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Topic Subject: The Old Republic Thread: Remastered
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posted 03-07-06 02:50 PM EDT (US)   
“WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this CONSTITUTION for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

- The Constitution of the United States of America

Star Wars
Birth of a Republic

There is unrest in the galaxy. Mysterious warlords threaten the loose alliance of systems in the Core regions. Dignitaries of all types have converged on the capital planet of CORUSCANT to discuss plans for defense.

Not all are so inclined for peace to reign. A Dark Side cult, known as the BROTHERHOOD OF THE NIGHT has become a constant danger to the galaxy and her inhabitants. The JEDI KNIGHTS struggle to band together to meet the deadly cultists in battle and defeat them once and for all.

The shroud of war has descended. The Eriadu Imperium may soon be drawn into the conflict, ostensibly on one side or another. But not all is as it seems when the Dark Side clouds everything…

Welcome to the Birth of a Republic thread! Here we will construct our own history of the formation of the Old Republic in the face of dire opposition and war through a character based RPG. Can the fledgling government withstand the trials ahead or will a republic of systems prove too difficult a challenge at this point in history?
(Many thanks to DarkBeing for the idea!)(Credit to Melkor for the general title post design and much of the words)

Current Situation of Galactic Events

The Thyferrans and Eriaduans have been driven from Ossus by a victorious Confederate fleet, lead by the new "Titan" Class Battleship.

Vice-Admiral Mortrim Trivian has been captued and sent to ImperiousSullust for interrogation.


As the events of this time period are largely unknown, many if not all characters will be made up. When creating a character, use the following format:

Name: [insert character’s name here – I will include the owner in this topic post.]
Occupation: [i.e. Jedi Knight. If applicable, add a faction, such as “Lieutenant in the Confederate Navy.”]
Bio: [write a small description of your character. It can be as short as a few sentences or as long as a few paragraphs. Just have something more substantial than “A soldier from Corellia.” You may also wish to include any personal vessels in this designation, though it is not necessary.]

The Confederacy of Core Worlds

Name: Darmas Kualan
Occupation: Director of Confederate Military Intelligence (CMI)
Bio: A cousin of the well-known High Admiral Helen Kualan, Darmas did not find his current position in the Confederacy with a lucky chance to show his skill as his cousin did, but was instead always looking to take up the position of Director of the CMI from the age of 18, when he enlisted in the Army.
Training in the same basic way as any other soldier did, Darmas was soon found to be extremely talented on the field of battle, and was enlisted by his superiors into the Confederate Commando Corps, where he trained in Special Ops and Communications. Coming out as top of his peers, he served with the Elite Corps at early battles of the Thyferran-Core War such as Ryloth, Bilbringi and Carida, where he assisted in the rescue of countless refugees, including his uncle and pregnant aunt, who soon gave birth to Helen Kualan whilst enroute to Coruscant, who would later grow up to be the High Admiral of the Confederate Navy.
After Carida, Darmas applied for a position in the Security Corps of the CMI, but found himself being offered a job as one of the Elite CMI Agents, a small group who acted as spies and intelligence-gatherers for the Confederacy. Throughout the years he rose through the ranks and gained himself a reputation till he was eventually made Director of the CMI after he rescued the Confederate Head of State from a blast which killed the then-current CMI Director.
He has unfaltering loyalty to the Confederacy the the cause of freedom, though he does bear some misgivings about the Confederacy getting too deeply involved with the Jedi Order.

Name: Ignus Fatuus
Occupation: Chief of State, Confederacy of Core Worlds
Bio: A Coruscant native, Fatuus has been a defining voice in politics since his early introduction into the galactic political scene. His father had been instrumental in the formation of the Confederacy. Now, the son attempts to continue in his father’s enormous footsteps. He has been at the forefront of several major reforms and has spearheaded a number of bold new changes. But his true purpose – and the fate of the galaxy – is yet to be discovered as he travels a deadly path through fate.

Name: Admiral Helena Kualan
Occupation: High Admiral of the Confederate Navy
Bio: Technically not of any nationality, as she was born on an unregistered refugee transport while it was fleeing the political instability of Carida some years ag, she is generally accepted as being a Coruscanti, as that is where the refugee transport took her family. She was raised there until the age of 15, when she decided she wished to pursue a career in spacecraft engineering, and purchased passage to Corellia. There she took up a course at Coronet University in Mechanics and Engineering, Grade 2.
She was told by her tutors, halfway through the course, that she did not possess the natural skills or abilites required to handle any career as an engineer, and was advised to pursure other paths. Taking the advice of those tutors, Helen signed up for a small-time job as a cleaner at the Fort Hulloric military base near Coronet City.
Still young at only 16, Helen worked as a cleaner for only six months before she was recognised to have a great natural skill for tactics. This discovery came about with a tremendous amount of luck, as one military officer had made the sarcastic comment on a colleague's proposed training scheme that 'the cleaner might aswell have designed it' sparking Helen to burst out her own criticisms of the proposed scheme.
Startled by the way the cleaner had managed successfully point out key faults with their current military procedures, the military officers decided amongst themselves to sign young Helen Junari up for the Naval Officer Training Course, on the firm belief that she had what it took to be a success.
She was returned to Coruscant where the Naval Officer Course took place, and studied and trained there for three years, till eventually she passed as the top of her class and straight into a job as a young 21-year old Lieutenant in the Confederate Navy. The first captain she served under, Captain Anza of the Battlestar-Class Cruiser, the Ulysses, recommended her to his superiors as a candidate for captaincy after a mere four years service as a Lieutenant. When Captain Anza was killed in a pirate ambush whilst travelling under light escort, Helen herself became temporary Captain of the Ulysses before the ship was handed over to another official Captain. Her work, however, had gained the attention of some high-fliers in the Navy.
At the age of 28, she was made a Captain of the Confederate Navy, and served well and loyally. Despite all these character traits however, it was her brilliant tactical mind that gained her the support of her superiors when she applied for higher-ranked jobs. As war began to grow more frequent across the galaxy, and casualties within the Confederacy were growing, Captain Helen Kualan soon became Admiral Helen Kualan, a position which she took very seriously and served with skillful brilliance. It was not long before, just under eight years after becoming a Captain, she was made the High Admiral of the Confederate Navy, making the ship she had first served on, the Ulysses her own personal flagship. She is now one of the highest ranking members within the Confederate Command Structure.

Name: Mortim Trivian
Occupation: Confederate Vice-Admiral and spy
Bio: Trivian was born and raised on Ord Mantel, an industrial world. Trivian was born to a minor industrialist, however he never truly knew his father because he was killed in a meltdown when Trivian was three. Raised by his mother and uncle, who had been having an affair since a year bofore Trivian's conception, Trivian lived an average lifestyle.
However he despised the planet of his birth, he saw it as dull, dirty and dead. Refuse was begining to pile up on street coners, and a few species could no longer live in it's troat-ripping atmosphere. A political idealist he headed for Coruscant and the Core Confederacy. He believed at the time, based on Ord Mantel's social system, thatthe way into politics was through the military.
He, of course, was wrong, howver he showed considerable talent in the field and was fast-tracked into the realm of officers. He served as a commander under High Admiral Kualan for many years, they were friends and even lovers at a point. He was promoted to Vice-Admiral after he brought his homeworld under confederacy control. It was here that Carri Planor embedded herself in his life, causing him to betray the Confederacy at the battle of Dantooine.
Because his distinguished carrear the CMI brushed the incident under the carpet and set him up as a mole, in ordetr to leak the Church's secrets to the Confederacy.

Name: Jutt Locasta
Species: Nautolan
Job: Ambassador for the Confederacy, Advisor to Head of State
Bio: Born into and raised by an incredibly rich family on Coruscant, Jutt Locasta seemed set to take over the vast trading empire of ship-building yards and trade-posts that were then currently ran by his father and uncle. However, when Locasts decided he wished to pursure a political career instead, his father and uncles had a huge falling-out on who the business was to fall to, eventually causing the company to be split up into several smaller businesses, diminishing their huge profit and the wealth that came with it.
Fortunately, Locasta was successful in his chosen career path, and was soon able to resume the life of luxury he had been raised in. Despite the raising his father had given him, Locasta was not snobbish or pompous, he had very basic principles which he stood by strongly. This did not mean he did not enjoy the high life of the rich and famous of course, and he often attends parties, meetings and other such occasions.
He does have a particular skill at diplomacy though, and this led him to become the official Ambassador and Spokesperson for the Core Confederacy, and he is a close friend of the Head of State, as he is also a personal advisor.

Name: Captain Christien Riken
Occupation: Captain of the Swift Class Corvette Imperious
Bio: Christien, also known as "Chris" was born in a poor neighboorhood on Courscant. He was barely schooled and actualy taught himself more than other people taught him. He longed to leave his neighboorhood and Courscant and head out to the stars. When he was old enough, he joined the Confederate Navy. He was assigned as a crewman on the Starship Shining Star, but it was destroyed in an engine faliure and he and only a handfull of other crewmen escaped. He was then reassigned to the starship Imperious as a bridge crewman. When the ship came under attack by Pirates, the captain was killed and Chris took the conn and repelled the pirates. He was then given permenant command of the Imperious after his heroism displayed in his skirmish with the pirates.

Name: Lieutenant Tollor
Species: Mon Calamari
Job: Lieutenant aboard the Ulysses
Bio: Kidnapped by pirates to be sold into slavery at a young age, Tollor was incredibly lucky when the pirates were caught by a Confederate vessel whilst enroute to the nearest slave market. Having been set free by the Confederate vessel, Tollor volunteered himself to stay on as an errand-boy for the officers on the ship, as he had decided that he too wished to join the ranks of what he believed to be the heroic Navy of the Confederacy. The officers of the ship, the Ulysses, humoured the young alien boy, but soon came to rely on him as their jobs became more and more busy with the onset of war.
In the years in which young Tollor entered Mon Calamari adulthood, he was still serving on the Ulysses as the errand-boy, but when the Captain, a man named Tizon Anza, was killed in a pirate attack, Tollor's good friend and Lieutenant aboard the ship, Helen Kualan, rose to become temporary Captain. When the Ulysses was handed over to an official Captain, Captain Kiolli, Tollor was promoted from mere errand-boy to Second Technical Officer, as Lieutenant Helen Kualan had reccommended him personally to the new Captain. Now an actual crew-member, Tollor soon proved his worth several times over, and Captain Kiolli soon made him First Technical Officer, and later on Lieutenant of the Ulysses when Helen Kualan was promoted to Captain of her own ship, the Virgil.
Tollor almost reached Captaincy himself, when Kiolli was killed in the war against the Inner Rim Warlords, but the day after his death Helen Kualan was made High Admiral of the Confederate Fleet, and took the Ulysses as her personal flagship, leaving Tollor as her Lieutenant.
High Admiral Kualan trusts Lieutenant Tollor more than most in the Navy, as she knows from personal experiences that the Mon Calamari will not let anyone challenge the Confederacy of Core Worlds and the principles it believes in without a fight.

Eriadu Imperium

Name: Xim Thano
Species: Human
Job: Emperor of the Eriadu Imperium
Bio: Born the 186th child of Peter Thano, former Emperor of the Eriadu Imperium and Xim's predacessor. Raised from an early age with the strict discipline characteristic of Peter Thano's reign, Xim Thano was finally chosen as the sucessor to the strict emperor and taught from an early age discipline and respect (All of Peter Thano's previous choices died of old age before they could ascend the throne due to his extreme longevity, a mystery to modern historians today, even ones so pentrating as Drawde Nobbig.) His father dying when Xim was only 17, the young Emperor spent a year in a quasi-regency with several prominent advisors ruling with him until he became the full-fledged emperor on his 18th birthday. Shortly after that he was to be married to the charming Kotrana Varless, a woman two years his senior of great charm and intellect. However, fate appearntly intervened. While at a raucous party (For the Thano's anyway) Xim was introduced to Arwen Natta by some friends as a joke (Although more likely Arwen herself instigated such a "chance meeting".) Using her considerable beauty, social connections and some unknown process, she managed to disrupt the union between Xim and Kotrana, causing an angry dispute between the two. Xim Thano soon after discovered Kortrana after her appearant suicide (with a holo-message indicating Xim's shortcomings) when he went to visit her private villa to attempt to make amends. Believing himself to be the cause, Xim was thrown into a deep depression (Perhaps recalling a similar incident early in his life in which his father ordered Xim to personally assasinate his older brother, Morgan II and his lover when the two were caught by the watchful eye of Imperious). "Inexplicably" Arwen soon surfaced again, using her charms and beauty to seduce Xim into marrying her soon after. Xim is totally devoted to his wayward wife, despite her serious shortcomings and general reprehensible actions. Xim is a generally soft-spoken, congenial man, quieter and academically focused, a radical departure from his father's energetic, stern, and authortarian manner. SSince his marriage to Arwen, Xim his steadily become less assertive and more passive, especially to her.

Name: ImperiousPrime
Species: Supercomputer
Job: Cheif weapons researcher, starship design and engineering, Palace security for Eriadu
Bio: The omnipresent computer inteligence in charge of palace security, Imperious is a sentient supercomputer serving as Xim Thano's cheif advisor. Beginning his existance slightly over 100 years before Xim's birth, Imperious began as a sentient 6 legged robot designed to assist Peter Thano in his daily ruling with his encyclopediac knowledge and advanced analytical capabilities. Gaining Peter's esteem, Imperious was gradually granted more duties, power and prestige (including, oddly enough, control of the kitchens, which occured when a tragic accident killed Peter Thano's favorite chef) until fianlly his mobile body was replaced with an intergrated supercomputer underground. Provided with cameraes and speakers in every room of the palace, Imperious was put in charge of palace security. Eventually, over time as Imperious's processing powers were expanded even further, he was made cheif weapon designer for the Imperium and has gained massive amounts of influence. Over the centuries, Imperious has expanded his mainframe to include data containers, memory nodes, processors and various interface units for kilometers under the crust of Eriadu.

