Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Empire at War’s newly-announced expansion pack is entitled Forces of Corruption. It adds a brand new crime lord faction to the game, opposing both the Rebels and the Empire. And for those of you who’ve been waiting to use ships shown in Return of the Jedi, now you will be able to. However, the clone wars era has not be forgotten either. The criminal faction will have access to clone wars technology to supplement their military.

Forces of Corruption begins directly after the Rebels destroy the Death Star at the end of the Empire at War campaigns. Crime lord Tybar Zann decides to take advantage of the galactic chaos by beginning his bid for control of the underworld. Through underhanded tactics, previously-unseen technology, and mysterious powers, Zann will be able to capture planets just like the Rebels and Imperials.

As the timeframe of the game expands, more units will be available. The Rebels will find themselves able to use B-Wings, and the Imperials will gain both the Second Death Star and a Super Star Destroyer, not to mention TIE Interceptors. The criminal faction is likely to be able to control some clone wars technology such as battle droids, droidekas, and clone turbo tanks. Finally, the super star destroyer Eclipse (with its Death Star-like laser) will be available for use by certain factions. The player may also encounter Hutts (Jabba’s race), Mandalorians (like Boba Fett), and assorted villainous races of the underworld. New heros will include IG-88 (infamous droid assasin), Yoda (Jedi Master), and Tybar Zann himself.

Forces of Corruption is likely to hit shelves sometime this fall.