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FOC all in 1 final2

Author File Description
ralf solo ALL IN 1 FINAL 2 mod for FOC 1.1 by Ralfsolo raphaelmi@yahoo.com 03/2008

Mod final version 2 for SW empire at war Force of corruption 1.1

Hello I made a mod (not accurate) for myself but I had fun so I share it, I have put together some mods from others people and my mod (all the credits are written down):

THE MOD IS FULLY TESTED FOR ANY SIDE IN SINGLE AND MULTIPLAYERS CONQUEST CAMPAIN (for multi everyone must have these files) (note: the mod may be heavy for old computers and YES I finally resolve the
Air units for ground battles problem when AI thinks them as space units)

How to INSTALL: Un-zip the file and put the folder Data in your game directory
(see also folders with alternate campaigns and AI)

What the mod do:

- Space population in battle is raise by 3+ (so 3+ for time spaceships in the space battle).

- Global population increase with the space stations.

- Double garrison, health and price lowered for the space stations.

- Ground assault units population limit raised (pop 60)

- Garrison on planet change from 10 to 50 (you can now garrison 50 units on a planet). (You may see some units on the building spot when you zoom a planet, it is nothing, also put your ground units in space when you want to select them because you don't see all of them)

- Double units from all ground building who spawn units in battle.

- All planets money, pop raised 3 times, 8 slots building (few planets has a little building places so you should build military building first on them or they may not appears during a battle so no extra units)

- Mines, palaces produce more money

- The dead bodies stay during the battle ground

- bunker range from 1,5 to 2, a bit more armour

- Heroes life points raised by 2

- Single/multiplayers campaigns reloaded:

- Equal Footing and alternate Equal Footing with no pirates - 1 planet each mod from Ely Soto
- More money for the players and AI for all campaigns
- A bit more starting units for players and AI
- All stories has 55 planets
- Galaxy rebuild with new trade routes and planet positions
- Pirates and Hutts allied with more powerful planet defences

- Optional: hard difficulty raise up (but AI damage set to normal), Easy mode removed to normal mode with some AI froze time, Normal mode removed to Hard mode with some froze time (if you don't want it remove DIFFICULTYADJUSTMENTS.XML)

- AI more aggressive by Dark_Lord (remove PerceptualEquations Scripts if you don¡¦t like it)

- Alternate Allied AI (see folders empire/rebel or rebel/underworld or empire/underworld versus player) but the player has to take the side left (no AI allied with player possible)

- ALL UNITS AND TURRETS now shoot to air units, with low accuracy of course

- 4 news music added, samples edited be me (lesson them in the folder music) + menu music changed. To back original music, remove the folder music file.

- Some dead vehicles stay longer on the battlefield making protection for infantry

- Screenshots included

- Sabotage, corruption ¡K removed but all black market ready at start (but not all units)
- Price reduced for units en buildings
I have to remove all because it was impossible to play with my mod, The faction is still playable and have very very powerful units at start + more units to choose (see screenshots), the AI manage ok , and Empire and Rebellion will have very hard time if they start at level 1-2
- Hero Jabba joined the faction (for some reason)
- AI should build more building on the planets

- Some units and buildings have reduced price also time building reduced for some of them to stand against the Underworld faction at low tech level
- Ground shield at start
- Heroe Mara Jade
- Death star price increase to 60000, and take more time to build, approach time 3 times longer (I put an folder for normal time deathstar approach than you can change)
- Ground tie fighter *
- Star Destroyer a bit more thought on hard points
- More units price/build time reduced (because Underworld was too powerful)

- Some units and buildings have reduced price also time building reduced for some of them to stand against the Underworld faction at low tech level
- Ground shield at start
- Hero Kyle Kartan
- Raid has number rise to 10 units from 3 units.
-Ground x-a wings*
- Tech stealing faster
- Nebulon frigate at start
- More units price/build time reduced (because Underworld was too powerful)

ENJOY!! Ralf

* a good mod from "air wars mod v2" made by lews therin telamon ( mod fixed by me , IMP cannot build their units , resized the units to make them more vulnerable to anti-air defence, increase the build price and make the technology requirement to maximum , not more level 1 , removed the monstrous Easter egg ƒº ) ¡K And I have totally fixed the AI who used them as space units (03/2008)

Free to Use/Modify/Redistribute

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