Name: Imperious[Various]
Species: Supercomputer
Job: Various.
Bio: The Imperious versions that exist throughout the farthest reaches of the Eriadu Imperium, these are the creations of ImperiousPrime. Although each one is created more or less identical to the original Imperious, the variations in function and experience have created unique traits identifiable to each Imperious. The construction of each Imperious is totally unknwon to the outside world, as the original creator of Imperious has long since died and all subsequent versions were created, designed and constructed by ImperiousPrime and his mindless worker drones. Nominally, each Imperious effectively governs the planet it is assigned to, in conjunction with the various human goverors, ministers etc. Although variations exist in their construction, each Imperious essentially is constructed in the same manner, with the main interface areas on the surface, core processing, memory and mainframe functions kilometers underground, protected by the crust of the planet, ion resistant casing and various types of shielding. Thanks to the unique multi-tiered and seperated memory banks, each Imperious is essentially impervious to data failures, corruption resulting in fatal error, or other problems that tend to plague computerized entities. The Imperious versions are capable of linking to one another, but rarely do so. Typically, it is only between the major Imperious versions that any sort of communication is made on any signifigant basis. The fact that any collaboration exists between any of the Imperious versions is totally unknown to the outside, for the simple fact that noone else is ever involved in such discussions. Besides that, the encryption\decryption process of the datafeed is so tremendously taxing that all other functions must be slowed considerably to handle it. Just as ImperiousPrime, intended, this prevent the versions from collaborating anymore then is absolutely necessary. Although there is an Imperious for the vast majoity of Imperium worlds, only a few are notable. ImperiousCor, ruler of the subjugated world of Corellia has no proper speech pattern. ImperiousSullust has a dark obsession with death and runs a great many experiments aimed towards that. ImperiousKashyyyk is enamored of large industrial projects. ImperiousHoth, one of the several Imperious's totally unknown to organics and generally isolated from the galaxy, has developed a taste for killing, perhaps because Hoth is the center production for War Droids, a creation of ImperiousPrime.

Name: Arwen Natta
Species: Human
Job: Empress of Eriadu, wife of Xim Thano, other
Bio: A woman of ill reputation and somewhat shady past, Arwen Natta is the youngest daughter of the Arwen family, a wealthy and prestigous family of formerly good reputation and stringent morals. When Arwen's grandparents both died in a freak speeder accident, their vast fortune was divided among their grandchildren and still living children. Rather than remain in the luxurious but low-key estate of Natta Gardens, Arwen essentially left the family and started a radically different life from the one her relatives lead. Her radical departure from the mores of the conservative and strict Natta family generated massive media attention and Arwen soon became known as one of the leading socialites of Eriadu, dominating the headlines (and image spreads) of seedier holo-publications. After many high profile affairs with various wealthy Eriaduan bussinessmen, Arwen acheived a somewhat unsavory well-deserved reputation in many circles and is an extremely devisive figure. Her infamy only increased when she became a semi-regular dancer at the popular club "Eriadu Knight". Even though she posessed considerable wealth, Arwen extravagant spending habbits forced her to seek alternate sources of income. A year and a half of unsavory services later, Arwen finally devised the perfect scheme. Become the Empress of Eriadu and hence, essentially the single wealthiest individual in the galaxy. Manipualting the temporary breakup between Xim and his fiancee (and faking her murder as a suicide) allowed Arwen to scheme her way into Xim's heart. Currently, she resides as the Empress of Eriadu, a women of no modesty and less character. She has spent vast sums of money on parties, clubs, and retreats all featuring the basest of entertainment and services, going so far as to stock the palace with a literal army of such people, turning the palace into a kind of mega-brothel, something unthinkable a mere decade ago. Arwen is personally extremely beautiful and charming indivudal, with a sweet and innocent look that belies her demeanor. She has an extremely soft and soothing voice and is an extremely persuasive speaker.

Order of Jedi Knights

Name: Terrag Amayo - DSF
Occupation: Jedi Master; Lead Jedi Council Member
Bio: Wise and powerful, Terrag Amayo serves the knights well as a leader. Perhaps a bit too orthodox, it was he who banished Master Denor because of the latter’s practice of “revolutionary” training techniques that involve embracing the Dark Side as a means to an end. Nevertheless, Amayo is not a cruel man and took pity on Denor, giving him a ship with full hyperdrive capabilities so he might start anew far from the persecution of his fellow Jedi. He also was the main force behind the banishment of Rackar Frended. Amayo’s past remains a mystery to many, even himself. Most of his life was spent in isolated training to connect on a deeper level with the Force. Having no recollection of his childhood, he simply does his best to protect the Jedi Order and expand its knowledge of the Force.

Name: Andora Venorr / Wind Rider – DarkSideFire
Occupation: Jedi Master
Species: Angel (Angels live on the moon of Diego, they do not have wings of any sorts, and do not naturally fly. But they are considered to be some of the most beautiful people ever. Some claim that they were formed by the Gods, other claims they are Gods.)
Age: 28
Bio: Andora was brought to the Jedi and started her training at the age of ten. She was first discovered to have the force when her family was attacked and the three attackers ended up dead. One with his head crushed by a rock, and the two others by bolts of lighting. It seemed that Andora had the incredible talent to create force storms; this became even more apparent when she started creating miniature storms in her house. She also started levitating herself around the house along with other objects. Her parents became fearful of this and sent her to get Jedi training immediately knowing that their gifted daughter had to get control of her powers before something horrible happened. She went to receive her Jedi Training and though she wasn't the best in lightsaber combat she was amazing when it came to storms. She saved a planet from invasion by calling on a force storm to wreck the enemy ships that were coming through the atmosphere to land. She also became known to many among the order as well on different planets as "Wind Rider". She got this name when she rode the wind over the plains of Dantooine to fight the Cirath, terrifying beasts of the air that were plaguing and killing settlers, she rode the wind as if were alive to fight and vanquish the threats. She also saved nearly four hundred children from being incinerated by a bomb when she lifted them and herself with the wind and took them all over a hundred kilometers away to safety. She trained as a Jedi Knight and then later on when she was 27 she was accepted to be a Master. She has been a Jedi Master for little over a year but as surpassed many in wisdom and in power though she often receives correction from the other Masters for her mistakes she is still respected among the higher masters of the order. She is also an Angel, and she is considered the most beautiful Jedi of the Jedi Order. Sometimes her beauty alone can calm fights. Andora also is the mother of one son, her husband was a Jedi Knight and was killed a few years ago in a battler. Andora's son is seven years old and has been trainging in the ways of the force, he is powerful in storms like his mother and may even become more adept then his mother with them as he gets older. Andora is also one of the current six Jedi Council members, wise and respected she does her best to lead the Jedi Order.

Name: Teno’Va
Occupation: Jedi Council Member
Species: Togruta
Age: 62
Bio: Teno’Va was born to a middle class family and found early on by the Jedi Order. He was discovered to have an amazing force potential and was taken for training right away. His Master was a previous Jedi Council Member and together the two formed an unbreakable team. They completed numerous missions and by the time he was 29 Teno’Va was a Jedi Knight. He and his master still went on missions together, their last mission together was actually going to stop the Jedi Rouge and later Dark Jedi Dreadnaught who was leading an insurgent on the planet of Contruum. Teno’Va’s master led the Jedi team sent to capture Dreadnaught. Together he and his master, along with four other Jedi Knights infiltrated the palace where Dreadnaught was rumored to be. They confronted the Dark Jedi and attacked him but Dreadnaught was a better fighter then anyone of them had ever seen. He slaughtered the Knights with ease before continuing to attack Teno’Va and his master. In the end his Master was beheaded and his nearly lost his head. Teno’Va managed to flee however and retunred to Ossus to tell of yet another failed attempt to capture Dreadnaught. Realizing the severity of the situation the Jedi Council leader Terrag Amayo led another team to capture Dreadnaught. Teno’Va went with them and this time they captured and subdued the beast. He however managed to escape later on, but since he has not been seen nor heard from. The council voted and decided that Teno’Va should take his masters place. He has served for nearly 35 years on the Council and is a wise and powerful member. He also has trained three padawans already and all have achieved Knight Status, one of them even becoming a Master.

Name: Stranger
Occupation: Senior Jedi Council Member
Species: Miraluka
Age: Around 400 years
Bio: Stranger is one of the most powerful and mysterious members on the Council. He is the smallest Jedi Council Member, but one of the quickest and deadliest. He wields a rare silver lightsaber with power and knowledge that besets that of most in the order. His command of the force is also surprising, he is wise and powerful and very highly respected. He is also one of the quieter members in the order, not always speaking, but when he does one should take heed and listen to what he says. Stranger has served for nearly 300 years on the Jedi Council and is one of the older and most respected members. Stranger has also lived way past the life span of a regular Miraluka. Many believe that the force alone sustains him, which makes people wonder how powerful he really is.

Name: Ool Venoo
Occupation: Jedi Council Member
Species: Neti
Age: Around 2,000 years
Bio: The Oldest member of the Jedi Council, Ool Venoo has been on the council for over a thousand years. He is a skilled diplomat and also the Jedi Librarian. Although he is the oldest and by far the wisest member he still submits to Terrag’s decisions and bides by what he has to say. He is the father figure to most of the padawans at the temple and almost everyone in the galaxy has heard of him before. He is a well known and loved Jedi master, respected and cherished by all.

Name: Chet Venorr - DarkSideFire
Species: Half human half Angel
Bio: Named after his father, Chet Venorr is young and impulsive. Though he is only seven he had seen enough death to make him a rather hard young lad. He is strong like his mother when it comes to storms and she has been trying to train him in his powers, showing him how to control it and such though he hasn’t been the best listener. He can sometimes be a quiet boy that no one knows much about, but when he is angry it is obvious because lighting will begin to weave in his hair and his eyes will turn a deadly white color that lets you know to back off. He is extremely good looking though he is young and his mother has received numerous offers concerning marriage for the young boy.

Name: Taechor Tiin
Species: Iktochi
Job: Jedi Master - Member of the Council
Bio: Born and raised as any standard Iktochi, Taechor was discovered by the Jedi and whisked off to the Jedi Temple for training. He was trained by Master R'huhk, a Whiphid Jedi, and was noted to be 'quick to judge, but usually to judge correctly. He is a loyal member of the Jedi Council, with many years of experience. He is considered by the Senior Member of the Council to be a wise Jedi and a tough arm in a fight, his green blade being the bane of many enemies of the Order

Name: Seena Litasha
Species: Human
Job: Jedi - Padawan to Master Taechor Tiin
Bio: Raised by Taechor Tiin when he was stranded on her homeplanet, and found baby Seena on her own in the house in which her parents had been recently murdered, Master Tiin cared for her for almost 2 years before they were rescued. Over those 2 years, Tiin had managed to draw out the Force potential within her, so she was ready for training as a Jedi when they arrived at the Temple on Coruscant.
Raised with other Younglings, she was immediately chosen to be Master Tiin's Padawan at the age of 13, due to their past history and the 'fatherly bond' he had formed with her. She is now 19, and wields her blue lightsaber to deadly effectiveness

Brotherhood of the Night

Name: Aeler Darkvoid
Occupation: [Brotherhood of the Night] Leader
Bio: Aeler grew up with a dark secret. He had an unique ability to control the objects, sometimes even the people around him through fear. His dark ability grew secretly, clouding the Jedi Master who taught him the ways of the Force. When the time was right, Aelar rose up and slaughtered his Jedi Master displaying his awesome control over the Force to the other students. In a dramatic exit from the Order, Aelar grew close to the political figures in the galaxy. His dark abilities allowed him to complete tasks quicker and more deadly than any of those before him. Secretly, he sought out other students like himself, and forged the Brotherhood of the Night. Together this dark brotherhood grew with more power, secretly and in the shards of darkness. The Brotherhood's first demonstration of power, was the attempted assasination of Jedi leaders. Although their lives were not taken and many considered it a poor attempt, Aeler was able to gain support of General Ravenlocke. Their secret alliance would show the galaxy that their combined power would not tolerate incompetence and the dominion of fools.

Name: Deius Tarsti
Occupation: Brother of the Night
Bio: Unlike many of his fellow Brothers, Tarsti is not a fallen Jedi Knight. In fact, no one is quite sure just where he came from. Discovered by Aeler Darkvold on an expedition through the Outer Rim, Deius has proved himself useful due to his strange powers. Tarsti has kept these powers mainly underwraps, and when he does use them, no one is able to remember the details. However, Darkvold recognizes that Deius is highly skilled at what he does - perhaps dangerously so. He has taken an interest in the enemies within the Core Worlds...especially the Jedi Order. He is the Brotherhood's primary agent and liasion within the Church of Truth.

