicles featured in the screenshots and trailers. Among them are the StarViper fighter used by Black Sun during Shadows of the Empire. Droidekas are also featured. All three phases of Dark Troopers are added to the Empire's arsenal, and B-Wings for the Alliance. Some underworld units, such as the Vengeance-class frigate, can cloak. There's surely much more, and once more units are released, we'll be able to give you more information.

Star Wars Questions

Will the Death Star II be fully usable, as in totally completed?
From screenshots currently available, the Death Star II appears to be depicted in its half-constructed form as in Return of the Jedi. However, it's hard to imagine a half-built station being able to run around the galaxy and destroy planets, so the author of this FAQ's personal opinion is that the screenshots show the Death Star II being built, but not actually deployed. The Death Star II can shoot at capital ships.

I saw Droidekas in the trailer. I thought this takes place far after the Clone Wars?
You're absolutely correct, it does. However, Droidekas (aka Destroyer Droids) pop up in more recent Expanded Universe science fiction, such as Timothy Zann's Survivor's Quest, which takes place a long time after this expansion is set.

Alright, isn't the Eclipse-class Star Destroyer a bit of a departure? It's purely EU and it isn't built for a few years after Return of the Jedi.
Well, as I mentioned before, some story elements may be warped in favor of the game's storyline. However, it is conceivable that the expansion could go into the Dark Empire series, though no story elements from those popular comic books have been revealed to be in the game, and it seems unlikely. For those that don't know, the Eclipse is a Super Star Destroyer that is capable of destroying the surface of a planet with a very powerful superlaser, similar to the Death Stars.

What new heroes are there?
LucasArts has directly confirmed Luke Skywalker and Yoda, and it has been confirmed Jabba will be featured in the game, whether as a unit or by name only. Luke Skywalker will most definitely be able to participate in ground battles with Jedi powers of his own. It's also possible that we may see Lando Calrissian or Leia Organa. Also, the IG-2000 personal starfighter,and IG-88 himself, can be seen in screenshots and are confirmed by developers to be in the game. There seem to be other original, new heroes for the underworld faction, such as a Dathomir Force-sensitive Nightsister.


There's a question I think should be on this FAQ, but it isn't. How can I get it on here?
You can contact the creator and maintainer of this FAQ, Crazed Ewok. If he can find the answer to your question, he'll put it on this page.

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