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Game Modifications » all in 1 for EAW 1.5

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all in 1 for EAW 1.5

Author File Description
ralf solo ALL IN 1 mod by Ralfsolo raphaelmi@yahoo.com 07/2007

Mod for SW empire at war 1.5

Hello I made a mod for myself but I had fun so I share it, I have put together
some mods from others people and my mod (all the credits are writted down) :


How to INSTALL: Un-zip the file and put the folder GameData in your game directory
( you may back up your original MasterTextFile_ENGLISH.DAT in the text folder)
- to uninstall delete the XLM, ART folders and put back your original MasterTextFile_ENGLISH.DAT
in the text folder.

What the mod do :

_ Space population in battle is raise by 4 (so 4 for time spaceships in the space

- ground assault units population limit raise by 10 (you can land 30 or more units
at once).

- Garrison on planet change from 10 to 50 (you can now garrison 50 units on a planet).
(you may see some units on the building spot when you zoom a planet , it is nothing , also
put your ground units in space when you want to select them because you don't see all of them)

- global population increase with the space stations.

- double garrison in the space stations.

- +1 unit from all ground building who spawn units in battle.

- rebel raid has number raise to 5 units from 3 units .

- The dead bodies stay during the battle ground

- 11 More planets on 4 single and 1 multiplayers campains *

- 4 single campains reloaded :
- defeat conditions , Leaders death, death star death, and capital planet lose removed
- more money for the AI
- more planets
- changed start position, and pirats added **

- rebel and empire have more air units for ground battle (tie fighter
and bomber, x-y-a wings) ***

- ALL UNITS AND TURRETS now shoot to air units , with low accurency of course (see
screenshots , I have play as a rebel and I have swarm the empire with snowspeeders , it
was umbalanced , now everything are shooting to them !)

- rebel can build the VENATOR ****

- Enhanced Lasers Shot Graphics *****

- Huge space maps ******

- reduce the price of few basic units

- Death star price increase to 60000 , and take more time to build ( because his defeat
condition is removed from the campain)

- Optional : hard difficulty raise up (but AI damage set to normal) , if you don't

- know minor bug , the right victory/defeat conditions are not writted at the beginning of the
campain, Kyle and Mara may appear in double in some campain , it is like have two time the same
heroe , the game works fine with it .

ENJOY !! Ralf

* mod from "New Planets Mod" made by some guy , (the planets are added by me on the campain)
** mod from "campaigns_singleplayer" made by AVES
*** mod from "air wars mod v2" made by lews therin telamon ( mod fixed by me , IMP cannot build their
units , rezized the units to make them more vulnerable to anti-air defense, increase the build price
and make the technology requirement to maximum , not more level 1 , removed the monstrous easter egg )
**** mod from "Republic Attack Cruiser" made by Crazy Milenko ( mod fixed by me , instant build and double
spot in the building list removed , switched side to empire)
***** mod from "Enhanced Lasers Shot Graphics" made by Adonnay
****** mod from "Huge space maps" made by ATICAN (philosophile@gmail.com)


Note for the modders : I share my secret to how make units and turrets shooting to air
units,change the degre of how they raise the weapon (90, number from the antiair_turret)



Add unaccurency to shoot air units , it was
90 I low it to 40 to have some kill (air turrets is 1 and 2) ,

<Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy>Air, 40.0</Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy>


And add a extra behavior to units copied from the air_turret like
for exemple for the antivehicule turret :



<Targeting_Priority_Set>AntiVehicleTurret | AntiAirTurret</Targeting_Priority_Set>

Also I remove this file from GROUNDTURRETS.XML ,


for both anti infantry and vehicule turret
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