Name: Dreadnaught – DarkSideFire
Occupation: Brother of the Night
Species: Anzatii
Bio: Dreadnaught is basically what the names says. He is a massive man over 300 pounds and all of it muscle. He was originally trained by the Jedi but was later outcast for his violence. Though he could barley lift a rock with the force he was the most advanced and amazing lightsaber fighter the order had ever seen. He was later banished however for killing three Jedi Knights in a lightsaber duel. He was banished and basically went on a killing spree, he was unbeatable with his two lightsabers and many people fell before him. The Jedi Counsel sent out a number of Jedi after him to stop his wild killing spree but he mercilessly slaughtered them all. One of the Jedi teams sent to stop him had the padawan of Terrag Amayo, Dreadnaught slaughtered the padawan and it became apparent that something had to be done to stop him. He later killed several leaders of a world and staged a coup with him trying to place him self as the leader of the planet and the worlds around it. He took the planet and proceeded to take several more when the Jedi realized they were dealing with a mad man. This time an exteremly large Jedi strike team was launched with many Jedi Council Members leading it including Master Terrag Amayo and Master Andora. In the end Dreadnaught was over thrown and the Jedi took him as a prisoner. He managed to escape and after killing his guards he fled to a small planet where a certain man by the name of Aeler Darkvold found him and told him about his dark Jedi order. Dreadnaught agreed to join him and became his right hand man, Aeler Darkvold’s body guard as well as assassin. He could beat anyone in a fight and till this day he has not lost against any single opponent besides Master Terrag Amayo who he swears he will kill. Dreadnaught also has the habit of collecting the lightsabers of the Jedi he has killed. He currently has a total of 63 lightsabers, though he claims he has slaughtered more Jedi then that. He recently helped lead the attack on the current Jedi Council, though this attack was mostly a failure two Jedi Council members were killed in the strike. Dreadnaught himself managed to kill three Jedi in the attack, two of them being the Jedi Council members that were killed. This just further increased his reputation as a Jedi Slayer, a title he is happy to take.

Name: Kymber Lectrac
Species: Zeltron
Job: Brotherhood of Darkness Acolyte
Bio: A Zeltron from the planet Zeltros, she is a particularly alluring member of her species. Born force sensitive, she was easily lured to the darkside by the Brotherhood of Darkness. Materialistic to the extreme, Kymber cares for only two things, love and wealth, which the Brotherhood has provided for her in abundance. Always an admirer of Arwen Natta, the Empress has been her idol for as long as she can remember and she has always modeled herself after Natta. A woman who, like Arwen, has brought seduction and opulence to an art form, views Arwen as having fulfilled the ultimate goal of all women, having control over someone of vast wealth and power. Well, those who are capable of aspiring to such a thing, as she says. Strikingly similar to Arwen in all manners but species, it would almost seem as if the two are related. Hearing that the Brotherhood had brought Arwen into the fold, she jumped at the chance to teach her of the potential power of the force.

Name: Tionax Mahillia
Species: Shi'ido
Age: unknown
Appearance: Bald, muscular humanoid with bright silver eyes.
Weapons: 2 yellow lightsabres (able to be locked together to form a sabrestaff, concealed at hip), two curved ornate blades (strapped to back, visible), two blades (concealed in boots), 1 blaster pistol (strapped to thigh, visible), 1 longblaster (slung across back, visible)
Occupation: Member of the Brotherhood of the Night
Bio: A mysterious being of power, even Tionax himself has no clue as to the nature of his past. He remembers one thing, that he was strangled at birth and almost killed. This particular shi'ido had a knack for escape, and survived somehow. Though he is a shi'ido, he never uses his shapeshifting abilities. Instead he keeps the form of a tall, bald human with silver eyes. The eyes cannot be changed, and were shined artificially by a man he met in one of the many prisons that he occupied during his lifetime. The darkness that engulfed his memories ends at his eighteenth birthday. Already powerful physically, he was in prison for murdering a diplomat. He was apprenticed to a Dark Lord of the Sith, until an arguement over his lack of interest in using his power sparked a huge fight. Powerful as he was, the Dark Lord was no match for Tionax when he was using the full extend of his powers. After that fight he disappeared, and only just reappeared as a member of the brotherhood of the night. IN the intervening years, he did not use the Force once, preferring to rely on his massive physical prowess. He has perfected the art of melee fighting, and has never lost a battle in his entire life. His physical strength is matched only by his ability to disappear without a trace. A formidable opponent, not a single person has challenged him and lived to speak of it.

Warlords of the Inner Rim (Thyferran Alliance)

Name: General Ravenlocke
RP'er: FoO
Occupation: Thyferran Alliance Fleet Admiral, Head of the Thyferran war effort
Bio: A keen military mind, a cruel will, and a bitter past –these things are the underlying components of General Balfur Ravenlocke. Born and raised on Thyferra, General Ravenlocke proved his genius at an early age. His battlefield tactics helped unite a war-torn Thyferra and subjugate all surrounding territories under a single banner – his. One day, a mysterious, black ship appeared above Thyferra, requesting an audience with the General. It was reluctantly allowed to land and thus Aeler Darkvold was introduced to Ravenlocke. Wooed by promises of galactic control, Ravenlocke then won the support of other Inner Rim warlords and launched his campaign of terror on the Confederacy. He was overthrown by the upstart Jabus Hemorzzin, a devious politican and a traiterous character, Jabus sent Ravenlocke to the frontline. Ravenlocke despises Jabus with every fibre of his being and seeks every oppertunity to plant a knife in the traitor's back. For now however, Ravenlocke is content to command the fleet in the war against the Core.

Name: Jabus Hemorzzin
RP'er: FoO
Occupation: Lord of the Thyferran Alliance
Bio: A Thyferran since birth Jabus grew up in one of Thyferra's major families, son of the late Admiral Orin Hemorzzin. He was trained in the art of warfare since the age of five, but much prefered the subtle world of politics, and thwarted an attempt on his father's life from Ravenlocke, only to later join with Ravenlocke and murder his father himself. Creul and ruthless by nature he userped Ravenlocke three months ago. He indulges himself in personal fancies, always seeking to serve himself. Despite his wastefulness he is one of the more sucessful warlords, with a florishing economy he gives full backing to the fleet under Ravenlocke and the military under his own command. Due to his upbringing he despises the Core confederacy and often turns a blind eye to other matters if it means damaging them. His old vendetta with Ravenlocke is not forgotten, though he hopes to tie the man to him, he would hate to kill someone so useful.

Name: Serian Hidari – DarkSideFire
Occupation: War Lord
Species: Dashade (During the height of Dashade civilization, the powerfully-built people were ruled by aggressive warlords. The harsh conditions of Urkupp, the sun-scorched resource-poor home world of the Dashade, fostered a philosophy of rule by strength. When their early space faring efforts revealed to the Dashade a larger galaxy populated by Jedi and the ancient Sith, it only strengthened these ideas. The Dashade found allies in both the Sith and the Jedi. The ancient Jedi Knights used Dashade combat instructors to hone the warrior skills of their young Padawans. Not only were the Dashade physically resilient opponents, but they showed a partial immunity to Force-based powers. The Sith, too, employed the Dashade, as guards and assassins.)
Bio: Serian is the ruler of all the Dashade and a very aggressive person as are most of his people. Serian was born to two War lords, both of his parents ruled his people with a cruel and hard hand, and from the beging of his life he was trained in combat. Serian also is totally immune to force based attacks, many of his people can resist them but a few are actually immune to attacks from the force and he is one. He first earned his right as a commander when he slaughtered a Jedi and his Padawan. He later on killed his parents and took over the Dashade Empire; he called back all Dashade from other worlds and managed to cobble together a good size fleet and an army. He is a cruel being who enjoys the deaths of others, and would not hesitate to kill someone if he thought they were planning against him.

Name: Jiuan Stark
Species: Human (Thyferran)
Occupation: Vice Admiral of the Thyferran Navy, Commander of the 1st "Flaming Dart" Raider Fleet
Bio: Jiuan Stark, a Thyferran with ambitions, leads the 1st Raider Fleet, a fast force made up mainly of Imperator-class Heavy Cruisers and hyperspace-capable starfighters. His squadron has hit numerous Confederate fleets and outposts, harrasing them when they were weak. Their symbol, a flaming dart, named after the preferred assault tactic, is feared by Confederate crewmen. Stark is politically active and often questions his superiors' orders, but General Ravenlocke likes his "jackass" style, hence why he hasn't been demoted to Ensign yet.

Name: Jens Stark
Species: Human (Thyferran)
Occupation: Thyferran Ambassador in Eriadu
Bio: The uncle, and guardian, of Jiuan Stark, Jens has grown up with politics and lived with it his entire live, and after re-establishing diplomatic contact with the Eriaduan Imperium after a embarrasing incident with the former ambassador, he was chosen as the successor. He raised Jiuan after the death of his parents, and always taught him to stay far away from politics, but he has failed, as Jiuan also displays political interest, but that was probably what he wanted in the first place.

Church of Truth

Name: Lorris Blackholder
Occupation: High Preist of the Church of Truth
Bio: Founder of the church, Lorris had a troubled childhood. Born to two Jedi he seemed the most promising force-user destined to be a Jedi, but it was not to be. His parents both were called upon to fight in a battle against the Brotherhood of the Night. Both died, and Lorris witnessed the destruction, that night he swore to destroy antyone who could do this, be their intentions good or bad. Years later he founded the church of truth, not even the circle know that he can use the force, and he knows that he will have to commit suicide at the end of the grand crusade.

Name: Carri Planor
Occupation: Circle Priest of the Curch of Truth, Advisor to Jabus Hemorzzin
Bio: One-time lover of Lorris she has devoted her whole life to the Church's grand crusade. Her motivation came when her father was dragged away by the Brotherhood and she never saw him again, she stubbornly believes that her father is alive, but she knows that he is dead, deep down. Since then she wandered for a few years, trying to find something to fill the void her father's dissapearance left. Then she found the Church and devoted her life to it, she has become so devoted to the cause, so much she will give up anything, or do anything for the cause.

Other Characters

Name: Einar Bahir
Occupation: Mercenary
Bio: A Quarren male, Einar grew up on Mon Calamari and left the planet with the death of his family. He is a mysterious being, and conceals most of his history. He gathered a large crew of elite mercenaries, and they captured an Imperator Class Heavy Cruiser. They managed to refit it to carry a hangar able to field four fighter squadrons. The Cossack as it has been aptly renamed, waits near Thyferran space, ready to serve the highest bidder.

Job: Bothan Adxmiral
Species: Bothan
Bio: Bothawui is known as the spy center of the galaxy. Anyone controling it's vast intelligence resources would have a great advantage. The Bothan Defence Fleet was created in order to ensure that Bothawui would always remain free. It was consodered an honor to serve in the B.D.F., and it still is, though the honor is weakening through the Galactic Conflict that has torn through the galaxy. Spies are used more than soldiers, and Bothans have always been spies first and foremost. The Bothan fleet was never dispanded.

This is where Alrick Nalain'fey enters the picture. Born to a rich Bothan family, he showed an inaptivity for spying that was bordering the lines of impossibility. He showed a much greater potential for military tactics, and was tranfered to the Defence Fleet. There he quickly rose through the ranks until he commanded the entire fleet at the esteemed position of Admiral. His skill with strategy was unmacthed by any Bothan, and he was clearly the only real military leader the Bothans had. He commands the Usurper-Class Cruiser Bothawui.

Name: Rackar Frended
Job: Rogue Jedi
Species: Dantooine Human
Bio: A force-sensitive child born on Dantooine, he was taken too the Jedi Temple there for some basic training. He was exiled when he used the dark and lights sides of the Force together, and didn't see what was wrong. He fled Dantooine by hijacking a transport. He landed on Tatoine, in order too stay away from the Jedi. He has one lightsaber, yellow.

Name: Deacon Frost
Occupation: Owner of the Loaded Blaster, Member of the Brotherhood of the Night
Bio: Frost is perhaps the only person in the galaxy who can honestly say that Tionax Mahillia trust him. He has known Tionax since his escape from Korriban, and has been at his side in prison since that time. A perfect shot with a blaster, he is also an ace pilot.

Name: Abbey
Occupation: unknown
Bio: Abbey is 21 years old. That is all anyone else knows about her. Nobody knows where she comes from, or what she truly is, and nobody will even know, not if she has her way.

Name: Skycus Talell - Victor Von Doom
Job: Space Pirate Leader
Species: Human
Bio: Once on the team of scientists who invented the hyperspace drive, he was kicked from the team because of his ideas. He believed and believes to this day that you should rule with fear. He thought you should beat those who opposed your ideas. These thoughts lead to him losing his job. Using some stolen hyperspace technology he retreated. Slowly he is developing a secret faction. One that one day will be a threat to the Republic.
Name: Cyanus Likadas - Victor Von Doom
Job: Pirate Commander
Species: Human
Bio: He was a high ranking offical until he was sent on a mission to guard a senator. His convoy was intercepted by pirets. They killed the senator and his guards. Oddly they were ordered to keep Likadas alive. After meeting the Pirets leader, Talell his old friend he then knew why. He has sworn an oath to the Pirets Alliance.

Name: Klator Defruca - Victor Von Doom
Job: Pirate Admiral
Species: Trandoshan
Bio: Talell's second in command. He had sworn his life to protecting Talell and Talell defected from the Republic Defruca followed. Before he did this though he had his times. He was a top commando, he was top of his class and now he's a piret. He went on a mission to assasinate a senator which ended up being a trap. He lost his arm and leg on his right side. Now he has robotic arm and leg. They are no where near as good as his old body parts, but they will suit him for now...

Name: Kadlrda Zibonious – Victor von Doom
Species: Trandoshan
Job: High Priestess; Leader of the Trandoshan People
Bio: At the age of fourteen she was already becoming the idol for Trandoshan children: a thief, a murder and of course relentless. She soon learned from a priest while in a temple, she was destined to become the High Priestess, the Leader of the Trandoshan people. At the age of twenty her destiny was fulfilled. Now that a government is establishing she fears the worst for her people. She has decided to join Talell's rebellion, only because Klator Defruca is, in secret, her husband.

Name: Jorrda Besadii Tir
Species: Hutt
Job: Hutt Warlord
Bio: A veteran of the war with Xim the Despot, Jorrda is one of the last warriors among his kind, and one of the oldest. He commands his own loyal followers who admire the great general, but is rapidly losing its power to a younger generation, who have no interest in war, but in crime. He has yet to choose who to side with in the war between Eriadu and the Core.

Name: Alluria Tillisk
Species: Twi'Lek
Job: Pirate Commander
Bio: The daughter of a mildly prominent dancer on Ryloth, Alluria was born into a seedy underworld of corruption, prostituion and illicit morals. Running off at a young age, Alluria spent several years living off of theft and general petty criminal activity. When offered a chance to go off-world, she took it and was soon under the general command of Garrity Persia, feared space pirate and at the time the most wanted man in the galaxy. She spent 25 years in Garrity's crew, travelling all over the galaxy until finally Garrity Persia retired on Eriadu, under the assumed identity of Lucas Nebboria. Leaving his legacy to her, he entrusted her to continue on the lifestyle of a pirate. ALluria did so admirably, jumping from place to place until fianlly finding a semi-permenant base on Kashyyyk...


Core Confederacy:

Titan Class Battlestar
Director Darmas Kualan's moment of glory, his claim to fame. The Titan class, so named by history for it's pure destructive power. Hated and feared it was thought a ship for tyrants, not good honest Confed men. The thing is basically a flying gun, it is literally covered in the things. The Chancellor Vice Admiral Trivian's flagship also houses an experimental cannon, able to bombard a planet from orbit.
490 meters
25 Double Turbolasers
20 Quad Turbolasers
10 Concussin missile bays
10 Ion Cannons (two hour recharge)
1 Orbital bombard cannon (Chancellor)
0 Starfighter Squadrons
Medicore shielding
Same hyperdrive as normal battlestars

Battlestars are about 450 meters long, except for the Saber prototype Battlestar (over 475 meters). Armament: 5 quad turbolaser batteries, 15 double turbolasers, 15 concussion missile launchers and 4 fighter squadrons.

The Saber (Battlestar prototype)
475 meters
20 Double Turbolasers
5 Ion Cannons (two hour recharge)
6 Starfighter Squadrons Better shielding
Same hyperdrive as normal battlestars. 40 missle launchers

Subjugators are smaller, only about 400 meters, but similarly armed: 5 quad turbolasers, 10 double turbolasers, and 15 concussion missile launchers, but lack hyperdrive, though Ravenlocke's is more powerful - 5 quad turbolasers, 20 double turbolasers, 20 concussion missile launchers, and hyperdrive.

Lightning Class Light Cruiser:
Description: A small, incredibly fast ship-the Lightning Class Light Cruisers are mainly support ships for the large Battlestar Class ships.
150 meters long
10 Double Turbolasers
Adequate shielding
Extremly fast
10 missile launchers
Small Hyperdrive

Defiance Class Star Frigate
Description: A medium sized ship, these frigates will put up a fight against anything-they're pretty tough. They are only limited by their small hyperdrive.
350 meters long
15 Double Turbolasers
Good Shielding
Medium speed
10 missile launchers
2 Starighter squadrons
Small Hyperdrive

Freedom Class Star Cruiser
Description: Nothing special about this ship except for its large Hyperdrive-unusual for a ship of this size it has an okay armament but only has 5 mssile turrets so it needs protection from starfighters.
300 meters long
15 Double Turbolasers
Adequate shielding
Medium speed
5 missile launchers
2 Starfighter squadrons
Large Hyperdrive

Survivor clas frigate
Description: An older ship brought back into service at the urging of Vice-Admiral Trivian after the Ord Mantel campaign, these small frigates have the Confederacy's best shielding, their main use is to draw the fire of larger ships
295 metres long
2 medium turbolaser batteries
4 rapid fire laser batteries
6 concussion missile bays
Poor manuverability
Small Hyperdrive
Powerful Shielding

Thyferran Alliance:

Vengeance Class battleship
Description: The mainstay of the Thyferran fleet this battleship is large powerful and can dish out a lot of damage.
450 meters long
5 quad turbolasers
20 Double Turbolasers
Good Shielding
Medium speed
10 missile launchers
4 Sarfighter squadrons
Large Hyperdrive

Assasin III class carrier
Description: A lightly armed and armoured ship, it's primary purpouse is to bring numourous fighters to the battle. It has four minor hangars alongside it's major one. Based on the Eriaduan Thunder the assasin has undergone many generations to surpass the Thunder, but in doing so it has made them oversized and easy to destroy, and are threfore deployed behind the Thyferran lines.
440 metres long
20 fighter squadrons
5 light turbolaser batteries
1 proton torpedo bay
Quite slow
Mediocre manuverability
Small Hyperdrive
Pathetic Shielding

Dominance class battlecruiser Prototype
Description: Second only to the Dreadstar Mark II, the Dominance battle cruiser is the larger brother of the Pious strike frigate. Rescued from another sector of the collapsed Ord Mantel Protectorate, previously a sub-faction within the Thyferran alliance, its focus is what the Thyferran's admire most, overpowering might. Long and elogating the Dominance is the galaxy's largest ship, imposing but all for show. Still in testing, most believe it is just too large to be practical.
520 metres long
No starfighter squadrons
14 heavy turbolaser batteries
18 light turbolaser batteries
6 concussion missile bays
2 proton torpedo bays
Very Slow
Pathetic Manuverability
Inadaqeuate shielding
Medium Hyperdrive

Imperator Class Heavy Cruiser
Description: Smaller than the Vengeance-this battleship is faster and probably better than its larger counterpart. It only lacks starfighter squadrons
400 meters long
5 Quad Turbolasers
10 Double Turbolasers
Good Shielding
Fast speed
15 missile launchers
No starfighter squadrons
Medium Hyperdrive.

Dark Knight Class Light Cruiser
Description: A small fast ship like the Ligtning class cruiser but more lightly armed and it has no hyperdrive-so it is sort of pulled as "cargo" by the vengeance Class battleships. But, it can be mass produced quickly and a couple of these can deal out quite a bit of damage.
125 meters long
10 Double Turbolasers
Light shields
Super fast speed
5 missile launchers
No starighter squadrons
No hyperdrive

The Alliance also uses various hijacked Republic ships, particularly Subjugators.

Eriadu Imperium Navy

Dreadstar Mark II
485 meters
3 Quad Turbolasers
25 Double Turbolasers
10 Concussion missile Launchers
8 Ion Cannons (half-hour)
8 Starfighter Squadrons
Superior Shielding
Heavy Armor
5 missle launchers
Large Hypersrive
Info: The Dreadstar II is the latest in the expanding Eriadu arsenal of capital ships. Taking it's design directly from the Dreadstar Mark I, this newer version includes expanded weapon emplacements and overall a more powerful design, making it essentially the most powerful military ship ever designed. This ship also is unique in that it is the first mainline capital ship in the Eriadu Navy to be designed completely by Imperious.

Dreadstar Mark I
390 meters
1 Quad Turbolaser
20 Double Turbolasers
10 Concussion missile Launchers
4 Ion Cannons (half-hour)
5 Starfighter Squadrons
Superior Shielding
Heavy Armor
5 missile launchers
Large Hypersrive
Info: The Dreadstar makes up the bulk of the command ships of the Eriadu Imperium. Heavy, Slow, and extremely powerful, the Dreadstar is a feared symbol of the rising Eriadu fleet.

Raptor-Class Light Crusier:
Description: An extremely fast light crusier designed for fighting off fighter squadrons and protecting larger ships from bombing runs.
130 meters long
20 Point Defense Lasers
Adequate shielding
Light Armor
Extremly fast
10 missile launchers
Small Hyperdrive

Centurion Class Star Frigate
Description: A well sized, well armed frigate common in the Eriadu Navy. A Versatile and old design, it has seen action for decades.
350 meters long
15 Double Turbolasers
3 Ion Cannons
Good Shielding
Good Armor
Medium speed
5 missile launchers
3 Starighter squadrons
Small Hyperdrive

Zealot Class Star Cruiser
Description: A new Star Crusier designed to replace the aging Centurion Class.
300 meters long
20 Double Turbolasers
1 Quad Turbolaser
Adequate shielding
Average Armor
Fast speed
5 missile launchers
2 Starfighter squadrons
Large Hyperdrive

Bulwark Class Star Cruiser
Description: The Bulwark class has been designed without a hyperdrive, making it much cheaper. They are specifically confined to gurading systems. This makes them much cheaper and more easily mass produced.
120 meters long
10 Double Turbolasers
1 Quad Turbolaser
Adequate shielding
Light Armor
Fast speed
5 missile launchers
Large Hyperdrive

Thunder Class Carrier
Description: Fighter Superiority is vital. Because of this, the Eriaduans have created the first ship specifically designed to ferry fighters to the battlefield.
400 meters long
Heavy Shielding
Medieum Armor
Average speed
15 Fighter Squadrons
Medieum Hyperdrive

Storm Class Frigate
Description: A powerful, cheaply made frigate designed to dish out large amounts of damage. It's only disadvantage is it's poor armor and shielding.
200 meters long
10 Concussion missile Launchers
8 Quad Turbolasers
5 Double Turbolasers
Light Shielding
Medieum Armor
Average speed
Medieum Hyperdrive

Ajudicator Class Corvette
Description: One of the first ships that included serious input from Imperious in it's design phase, the Ajudicator takes full advantage of Eriadu's superior Ion Cannon technology.
100 meters long
12 Ion Cannons
Light Shielding
Medieum Armor
Fast speed
Medieum Hyperdrive

'Trident' Class Missile Cruiser
Descripton: After analyising the most succesful weaponry in space Imperious notied the succesfulness of the concussion missile ay eliminating small ships and fighters, alonside it's ability to bombard other ships from outside their normal range. The logical answer to promote this weaponry was simple, the trident. This small cruiser has three arms on it, each with four missile bays, much more compact and automated due to Imperious' new desgin. However, logic states that it would be cheaper to use them further back beause of their range, and because of that lower their defensive capabilities for maxium cost efficency.
210 metres long
12 concussion missile launchers
Medium speed
Good manuverability
Weak hull
Inadequate shielding
No hyperdrive

The Church of Truth

"Deliverance" class light cruiser.
Description: Designed and built purely for the Church of Truth before it's paranoid inquistion, these vessels are hardly even classed as cruisers. They are used mainly for ferrying dignitaries, and escort, and occasionally the capture of heretics. There are only 55 in service.
175 metres long.
10 light turbolasers.
5 double turbolasers.
2 missile launchers.
No starfighter squadrons.
Medium hyperdrive.
Light shielding.

Crusade" class figate.
Description: A distant ancestor of the Nebulon-class frigate used by the Rebel Alliance, it was a type of ship salvaged by the Church after the Yaga Minor civil war. These ships look very simmilar although it has only a forward section with a long tail, with a small hangar at the end. The tail is the location of many systems and these figates are easily destroyed by larger ships, prone to being split in half. There are only 20 availiable.
345 metres long.
20 light turbolasers.
15 heavy turbolasers.
4 ion cannons (3 hour recharge).
5 starfighter squadrons.
Quite slow
Medium hyperdrive.
Medium shielding.

"Pious" Stike Frigate
Description: The cutting edge ship desgined at the end of the Ord Mantel Protectorate's end. This small frigate is a long smooth ship with the best hyperdive yet designed. Able to hold itself in a fight, then disappear without a trace it is perfectly suited to the Church, who stole it from the Thyferran's and Condfederay's grasp at the last minute.
380 metres long
4 heavy turbolaser batteries
2 light laser batteries
1 ion cannon battery (2 hour recharge)
2 fighter suadrons
Cutting-edge Hyperdrive
Adequadate Shielding

"Inquisitor" class corvette.
Description: A hammer like corvette it now forms the bulk of the Church's navy and a relic from the Yaga Minor civil war, it has a semicircular head with one long engine behind it, exellent at taking down fighters, but useless for most other tasks. There are 130 in servicable condition.
110 metres long
6 rapid fire turbolasers
2 ion cannons (3 hour recharge)
Poor manuverability
Small Hyperdrive
Poor Shielding


Rancor-Class Frigate
Description: The Rancor-Class frigate, like the Iolnin and Tigety frigates is designed for what its name suggests. Except for the engines, the majority of the hull is ligned with turbolasers. This gives it a large amount of firepower for a ship of its class, however it lacks shields. It is a long rectangle, with engines at the back, and many odd protrusions along its entire length.
250 meters long
10 Turbolasers
10 Double laser Cannons
No Shielding
Light Armor
Slow speed
Avergae Hyperdrive

Tigety-Class Frigate: The Tigety-Class frigate is the exact opposite of the Rancor. It has no weapons, but has shields far superior to its size. Its only method of attack is ramming ships, and they are mainly used to cover badly damaged ships. It is shaped the same as an Rancor-Class
150 meters long
No weaponry
Heavy Shielding
Heavy Armor
Slow speed
Average Hyperdrive

Iolnin-Class Frigate: The Iolnin was invented on the onset of Ion Cannon technology. It is a variation on the Rancor, scrapping all the turbolasers and laser cannons for Ion cannons. Besides that, nothing changed.
100 meters long
10 Ion Cannons
No shielding
No armor
Slow speed
Average Hyperdrive

Usurper-Class Cruiser: The Usurper class is the Bothans answer to heavier ships. It uses both shields and weapons, but besides that is unremarkable. It is shaped what would become the Correlian Gunship.
400 meters
12 Double Turbolasers
2 Quad Turbolasers
10 Laser Cannons
5 Missle Launchers
Average shields
Strong Armor
2 fighter squadrons
Very Slow Speed
Slow Hyperdrive


Vontor-class Battleship
Description: Even larger than the Vigilante frigate, this is the largest ship in Jorrda's fleet. With the same hyperdrive as the frigate, it moves less distances. They are the only ship in the fleet Jorrda has upgraded with faster double turbolasers, in place of laser cannons. They still have slow regular turbolasers. Despot's Folly is of this class.

450 meters long
10 single turbolasers
12 double turbolasers
8 concussion missile launchers
Heavy shielding
Heavy armor
Large Hyperdrive

Hammer-class Light Frigate
Description: This light frigate sacrifices many turbolasers and laser cannons for weaker but faster quad laser cannons, ion cannons, and many missile launch tubes. It is an artillery frigate from the last days of the war with the Tionese.
280 meters long
2 ion cannons (3 hour recharge)
8 quad laser cannons
20 concussion missile launchers
Light Shielding
Heavy Armor
Medium Hyperdrive

Pirate-class Cruiser
Description: Like all ships in Jorrda's fleet, this type cruiser is an ancient relic from the Hutts' war with Xim the Despot. It has a large hyperdrive, being as old as it is, which makes it powerful and able to travel many light-years but slow. It's turbolasers have medium firepower with fast recharge time. It has powerful shields and light armor.
250 Meters long
15 turbolasers
8 double laser cannons
Heavy shielding
Light armor
Large Hyperdrive

Vigilante-class Frigate
Description: Much larger than the Pirate, this type ship has powerful turbolasers and double lasers with slow recharge time. It has both powerful shielding and heavy armor, and has the same type hyperdive as the Pirate, but is not able to traverse as long distances due to its larger size.

400 meters long
20 turbolasers
10 double laser cannons
Heavy shielding
Heavy Armor
Large Hyperdrive

Stingfly-class corvette
Description: Although as old as the other ships, these ships' size enables them to be upgraded with modern technology. They are fast and have medium laser cannons with fast recharge time. The shielding is light, the armor medium, and the hyperdrive medium.

150 meters long
15 double laser cannons
Light Shielding
Medium Armor
Medium Hyperdrive

Also remember fighters as such generally do not have hyperdrive and require carriers for support. In fact, most fighters are not even equipped with sheilds.

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The large bulky form of the Battlestar-class cruiser, the Ulysses, drifted gracefully through the space in the planet of Coruscant's upper atmosphere. Slightly larger than the usual Battlestar-class ship due to the modified engines and shield generators, it dwarfed slightly the other ship of that class nearby, the Virgil. It was the flagship of High Admiral Helen Kualan, and in being so was in fact the flagship for the entire Confederate Navy. The Ulysses had seen many years of service, and many years of battle. It had been captained by many men and women, none of whom had lived to retire peacefully, but instead had been killed serving the Confederacy, dying for the basic principle they had believed in.

It had never, though, housed an Admiral as its commanding officer, let alone the High Admiral of the entire Navy. Helen Kualan had chosen the ship as her flagship due to it's sentimental value to her, but that had not stopped her from ordering it to be completely refitted and modified with the latest cutting-edge technology. The Ulysses was nothing like the original ship which had disembarked from the Kuat shipyards with a young eager Captain at its head.

The Ulysses had changed.

War called for change.

And the Confederacy was at war.


High Admiral Helen Kualan stood on the bridge of the Ulysses, staring out of the control room and down to the planet the ship was orbiting. Coruscant. Center of the galaxy and home to what was almost the most powerful faction in the galaxy. The surface of Coruscant was at least 3/4 covered in urban sprawling cityscape, possibly more. The lights, the industry and the general liveliness of the entire planet never failed to keep the home of the Confederacy looking and feeling like a huge jewel in the middle of Deep Space.

Not that High Admiral Kualan had time for that.

She had other things on her mind. They were at war, after all. As she stood staring down at Coruscant's surface, the only thing going through her head was constant reviewals of agreed strategies with her tactical officers, or whether or not she should approve the latest ship-design put forward by the giant think-tank of Kuat Shipyards.

In short, her mind was always on the war effort.

"Admiral?" came the croaky voice of her second-in-command, Lieutenant Tollor.

Waking from her thoughts, Kualan turned to the Mon Calamari lieutenant and replied,

"Yes, Tollor?"

"We've just recieved word from those down on Coruscant. You're wanted on the surface."

She sighed, it was probably going to be another interrogation on 'Why the enemies of the Confederacy had not been crushed yet' by some high-ranking pompous politician.

"Very well, prepare my shuttle for immediate disembarkment." she said to Tollor, who nodded brisky and sent a technician to see that the orders were carried out.

"Have the fleet continue it's patrol," Kualan went on, as she took her official Admirality hat from the nearby holo-desk and placed it on her head, "Keep the Virgil and the Hercules on the wide-route."

"As ordered, ma'am." Tollor replied, before she asked him if she looked 'presentable'

"Dignified as ever, ma'am." Tollor assured her, before she left the bridge at a quick stride, heading in the direction of the hangar.

Tollor turned back to his control-console, and punched in the co-ordinates for the Ulysses's normal patrol route. There were times when he didn't envy Kualan, despite her being a High Admiral, because he knew he would not have been able to handle the political obligations that came with such a high-ranking job.

Though nobody knew it, Kualan herself could barely handle it.

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Jabus Hemorzzin stared at the man on the opposite side of the desk. The man was unremarkable, common stock, exept for once feature that made Jabus grind his teeth. On the breast of the man's naval uniform there was a picture of the Holocaust, Ravenlocke's ship. Too many people wore that symbol, it meant that they thought that Jabus was a userper who should be punsihed, and would see Ravenlocke take back the reins of the Alliance. Well Ravenlocke was at Corulag right now, he wasn't here and this sicophant was. Javus pulled out a blaster, stuck it down the man's throat and fired. He stood up, walked around the desk and kicked the corpse off it's chair.

Jabus strode to the window and stared out. He looked over the ceremonial square, from when this city had been a power in the war for Thyferra, and generals had held tactical discussion in front of the masses. The great untiy pillar, erected in the centre of the square after Ravenlocke conquered the other Warlords stode shining in the midday sun. Jabus's eyes flowed over the rabble, many had badges or crude tattos of that hateful vessel. Jabus cursed and whirled around at speed, almost falling over. His green cape of office swirled, almost covering the battle armour he wore. Jabus stroked his sword and left the office.

Angrily he strode down the hallways of the palace, deep in thought. Silently he raved about the simplicity of peasents. He brought them wealth, trade and luxury, goods from all over the galaxy. Yet who would they rather see lead them? A big muscular fool. Still, Ravenlocke wasn't a threat for now. Jabus would very much like to have him assassinated, but he was too useful.

Jabus bumped into someone, and he stared down at a beautiful and loosely clad woman, all of Jabus' slaves were women, Jabus used his power to the full, for it would be ripped from him, maybe fatally. Ravenlocke learnt that to his cost.

"My lord, the Eriadu ambassador is here" she said. Jabus stroked her hair and she looked up at him with pure adoration, she was one of his favourite pets, she had settled in nicely, most women Jabus took a fancy to needed a rigourous course to break them and squeeze everything but obedience and adoration from them. Jabus kissed her lightly on the forhead then began striding towards the reception hall. The ambassador had an agenda, but refused to hint at it, maybe, on this meeting, the 9th this week, he would reveal it.

"Your gracious self, I am hounoured by your lordly presence" the ambassador said as Jabus entered the room, bowing with a florish
"And my dear guest, may I please you with my words, or actions?" Jabus asked, trying to get the hang of the flowery way the Eriadu spoke, he was used to Thyferran bluntless
"Actions today, I think" the Eriadu drawled
"The trade between our noble people grace both our coffers, my palace is due to your great trade, so now how may I please you?" Jabus was both irritated and exicited at the same time, perhaps now?
"We want peace between all peoples, and we cannot trade with both you and the Core and remain impartial. We must retract all trade"
"NO!" roared Jabus, this was his worst fear, calming down he said "The Core rob from you, while we bring wealth and prosperity, side with us, you need not take military action" at least not yet thought Jabus "but do not make us both poorer with this severing"
The Eriadu stood silently before taking his leave, he would probably be back later with some cryptic reply. Jabus sighed.

He walked back into the corridor where his black haired pet was still waiting patiently

"I expected you'd be tense, please come with me" Jabus did, thinking that his power might be ripped much sooner than he'd anticipated.

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Jutt Locasta, with his fine high-quality robes literally sparkling with wealth, was sat at his elaborate desk as High Admiral Kualan entered his office, two Confederate soldiers by her side.

"I do hope you called me for something important, Minister," Kualan said to him sternly, "Though I assume it must be, since you did not deem it suitable to communicate through hologram."

"All holographic messages leaving the Political and Business Districts are monitored and recorded by the Confederate Intelligence Beureau, and I would prefer to keep this low-key." Locasta replied heartily, his Nautolan tentacles hanging gracefully down his side.

"So be it," Kualan replied courteously, before taking a seat so she was facing the Minister, "How may I help?"

"The Eriadu Imperium, as you know full-well, has been trying to stay neutral and impartial throughout this whole conflict with the Thyferrans," Locasta began, gaining a nod of understanding from Kualan, "But, you see, they do tend to view the Thyferrans in friendlier terms than they do us."

"What are you saying, Minister?"

"What I am saying, High Admiral, is that we the Confederacy need to secure the friendship of the Eriadu Imperium, if we are to stop the Thyferrans from convincing them to join them in an alliance."

"The Eriadu Imperium's leaders are probably the most experienced and most skilled in dealing with other factions, Minister, hence them staying neutral for so long. They will not allow themselves to be 'secured' as you put it." Kualan informed him, causing the Nautolan Minister to twitch slightly.

"Either way, we need to extend the hand of friendship to them." Locasta told her.

"And what does that have to do with me?" Kualan eyed Locasta suspiciously.

"The Eriadu Imperium has been informed that the Confederacy will be sending an envoy to discuss 'developing the relationship between our two factions'. I shall be heading this group of delegates personally, but I wish you to personally escort us in your flagship." Locasta told her bluntly.

"I beg your pardon? You called me down here to ask for a lift?" Kualan was beginning to get very frustrated with the Nautolan opposite her.

Locasta twitched slightly again, before continuing,

"Your flagship is the most heavily protected ship in the fleet, High Admiral, and it also demonstrates the elegance and power of the Confederacy. It shall serve a double-purpose in our negoiations with the Eriadu. Everybody respects power." he informed the High Admiral, who shook her head and answered,

"And I had to be asked this in person because......?"

"Because, dear Admiral, this meeting with the Eriadu is to be kept strictly off-the-record. Public opinion is slightly biased against the Imperium for being too friendly with the Thyferrans, so we need to keep it out of the public light, and as I said, holo-messages are being monitored, and all it would take is one leak from the Intelligence Department and that would be that."

Kualan eyed Locasta for a long while, as if trying to read his mind. But of course, she could not, and had to rely on her instincts instead.

It certainly would benefit the Confederacy if they entered a friendship with the Imperium, and Kualan was duty-bound to do what was best for the Confederacy. Nodding her head slowly, she told Locasta,

"So be it. Have yourself and the delegates on board the Ulysses as soon as possible."

With that said, and with the thanks of Jutt Locasta, High Admiral Kualan got to her feet and left the office, the two Confederate soldiers leaving with her.

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OOC: Guys, it's been most excellent posts so far! I probably don't have time today, but I shall most defenitely post tomorrow. For now, I have some editing of the title post to do.

Also, Friend of Old, extremely well written post. However, Eriadu doesn't have any ambassador in Thyferran space. YOU are supposed to send the thyferran ambassador to Eriadu. I have something planned for that.

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Coruscant Underlevels

Rarely was such a person found that could be described at totally evil, but such was the nature of Tionax Mahillia. Strangled at birth by an unknown assailant, he was almost killed. But he survived, and is now one of the most powerful being in the galaxy. His Force sensitivity is only matched by his stubbornness, and it is this that has led him to discontinue his use of the Force, instead preferring to rely on his own immense strength.

Tionax flitted from shadow to shadow, his presence a blur to passers by, and dismissed as an apparition just as quickly. He had no target, no destination, no purpose save for the sowing of the seeds of mayhem and destruction. There was an alley up ahead, its newest occupant a lone ranat. Tionax entered, and followed the Ranat, keeping to the shadows. He went to within a foot of the Ranat, and swept a blade across its throat. With a gurgling sound, the Ranat dropped.

Instantly, three more were scampering along the alley in his direction. He sprang, dropping the first with a boot to the skull while grabbing the second by the throat and crushing it. Using the dead Ranat as a weapon, he hit the third and final enemy into the wall, and beat it to death with its friend. He then bent down and decapitated it, doing the same to all three other Ranats.

He heard the sound of running footsteps, and made his exit quickly across the roof of the building beside him.

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Eriadu. Center of commerce and population, a pristine beauty of a planet, rich in bio-diversity, clean in both its atmosphere and its biospheres. "Its population rivals that of Coruscant, but its beauty and wealth far surpasses that poor planet." Xim recalled his father telling him that once, and for the most part it was true. Sure, lately Coruscant had underwent a population explosion and had surpassed the Eriaduan population, but that was only on the backs of the lower classes. Eriadu had no such problems.

"If Eriadu, to remain a clean and healthy planet, must expend some of its fantastic wealth towards that end, so be it." The lush jungle landscape of Eriadu mingled in a delightful blend with the Eriaduan Urban architecture. Although they were decidedly an urban people, they certainly detested the dirty, poor sprawling landscapes so many other urbanized worlds gave. If only he could...

"Master." Imperious's monotonic voice boomed through Xim's bedchambers. Sitting bolt upright, the man's eyes adjusted to the dark. Not for long, the lights soon activated themselves in a dim illumination around the room. "You have remained inactive 15 seconds later than your appointed routine." The computer said again. Xim nodded, slightly groggily and looked over at the place beside his in the ornate bed. Empty. Arwen had probably gotten up before him. "More likely never returned at all..." he thought sadly.

Rousing himself and dressing in the ornate robes of the Emperor, Xim left his bedchamber and passed his guards at the doorway. They snapped to attention and silently watched him leave. As he walked down the ornate halls, Xim spoke to the disembodied voice that always seemed to follow him. "Imperious, is there any news from Grand Admiral Kast?" The computer was silent for a second and then answered. "Not since last night. All of the data I have received thus far about the camapgin along with Kast's reports have lead me to calculate our chance of failure is essentially zero."

"Well, at least THAT is good news." Xim said, entering the ornate dining hall. Immedietely, the vast array of waiters and courtiers began laying out their meals. "Lord Imperious has prepared a sumptuous breakfast for you My'Lord." Xim's chamberlain said. "Lord Imperious" Xim thought. "For some reason that title scares me..." He sat down and began to half-heartedly eat his food. "You should eat Master. I have specially prepared your Kuati Belmar slug precisely the way you wish." Xim had always found it odd how mperious had been insistent about eating the food he prepared for him. "Probably just a motherly protocool, designed to make me feel at ease." he thought and began to eat somewhat more enthusiastically.

"Is something wrong My'Lord?" one of the servants asked him. "I hope it is not the food. Lord Imperious has" Xim waved him off. "The food is exquisite. I guess I'm just rather... tired per..." The booming voice of Imperious echoed through the banquet hall. "His excellency is concerned that the Empress has not returned to the palace for the third night in a row." Xim glared up at... somewhere. Xim never really knew exactly where Imperious's cameraes and mini-speakers were. The courtiers and servents all lowered their heads and scurried on with their work, for nothing can destroy good humour and cheer like an ugly, unpleasant truth.

"SHe's such a charming woman, it's just a shame she isn't here as ofdten as I would like. It seems..." Xim expected the computer to interrupt or to give some type of commentary, but he stayed strangely silent. "Imperious?" "Yes Master?" "Have you nothing to add?" Te computer hummed, and then replied "Negative." Xim quietly finished his meal. He remembered years ago in this banquet hall, the table had been filled with his brothers and sisters, and his father and mother. Now the hall was mostly empty except for a few servents. Arwen had managed to alienate every other member of his family, so much so that some had even disavowed their name, taken a small fortune and retired away on some random world in the Imperium. Certianly, none of his brothers or sisters visited the palace to see him anymore.

"Master." Imperious beeped. "WHat is it Imperious" Xim sighed. "Empress Arwen has returned..."


"Legion I reports district A24 secured." "Over-Legion X reports Capital District firmly under our control." "Prime Minister Kiber Tallon has been captured and is currently in transit to the 'Ajudicator' for interrogation." Higlark Kast cut the transmission feed and addressed his bridge crew. "With that gentlemen, Taris is ours." The crew let out a hearty cheer. It had been a grueling camapign, especially for such a mismatched war. Taris had been the last of the powerful single-system states that existed since before the fall of the Rakatan Empire. Taris was also the last major trading area not under the control of the Eriadu Imperium.

It had been an intense battle. Three straight days of ship-to-ship combat as the battle-hardened ships of Taris were ground down in battle after battle. Then, after an intense bombardment, the troops had been deployed and for almost two monthes had spent their time fighting for every square inch of the Tarisian urban areas and the extensive Tarisian underlevels. Finally, with the capture of the Capitol and the Prime Minister of Taris, the battle was over. Now, it would be a short garrison time of pacification and Taris would be yet another jewel in the emperor's crown.

"As soon as the Prime Minister is safetly aboard, set course to return to Eriadu immedietely. I shall personally inform the Emperor of our success at Taris." The Lieutenaunt saluted. "Yes sir." The Dreadtar II 'Ajudicator', flagship of the fleet, left for Eriadu at the fastest possible speed. Higlark meanwhile called in his top officers to the secure conference room.

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Name: Cedric the Wise
Occupation: Leader and overlord in the Hutt cartel.
Bio: Cedric the Wise is a the new warlord after the assasination of Goito the Hutt who basicly made the Hutt cartel collapse. Cedric's goal is to attempt to have an alliance with the Eriadu Empire.

Name: Talmor Deric
Occupation: Wise-leader and Warlord in the Hutt cartel.
Bio: Talmor Deric is Cedrics personal bodyguard, and a very paranoid one. He's known and infamous and for being cold-bloded killer, being an ex-bounty hunter he is very handy with the blaster.

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Persia, if that's what you want...


Turbolasers battered the Holocaust, Ravenlocke doubted the shields on his personally modified Vengence-Class Battle cruiser. The enemy fleet had been decimated shortly after his arrival, but their space station was proving tough to beat. Concealed within an astoeroid field it contained heavy armamnet, and a large prototype cannon that could bomard their invasion force with precision accuracy, alledegly. It was infuriating, that the core could develop something like this, the alliance needed this, Thyferra needed this, he needed this.

The problem was it was concealed on a heavily armed space station in the middle of a heavily defened asteroid field. It had been a stroke of luck to find it, and so poorly defended. There was a cover-up. Corulag Feul Mining & Research had abandoned this field ages ago when it was found that the feul in the asteroids was corrosive, and had moved on to greener pastures. The Core had however restarted the facility and used it to develop the first space to planet gun since the Infinite Empire fell. The 'Corulag Bombard' as it had become known would be a golden crown on his achivemnts. The problem was how to get it.

He could easily blow the whole place to Atzerri, and the only reason he didn't was because of Jabus Hemorzzin and Ravenlocke's vendetta with him. He knew that the vast majority thought him the hero of the Alliance, but far too many knew what Jabus had done for them, seen the luxury that they had with Jabus, that they hadn't had with him. If Ravenlocke a grab for the reins, Thyferra, and the Alliance would be plunged into a greuling civil war, with no certain victor. The Bombard may however tip the scales.

A ship appeared on the scanners, then another, and another. The Confederacy had sent a fleet. Fire rained down upon them. Two of the Imperiators fell to the blasts. Ravenlocke cursed, looked then lost his internal battle

"ALL FIRE ON THE ASTEROIDS!" he yelled, the remainder of his raid fleet opened fire upon the feild, soon one asteroid flared, "Retreat!" Ravenlocke commanded, later they would come back and take the planet, but the battle, for him, was lost.


The Eriadu diplomat was giving no straight answer, Jabus hated people who skirted questions. Tiredly he asked politely for the last time about what the Emporer Xim said about the new trade proposal. The Eriaduan began again, hiding behind flowery words and half truths.

A voice came from outside and the window smashed. A package came flying in, it took Jabus two seconds to notice the fuse. His eyes widened and he leapt straight out the window. An explosion eripted out of the palace and Jabim felt his back burn as a lick of flame seared across it.

Jabim scanned the square, there was someone running full pelt across the square. Jabus pulled out his gun and fired. He fell.

Jabus hit the ground with a resounding crunch, there were people running towards him and his body was raked with pain. He knew he would black out very soon, but he had to know. He dragged himself painfully across the paving, leaving a trail of blood behind him. He looked upon the wannabe assassin. The Holocaust was tattoed onto his bald head. How sad.

A week later

Jabus woke up in extreme pain, his spine was fractured intwo places, and he had at least four ribs either missing partly or wholely. Two of his slaves were there, relieving pain and caring for him. He summoned one and looked at her lovely auburn hair, her shing blue eyes and her full lips. He regretted sending her away for even a minute, but this was nessecary. He had anticipated this, rather he had anticipated him killing the Eriaduan. He made a few minor adjustments to a holorecording and sent her to go give it to Jens Stark, he would have to make haste to save this Alliance, they needed the Eriadu if they were to crush the Core quickly, and not drag out into a greuling battle for control of a few systems, a stalemate.

She soon retuned, Jabus could see the adoration and joy as she resumed her duties. Jabus moaned with pleasure as pain left his senses as he worked magic on his back, hopefully he would soon return to an able state and resume his duties, but he would enjoy this time all the same.

That should work...
Oh and check the sign up thread, I'll bring some life into the Church of Truth if it's the last thing I do!

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The Ulysses emerged from hyperspace, accompanied by a small squadron of capital ships. Jutt Locasta stood on the bridge of the ship, with his small group of delegates, next to High Admiral Kualan, who was more than a little annoyed at being drafted into being a taxi service for the politicians.

"We have entered Imperium space." Lieutenant Tollor informed the High Admiral, who nodded to the Mon Calamari.

"Very good, Lieutenant. Send a message to the nearest system of the Imperium, informing them that the expected Confederate delegation has arrived." she said to him, and Tollor began typing in the appropriate message, before Locasta cleared his throat.

"Yes, Minister?" Kualan turned to face the Nautolan, who said rather sheepishly.

"Well.....Admiral.....the Imperium doesn't exactly 'expect' us."

"I beg your pardon Minister?" Kualan's voice was clearly full of frustration despite her calm expression.

"Well I didn't want to risk a rejection, and the Eriaduans are known for being such courteous hosts to those who make it to their home planet......."

"So you want me to lead a squadron of military ships into a deep Imperium Space in an attempt to 'surprise them'" Kualan was clearly not amused.

"Well.....yes, High Admiral." Locasta told her.

Kualan just groaned, convincing herself that she had a duty to the Confederacy to uphold. Gritting her teeth and swallowing her pride, she said to Tollor,

"Tell the other ships to fall back to Confederate Space. The Ulysses will proceed to Eriadu alone. When we emerge from hyperspace outside Eriadu, you will immediately send out a message stating we are on a......." her eyes fell to Locasta, ".....diplomatic mission."

"As ordered, Admiral." Tollor replied, before turning back to the control console and punching in the co-ordinates for Eriadu.

As the other vessels turned and entered hyperspace in the direction of Confederate territory, the Ulysses shot into light-speed in the direction of Eriadu, heart of the Imperium.


The Ulysses emerged from light-speed, a short distance from the Eriaduan Home Fleet. Expecting an immediate military attack, High Admiral Kualan ordered Tollor to send out a peace-stating beacon, which the Mon Calamari Lieutenant did immediately.

Fortunately, the peace-beacon was recognised by the Eriaduans almost immediately, and they at least did not open fire straight away.

"Tell them Minister Locasta and his delegation wish to meet with a representative of the Eriadu Imperium." Kualan told Tollor, who sent the appropriate message.

"If they ask for a visual-communication link, grant it." she added, before turning to Locasta

"I sincerely hope you make this little 'adventure' worth the risk to both the Confederacy and me, Minister." she told him.

"To you? How do you expect me to make it worthwhile for you?" Locasta asked nervously.

"Don't do anything to make them shoot at this ship." she stated bluntly, before allowing several guards to escort Locasta and the others to the hangar bay.

OOC: Since there is no Eriadu Ambassador, either Emperor Thano himself can grant an audience with Locasta (perhaps names some terms for the meeting etc) or you can deny any kind of meeting

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The Lost Diary of Xim Thano the Weak: Entry #456

Translator's Note: To the reader of this volume I have published, thank you. As the student of history knows, Xim Thano was one of the more fascinating of the emperors of the time period immedietely preceding the formation of the Galactic Republic. What is interesting in this particular entry is that it concerns Xim's father, Peter Thano, who strangely enough, despite his moniker "The Great", his amazing longevity (still unsolved) and the vast array of accomplishments and the massive family he created (Is it possible his descendants do not live today?), little data of the man himself remains save his famous, stringent morality.

I have done my best to translate his script into modern basic and I can essentially gurantee it's accuracy.

~Drawde Nobbig ~


I have been relaxing in the gardens lately and recalling my father. I rememeber a conversation my father had with me. I asked him a question and he responded Translator's Note: This question has never been specified and he responded "You must learn to read her signals young Xim." "What?" My father gave one of his long sighs, indicating he was about to embark upon a lecture. "You see young one, all people use not only their words, but their bodies to indicate their feelings, and some people are more or less open then others. The problems you have is you aren't reading her right."

"As you gain experience, you will find that your love acts almost impreceptibly in a certain manner. If she wishes for love or affection, she will act a certain way. If she desires gits, she will act a certian way, and if she desires to be left alone or is annoyed with you, she shall act yet another. It is something that is different for each person. That is all I can teach you on the subject." I can remmeber thanking him profusely and then running off to contemplate his lesson. Thinking back now I find such things have been easy with Arwen. If she is breathing, she wishes for love, if she had her eyes open, she wishes for gifts, and if she------- Translator's Note: The data is too corrupted here to continue traslating this entry. What is found interesting is the seemingly candid way in which Peter Thano speaks of this matter, especially for earlier entries detailing his many strict and (for his time) extremely conservative views.


"Delightful! She's finally back. I hope she-" "There also are two amabassadors here also, both wishing to discuss terms for an alliance, according to all relevant data." Xim hook his head in defeat. "Not at a time like this... I can only hope they don't meet." Xim could remember some rather embarassing incidents stretching back to just after their marriage. The holo-news had had a field day with that. If only he could find who provided the footage...

"Tell both of the ambassadors to land and escort them to the palace and" he lowered his voice "don't let Arwen find out." "Don't let me find out what?" Xim turned to see to Arwen gliding into the elegant banquet hall. "Well" Xim thought, "I guess I can add enhanced hearing along witrh her other list of abilities, such as her extremely dextrous body..." "Now, now, we don't have secrets..." her melodious voice carried through th hall. She sat herself down on Xim's lap and began playing with her hair. "Do we?" Xim lightly shook his head. "No, I suppose not."

She smiled sweetly and began tracing her index finger over Xim's robes. "Now... what was it you were talking about?" "Uhh, well, nothing much... Just some ambassadors from the Thyferran Alliance and the Core Confederacy." She smiled sweetly and scooted a bit closer. "Is that all?" she said, batting her eyelashes. "Well, yes." Xim glanced around the room and noticed all of the attendants, guards and servents had left. Well, all except Imperious, who couldn't really "move" perse. It appears that their pattern recognition skills were still excellent.

"You know" she said, "We haven't been together for several days..." With a quick jerk, Arwen brought the chair toppling over and through some invisible force under the table.

Xim awoke several hours later. "Well, THAT was refreshing, however tiring. I wonder how she got that to levitate... I guess there are some things I'm not meant to kn... Damn." "Something wrong master? I should say I am surprised. Undoubtedly, there are many humanoids who would give much to be in your marital position." "She's gone again, isn't she?" The computer silently processed something for an instant. "Several of her companions came for her shortly after you fell asleep one-point-five standard hours ago. They are currently in the third dining hall."

"I just wish she would stay long enough for us to talk. I mean, when was the last time we just had a romantic dinner, together for..." "Master, perhaps you require someone who has some expertise in this area. While I excel at analytical problems, this is not such a situation." Xim just shook his head. "Where are the ambassadors?" "They are currently being in their respective chambers. I have ensured that they are well cared for. Shall I grant them an audience?"

Xim shook his head. "Not yet. Have them wait a few days, but let them wander the palace and city if they wish." "Master, your robe is on with the outside on the wrong side." Xim quickly righted his wife's mistake and strode out of the dinging hall and into his throne room, where already a line of peitioners and representatives were waiting to be ushered into his presence.

"His most wise and poignant Supreme Emperor Xim Thano of Eriadu and it's holdings is now present in court. All show proper respect." The guards, advisors, courtiers, bowed towards his electrum throne. Righting themselves, the first subject was ushered in. He bowed before Xim. "Many thank you's my'EMperor for allowing me into your glorious presence and hearing my humble plea." He kissed Xim's ring and began his request. "As a humble subject, I am concerned by..."

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It had been 10 years since he landed. Rackar still remebered that day. He had grown more powerfull, and knew he could equal any Jedi Knight, and several of the Masters. He needed a ship. He had wandered too a Hutts shipyard and picked out a modified YQ(2 letters before T)- 500 transport. The basic YQ-500 was a disk, with a 30 meter diameter, and an 8 meter height. Threw the Force, he knew what had been modified.

Then about 17 of the Hutts men came over too him. Rackar simply said," Leave me or die." They all laughed. Rackar chuckled too himself.

A bolt of lightning hit one of the thugs. He fell down, the smell of charred flesh permeated the air. The others raised there blaster. Another bolt of lightning came, only it hit the remaining 16 thugs. It continued, until they where unrecognisable, and very dead.

Rackar walked over to the ship, and entered. He looked at the controls, and disabled the bomb hiding in the ship. He scanned its weaponry, and shields. He named it the:

Modified YQ-500 transport.
2 Quad laser cannons, 1 on the top, one on the bottom.
1 Double Turbolaser, built into the front of the ship.
Military grade shield
Cloaking Device
Smugglers Hold
Larger Cargo Hold
More accute and accurate sensors
15 High explosive space mines
5 Ion mines.

Rackar flew away from the gravity well of Tatooine. He was returning to Ossus. He was looking to see what they had lost.




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Just to let you all know, I will be gone till Sunday. See you all later!

They were everywhere, they poured over anything in their way. Like a flood they washed over us all, swept over us as if we were nothing," the old lady whispered, her eyes growing wide as she remembered the horror of the past, "Planets fell, the Jedi crumbled, but we still defeated them and drove them back. But it was not enough, they have returned, they have come once again. The Bando Gora live.
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EDITED - I misread your previous post Persia, appologies.

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Can't do much with Thyferra, until Fyyar posts anyway, however Lorris...

Planetary Report, Crusade of the Church of Truth

Things move on well, finnaly the Church has secured a world to set up our first divine outpost. Yaga Minor is an industrialised planet, corrupt and poor, we however can change that. We cannot stand by and let innocents suffer when there are such things happening.

Yaga Minor Status:

Riots: 3
Corruption: 35%
New Recruits:
Force Sympathisers:
Heretics Executed: 87%

The Church has almost finished here, our temple has been completed and new recruits flood to join us, we have decided on two potential worlds to spread to, Onderon and Dantooine. I will put it to the Inner Ring when we next meet.

I'm hearing good things from my agent with the Thyferrans, we should get on well with them the way things look. She seems close to aquiring some military data, we will need such things soon.

However Yaga Minor has helped us in that area, we have commandeered what remains their navy, they scrapped most of it before we moved in, or lost it in a futile war. The only war worth fighting is the crusade, and therefore the ships we have taken have become...

"Crusade" class figate.
Description: A distant ancestor of the Nebulon-class frigate used by the Rebel Alliance, it was a type of ship salvaged by the Church after the Yaga Minor civil war. These ships look very simmilar although it has only a forward section with a long tail, with a small hangar at the end. The tail is the location of many systems and these figates are easily destroyed by larger ships, prone to being split in half. There are only 20 availiable.
345 metres long.
20 light turbolasers.
15 heavy turbolasers.
4 ion cannons (3 hour recharge).
5 starfighter squadrons.
Quite slow
Medium hyperdrive.
Medium shielding.

"Inquisitor" class corvette.
Description: A hammer like corvette it now forms the bulk of the Church's navy and a relic from the Yaga Minor civil war, it has a semicircular head with one long engine behind it, exellent at taking down fighters, but useless for most other tasks. There are 130 in servicable condition.
110 metres long
6 rapid fire turbolasers
2 ion cannons (3 hour recharge)
Poor manuverability
Small Hyperdrive
Poor Shielding

These ships will greatly aid us in the crusade, but we will need a planet with serviceable shipyards devoted to the cause before we can produce more ships

Well, it brings the Church into this, and I'm going to piece together a ragtag navy, though with their current ships they are no threat.

Persia, please add all the churches new things (inculding my characters) to the main post

Doctor FoO
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"The negoiations have opened down on the planet, Admiral." Lieutenant Tollor called to Kualan from his control console.

"Very good, Lieutenant, what news from home?" she replied.

"Nothing of substantial importance.....though there has been reported trouble in the Yaga Minor system. Details are sketchy of course, it being so far away from our territories." Tollor informed her, before turning to press a button which had began flashing.

"What is it Lieutenant?" Kualan asked the Mon Calamari, who seemed slightly immersed in looking at his view-screen.

"According to our Intelligence.....Yaga Minor has suffered a brutal......massacre." Tollor told her, reading the newly received message again.

"Massacre?" Kualan repeated, surprised, before walking over to the Lieutenant's control console.

"Not entirely sure what has happened, or who was responsible, but it seems a great deal of people were killed. Coruscant is asking if we shoudl pursue the matter?" Tollor turned to face the High Admiral as he said the last bit.

Kualan thought for a few seconds, then replied,

"Tell Coruscant not to bother sending a ship. We will make a detour to Yaga Minor on our return voyage and see what has happened ourselves."

"As ordered, Admiral." Tollor said to her, before swivelling on his chair and punching in the message.

Kualan returned to her customary place near the center of the bridge, where she looked out of the view-glass to stare down at the surface of Eriadu.

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Hunting Confederate convoys was fun, escpecially when they were escorted, it was a good challenge, and it gave the crew the needed training for the battles to come, as the Alliance had to hit the Confederacy soon, or the war would be lost.

A message from Lord Hemorzzin appeared on his Datapad, he opened it........

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"Jutt Locasta's aide has just sent a message, ma'am." Lieutenant Tollor called to Kualan who turned once more from where she stood, talking to a navigations officer, to face the Mon Calamari.

"What is it Lieutenant?"

"She says that the negoiations will not take place for a few more days, and probably will be delayed over another week or so." Tollor told her.

"So we're stuck here for that long?" Kualan asked, causing Tollor to nod.

"So be it," she said, turning back to the navigations officer, "Plot a course for Yaga Minor, we may aswell do something constructive instead of waiting around here."

"Aye, Admiral." The officer said, as he punched in the co-ordinates.

"Shall I call for other vessels to meet us at Yaga Minor?" Tollor called from across the bridge.

"This is just a reconnaisance mission, Lieutenant. There'll be no need for other ships." Kualan told her, as she turned to the engine technician.

"Engage the hyperdrive."

The technician turned to a small row of other crewmembers and said,

"Engage the hyperdrive."

The row of crewmembers each pulled a large lever down and pressed two buttons each, and Kualan turned to her small command podium in the center of the bridge.

Standing behind it, she unlocked the top of the podium and opened the small 'door' on it. Inside was a large button-swtich. Pressing down, she then turned the switch, and the Ulysses began to lurch forward, till it suddenley surged forwards at the speed of light.


Some time later, in the outer-atmosphere of Yaga Minor, the Ulysses suddenley appeared from the uncertain abyss of light-speed.

"Do an immediate scan for vessels." Kualan ordered Tollor

"Commencing scan now, ma'am." he replied, pressing the appropriate buttons.

"Ensign," Kualan addressed one of the other officers, "Make sure the guns are manned, just in case things are less-than-pleasant here."

"Yes ma'am." The officer saluted and walked out of the bridge to see that the order was done.

Kualan returned to her command podium, and began looking out to the Yaga Minor System, and noticed several blips in the distance.

"Lieutenant, what are those?" she asked Tollor, pointing our the blips.

"The scan result is just coming through...." he replied, before saying a few seconds later, "......seems to be the Yaga Minor Home Fleet, ma'am."

"Send a message to them. I can't stand niceties, Lieutenant, so be blunt and inform them that High Admiral Kualan of the Confederate Navy requests information on what has happened here." Kualan ordered.

"Message sent, ma'am." Tollor informed her.

Thought I'd get our characters interacting Friend of Old

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Very kind Kiev, but I'd have thought that you'd prefer the 'Corulag Bombard' stroyline

Yaga Minor

Lorris stared out of the viewscreen of the newly aquired flagship, Beacon was a Crusader. Increduility washed over Lorris. How dare these people trespass on holy ground, but he'd humour them, oh he'd humor them.

"Send the Inquisitors, block their path, but don't frighten them" he ordered the flight commander, who then issued orders to his subordinates. Lorris stroked his beard and sqinted at the ship, they would lose in a fight, but it had to be cleasened. "Open channels, I'll talk to them" Lorris ordered.

He didn't really reply, he just sent a pre-recorded message and went to his boarding vessel.

A troop of his best men went with him, white capes swirling in spleandour as the rabble just gawped at their supreme, overawing presence. They all marched onto the bridge, where they finnally met some small resistance, a band had cobbled around their leader.

"You asked us to explain what had happened at Yaga Minor, I'll tell you. It has been cleasened and joined the grand crusade. Are you willing, or do we have to do this foribly?"

Sorry all I've got time for

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"Stranger, I ordered my men to stand down when you boarded this ship, but that does not give you the right to march onto my bridge and presume you have some form of control here." Kualan told the robe-wearing newcomer.

"I do not know of this 'Grand Crusade' of which you speak, nor will I join it. As far as I am concerned, you are dealing with an official representative of the Confederacy of the Core Worlds, and you will do well to remember it." she added.

"Admiral, shall we remove these men from the bridge now?" the leader of a large group of Confederate soldiers who had entered the bridge asked.

"Not now, Sergeant," Kualan told him, before facing the leader of the 'invaders' once more,

"I wish for you to inform me more of this....'crusade'..... and in a civilised manner if you please."

Before anyone else could speak, a nearby console bleeped and the person sat at it, Lieutenant Tollor, spoke up, saying,

"A Naval Squadron is on its way Admiral."

"A Naval Squadron?" the leader of the boarders questioned.

"If you come uninvited onto the flagship of the High Admiral of the Confederate Navy, then you should expect a form of resistance. You will stand down and remove yourselves from this ship and return to your own, where we can continue discussions via holo-link, or I shall be forced to remove you forcibly myself." Kualan told the leader, a hint of menace in her voice.

The Confederate soldiers at the door of the bridge click their blasters from Stun to Kill. Lieutenant Tollor and the other bridge-crew drew blasters.

"I hope you are a wise man." Kualan added.

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"This audience is concluded. Please return to your respective habitations." With that, the remaining crowd of petitioners and well-wishers was dispersed by the guards. Xim quickly left his throne and began walking down the ornate corridors, talking to Imperious. "Imperious, where currently are our esteemed amabassadors?" "The Thyferran ambassador is in his quarters. The Confederate ambassador has not even bothered to land, they have departed."

Xim shook his head. "Impatient individuals." Moving aside a brilliant Eriadu painting, Xim uncovered a keypad and enetered a 30 digit code. Quickly slipping into the small passage that revealed itself, Xim enteredthe security complex. "Master, Supreme Commander Kast has returned from Taris, presumeably with news of victory." Xim smiled. "Finally some good news. Have him escorted here immedietely."

Higlark shortly was escorted into the brightly lit command center and seated himself in his usualy position. "Greetings My'Lord." he said, bowing his head in reverance. "I bring you proud news. Taris now lies under the heel of Eriadu. The former Prime Minister of Taris is being held on the Ajudicator in orbit over the planet, awaiting your instructions." Xim nodded enthusiastically. "I am most pleased to hear of this success. You shall be commended as usual." Higlark bowed his head "I am most pleased to hear that."

Imperious interrupted. "Sir, the ambassador has left is quarters and is currently in the garden." "Ambassadors?" Higlark queried. "WYes, there are two ambassadors here, one from the Thyferran Alliance, the other from the Confederacy requeting our help in their war." Imperious interrupted again. "The Confederate flagship has left Eriadu space and is headed out of the Outer RIm." "Where was it headed" Higlark asked. "It's heading indicates it was heading for Yaga Minor."

Higlark nodded. "The Confederates have some delaings in the Middle Rim do they? I intend to find out what that is as soona s they return." Xim nodded. "A wise course. In the meantime, provide your men with shore leave and bonuses. They deserve it." After Higlark left, Imperious spoke again. "Master, have you considered my proposal?" Xim nodded. "Yes, I have." "I have even found a planet where this might be done. Kashyyyk." A holo-display appeared in the center of the table, showing the galaxy. The camera then zoomed in progressively until a green world came into view. "It's indeginous Wookie populations would make excellent labor."

"I shall have to consider it. But what of your army?" The computer seemed almost embarassed. "The design is still a failure. The combat droids are unable to hold a charge long enough to even be effective as guards." Xim sighed. "I am sure you will find a solution." The computer was silent. "Master, I have prepared for you a sumptuous feast of Canabrian wine, roast Cantambrian meat, along with a delightful selection of vegetable and spices, sure to provide a-" "I am venturing a guess Imperious, you have been observing the cooking programs on the holo-net" "Yes master, I have."

Xim sat down in his chair. "Please show me the dining hall on the monitor Imperious" Xim said, his voice in a deadpan. "Are you sure you don't wish to immedietely go down to the dining hall?" the computer responded, his monotonic voice unchanging. "Yes, I am sure." "There appears to be a malfunction regarding the cameras. Perhaps I can lock it down..." Xim resigned in defeat and began striding down to the dining hall. After Imperious's refusal, he remembered what day it was today. "Today is the date of Arwen's birthday. She and her associates are awaiting me in the dining hall... Why couldn't we just take a walk in the garden?"

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Coruscant Underlevels

Tionax watched from the roof as security police surveyed his handiwork. Gesturing at the bodies, they look up and down the alley with looks of dismay on their faces. They were completely oblivious to the fact that the criminal they sought was watching them from above. Tionax looked to the fist sized rock in his hand, and decided to let them in on the secret.

He threw it as hard as he could, hitting one of the officers in the back of the neck, paralysing him. He collapsed, gasping for air. His compaion could only watch helplessly as the life drained out of his friend. Drawing his blaster, he looked up, only to be hit in the face with a blaster bolt.

Now it was really time to leave, Coruscant Security would be all over this place in a few minutes, and thus far Tionax had been able to avoid being depicted in newsvids; a feat which he would like to see continue. His superiors in the brotherhood had directed him to stay anonymous, but beyond that to do what he pleased. Aeler Darkvold himself had directed him to do this, something that should be awe inspiring, but to Tionax was just a directive from someone who liked to think he was superior.

Around the corner, the Loaded Blaster, a seedy pub, was getting ready to open for the night. Already there was a long line of patrons outside, waiting for entry. Tionax knew the owner, and so never had to wait in line. Instead, he went in a secret back entrance to the staff lounge.

At a small table, a group of humans were playing cards. One of them stood as he entered, his hand reaching for his blaster. Tionax twitched, a blade spinning into the blaster and knocking it from the man's hand. The man reached for his own blade.

"Don't bother, Vance, he'll tear you apart with his bare hand," said one of the humans who had remained seated.
"Mahillia," said Vance, nodding and returning to his seat.
"I heard someone took apart a couple of Ranats in the alley a few blocks from here," said the man who had cautioned Vance.
"And a couple of Security police," said Tionax, taking the only empty seat, "you should know not to read too much into these rumors, Frost. They never get the body count right."
"Right. Tionax, this is Abbey," said Frost, indicating the final and only female occupant of the table.

Tionax put his hand on her should, trying to get a reaction. She grabbed his hand and twisted it in front of her. He rolled with it, spinning her and slamming her back into the table.

"Nice to meet you, sweetheart," he said.
"Damn," said Vance, moving back slightly.

Abbey regained her seat, looking murderous. The game was about to start again, when there were shouts from the entrance to the club. Tionax and Frost went to investigate. At the front of the line, a wookie was making life difficult for the bouncer, holding him by the throat and growling. Tionax walked out and grabbed the wookie by its chin-fur.

"Back off, furball," he growled, staring into its eyes.

The wookie chuffed and swung its paw at Tionax's head. With his freehand, he stopped the blow, catching the wookie's arm and twisting it behind its back. The wookie howled in pain. Grinning manically, Tionax's ripped the wookie's arm from its socket. Spinning and kicking the wookie in the chin, he sent it flying to the ground.

"Wookie's aren't the only creatures that can rip people's arms from their sockets," said Tionax, spitting on the ground at the wookie's feet.

The wookie growled something as Tionax walked away. He turned and within a second was kicking the wookie in the head again, snapping its neck.

"Can I walk away yet?" he muttered to the corpse.
"Nice," said Frost, "c'mon we have a game to play."

Frost stopped to say something to the bouncer, and a few moments later a group of men dragged the dead wookie away. Tionax and Frost returned to the back room.

"Think you've seen everything, Vance," said Frost.
"Pretty much, yeah," replied Vance.
"Ever seen a wookie get beat up by a human?"
"That's not possible."
"There's a dead wookie out the front that disagrees with you. Tionax ripped its arm out of its socket."
"Damn," muttered Abbey.
"You never had a chance sweetheart," said Tionax with a smile.
"Maybe. Aren't you going to remove your goggles?"

Tionax smiled to himself and raised his goggles. Abbey stared for a moment, transfixed at the sight of his glowing silver eyes.

"The price you pay for 20/20 night vision," said Frost.
"But why? Why would you do that?"
"When you get sent to a slam where they tell you you'll never see daylight again you take steps to make sure you can survive. This was one of them," replied Tionax.
"Anyway, its good you came by now, we have a job," interrupted Frost.
"Oh yeah, what is it."
"We're hitting the vault of the Reapers. They killed a couple of our staff members the other day, and we need to let them know that we're not to be messed with."
"Sounds like fun, I'm in."
Frost laughed, "yeah thats what I thought you'd say."
"Come on," said Abbey, "lets mingle with the simple folk."
"No thanks," said Vance, "I'm gonna turn in early."
"Fine, you guys?" she said.
"Sure," said Tionax and Frost.

They entered the main bar area and got themselves a booth, before getting down to drinking most of the spirits on offer.

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OOC: I don't mind saying, excellent post Kyp
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Floating, ever floating, Racar drifted down the currents of the Force. He drifted through the current of the Jedi, and that of the Sith. He floated down hundreds more, ans waged a hundred battles and philisophical debates. And then...

A jolt shook the ship. Rackar jumped to the controls. He saw the exit of hyperspace, and the jewel of Ossus. He quickly dove toward the surface, dodging around. He landed, and murdered the guards. He started to walk towards the Jedi temple...

Rackar wacthed as the younglings trained. He moved around the temple, wacthing other jedi train. He was bored by it all. Nothing had changed, all the training was the same. He jumped down a couple of levels, and then heard a voice...

" Hey, what are you doing.", a Jedi said.
" Leave if you know what is good for you. The Light is but one path, so I shall use it and the Dark. Leave, or die Jedi.", Rackar warned the Jedi. A green lightsaber was the answer...

Rackar thrust forward, then went into a high guard to block an overhand strike. He jumped backwards, and let a blast of lightning. The Jedi jumped, but Rackar followed, and let out another blast. The Jedi deflected this with his saber, and lunged forward. Rackar tripped the Jedi, and decapitated him. He had learned all he needed too...

When he got back to the landing pad, his ship was a scorch mark on the duracrete pad...

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OOC: I messed up in my last post, it was Jens that should revieve the message, not Jiuan, but let's just say he did.

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Persia, Ambassador Locasta is still on Eriadu. High Admiral Kualan left to investigate the Yaga Minor incident since she deemed the Ulysses would just be lying around for the next for the next week or so, but she left Locasta and his aides on-planet. Sorry for the confusion.

EDIT: First part of your post seems to state Locasta has gone, and the second half indicates he is on Eriadu. *shrug*

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Name: Rythinius Kleibent
Occupation: Chancellor of the Confederacy Core Worlds
Bio: Ruling with an iron fist and a will of steel, Kleibent does not expect failure, nor is he used to it. Those under his control admire his prestige and at the same time fear his wrath. He is most certainly not one to let a mistake fly, let alone have the committer live.

Word spread like darkness, tiny rumor after rumor trickling its way through the ears and mouths of all wise enough to hear it.Through this day its very existence remains mythed,its origin unclear, remembered only by few. Silence kept it hidden, legend kept it alive, darkness kept it feared. The true might of the skies; the Supreme Air Power....

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Jedi Master Taechor Tiin and his Padawan apprentice, Seena Litasha, were racing from the training chambers of the Temple to where the burning remains of an intruder's ship was laying. The Temple alarms had gone off, warning all Jedi in the building that something was wrong.

Master Junitti had found the dead Jedi whose head had been removed neatly from his body. He communicated to Master Tiin through the comlinks on their wrists,

"We're at the scene now," Master Junitti's voice came from the comlink on Tiin's wrist, "By what we can tell, it was Knight Kitaral."

"Curses," Tiin replied, speaking into the comm as Seena scanned the immediate area, "We've found the intruder's vehicle, the Temple turrets have taken care of it."

"Any sign of the intruder himself?" Junitti asked.

"None yet....but I sense...." Tiin suddenley shut off the comlink and called upon the Force, revealing to him the intruder, a yellow-lightsaber wielding human.

Seena ignited her lightsaber, its blue glow enlightening her face in the dark hangar chamber, and said in a stern tone,

"Master, what shall we do?"

Master Tiin ignited his own, green blade, and called out to intruder,

"Surrender, breacher of our laws. You cannot escape us here."

The man, his yellow-blade sparkling light a golden flame from where he stood, said nothing to them in response.

"I shall give you one more chanc-----" Tiin was cut off from finishing by the sudden fusion of Force Lightning surging towards him and Seena from the intruder's fingertips.

Tiin blocked the electricity as it collided with his blade, but Seena was not so lucky, as the sheer force of the Lightning knocked her blue saber from her hands, and she was hit full-on by the surge.

"Seena!" Tiin leapt to the side, placing his lightsaber between Seena and the Lightning, but allowing himself to be hit in the process.

He endured it for a long while, till Seena regained her lightsaber and began blocking the Dark-Lightning herself, this time prepared for the blast.

"So!" Tiin called to the intruder as he began deflecting the Lightning, "You use the Dark Side?"

"I use whatever I need to." came the intruder's reply.

"I think I have heard of you....." Tiin trailed off, before adding, ".....Rackar isn't it? Rackar Fendad? I remember hearing of you from the Masters of the Dantooine Enclave."

The Lightning stopped, and Fendad stared at the two Jedi, who had the lightsabers at the ready.

Your move Pacifica Just bear in mind, Tiin is a skilled member of the Jedi Council

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Confederate Fueling Outpost 4820(M)-9242

The Intrepid's main cannons opened fire, and the moment the crimson lasers hit their target, the main fuel tank, a four kilometer tall flame erupted from it and fried a pair of Confederate frigates placed above it.

"This is Vice Admiral Stark, prepare for Hyperspace, we'll meet at Point Eleven." Jiuan ordered.

The raid on CFO 4820(M)-9242 had been successfull; fuel supply in the entire sector was going to drop to below 60%, which would limit Confederate activities for the rest of the month at least, and it had only cost him a pair of Imperators.

As the Alliance warships dropped into Hyperspace, Jiuan allowed himself to slide into his comfortable command chair.

Another local victory for the Alliance, but if the strategic victories would stay away forever, the war would be lost.

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Hey Everyone I am still away but managed to run away to a computer for a bit, and I have a small complaint...

I know I haven't been here to state this but I thought it was known by you all. Since this takes place before the Old Republic the Jedi Temple is NOT on Coruscant. Instead it is on the planet of Ossus, so for those of you who have been writing other wise just know that there is no temple on Coruscant.

Okay so lets say there are a few Jedi Enclaves around. Will say they are on Couscant, Dantooine, Corellia, Ilum, and Naboo. The Main Jedi Temple is stationed on Ossus. On Ossus is where the leading Jedi Council rules that controls the whole order, while each enclave has a sub council that controls that enclave. Andora and Terag are part of the main Jedi Council on Ossus, and thus considered some of the most powerful masters in the order. Each council has 3-6 members, the current council on Ossus has six.

If you could tell us which council Tiin is part of that would be great Keiv!

They were everywhere, they poured over anything in their way. Like a flood they washed over us all, swept over us as if we were nothing," the old lady whispered, her eyes growing wide as she remembered the horror of the past, "Planets fell, the Jedi crumbled, but we still defeated them and drove them back. But it was not enough, they have returned, they have come once again. The Bando Gora live.

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I posted the stats for Tiin and Seena in the sign-up thread, DSF, and they have been added to the main post.

Appologies about the Temple situation, I will edit my posts to show them on Ossus, and I'm sure Pacifica will do the same

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