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Modifications & Maps
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Topic Subject: Mod Help/FAQ/Central
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posted 02-11-06 09:53 AM EDT (US)   
Mod Help/FAQ/Central Thread

»Mod Help
As modding for Empire At War grows, a help thread becomes essential. Ask any modification questions here. These questions can be anything related to Empire At War modification, not solely graphical editing. I will also be including an FAQ database of all the questions asked for later reference.

Before going of in a rant about "How do I mod?", I shall soon be releasing some tutorials (hopefully). At the moment there arn't many out by other people, however those which I know of are linked in Mod Central at the bottem. If you know of any links to add to Mod Central, please post a link and title to them and I'll get them up right away!

»Mod FAQ

How do I get access to the files?
There are a three ways I currently recommend:

Can I add or edit models?
At the moment, no. EAW uses .ALA/.ALO file endings for it's models. Untill someone creates an importer for 3dStudio Max or another modeling program, adding or editing models will not be possible.

Can I add or change textures?
Yes! All file endings are .dds and won't load on standard graphic editing software without a plugin. Nvidia Have a very nice selection of plugins/tools for editing these files however. This is currently the only thing that graphic designers can currently edit.

»Mod Central

EAW File Types | By Tibmaker (EAWNexus)
Skinning - Basic Hull Plating | By Tibmaker (EAWNexus)
Saving transparency to DDS | By TibMaker (EAWNexus)
Basic Wood Texturing | By TibMaker (EAWNexus)
Mod Team Breakdown | By TibMaker (EAWNexus)
Editing Demo Textures | By CapitanProton (FileFront)
Modding for Newbies - Full Game | Lord Bodin
How to Change the Color of a Single Unit | Atomic_Slash
EAW Engine List | Sirus Fettp

Demo Specific Tutorials
Enabling the Retreat | Cain (PetroFan Forums)
Enabling Planets | MajorPayne (PetroFan Forums)
Editing Demo Data Files | Technical Difficulties
Modding for Newbies | Lord Bodin

EAW Tools
EAW Mod Manager | Quickshot14 (PetroFan Forums)
EAW Extractor | Dante (Renevo)
MEG Extractor | Kaelic
DAT Viewer | Dante (Renevo)
ALO Model Viewer

Useful Free Graphical Tools
Paint.Net (2D)
Gmax (3D)
Wings (3D)

Recommended Costly Graphical Tools
Studio Max 8 (3D)
Maya (3D)
Photoshop (2D)
Paint Shop Pro (2D)

Photoshop 7,CS,CS2 DDS Plugin
DDS Thumbnail Viewer
TGA Thumbnail Viewer
Microsoft .NET 2.0

»Finishing Off
Moderators - Feel free to update this thread when required, as I often am busy and unable to check. Thanks!

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posted 12-27-06 09:52 AM EDT (US)     51 / 88  
Or, assuming you copy of windows is legit, you could go here and then go to downloads and trials on the little menu at the right-hand side of the screen.
posted 12-30-06 11:49 PM EDT (US)     52 / 88  
So... hmm. What will the framework do to my computer? I dont want too downlaod it if its gonna screw up a bunch of stuff...

Boba Fettuccini
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posted 01-01-07 06:23 PM EDT (US)     53 / 88  
.NET Framework doesn't screw up your PC. It makes it better.

Don't be sad it happened, be happy it's over.
posted 01-01-07 09:37 PM EDT (US)     54 / 88  
...what exactly does it do?

Another question: I got Star Wars: Best Of PC for xmas. It includes EAW. The EAW map editor will not work with it, claiming that 'This is not compatible edition of EAW.'

Is there evr going to be a version of the map editor that will work with BOPC?

Boba Fettuccini
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posted 01-02-07 11:43 AM EDT (US)     55 / 88  
For your first question, .NET Framework is an SDK that allows programmers to easily create Windows Aplications (.exe files)

As for your second question, i'm not sure, depends on what version of EAW (1-1.4) is included in the pack. Any version lower than 1.4 won't work with the map editor. But if it's up-to-date, then i have no idea.

posted 01-03-07 00:45 AM EDT (US)     56 / 88  
To further the results of my question:

WOuld parents who don't like the settings on their computer changed, and yell at their son for intigrating a windows photo tool into the right click menu be mad about me getting the .net framwok?

Boba Fettuccini
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Slow dancing is more fun when you treat it like bumper cars. - Music, Comics, and a Really Swell Guy
posted 01-09-07 05:49 PM EDT (US)     57 / 88  
Doubtfully. It isn't physically manifest anywhere, like the tool bar or the start menu. Thus, chances are they wont notice it, especially if you download it to an obscure location.

A R C c a p t a i n
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posted 01-10-07 08:06 PM EDT (US)     58 / 88  
no worries, I'm getting my own pc this weekend, so now it dont matter.

Boba Fettuccini
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Slow dancing is more fun when you treat it like bumper cars. - Music, Comics, and a Really Swell Guy
posted 02-11-07 12:52 PM EDT (US)     59 / 88  
Hmm...I've noticed how all of the "how do I install a mod" questions are being ignored (an if they aren't sufficient answers are not given). You guys really don't have a tutorial here on installing mods (only makin them, really) and if there is one, It is a bit wordy. I have the Mod Manager, and .Net, and all I want to know is how to get the mod to show up on the Manager's list so I can activate it. I've tried putting the mod folder into one of the .CAT folders, but it didn't work. Any ideas??
posted 03-11-07 08:00 AM EDT (US)     60 / 88  
Hey, I have a question. I'm trying to make it so that the Empire can bring Acclamators into land battles, does anyone know how I would achieve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Don't be sad it happened, be happy it's over.
posted 03-14-07 07:04 PM EDT (US)     61 / 88  
{Ignore, I found teh answer.}

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posted 03-23-07 11:20 AM EDT (US)     62 / 88  
Why is there no help in how to install XML or MODS that you download from this EAWH? I downloaded an XML (Plants) file and that's all I got, now what do I do with it. I downloaded the Mod Manager and it always tells me "File path error" and I know it's the right path.

Could someone take me through step by step in how to install an Plants.XML file so I can play it in the game.

Also, does it matter what mode you are playing the game in Campaign or skirmish or whatever, to be able to use the XML file?

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posted 03-29-07 05:14 PM EDT (US)     63 / 88  
The Mod Manager has nothing to do with installing XML's.
When you download a XML file, go to your gamedata folder, and create a folder called "XML" if you don't already have one. Put the XML file in that folder. Then place the DAT file (if one was included) in the TEXT folder also under gamedata, overwriting the current one. The mod should then work, unless there's an error in the XML file.
Weather or not the changes work in skirmish mode depends on what lines was edited in the XML file. The readme included in the modpack should theoretically list all the changes in the mod and in what modes.

A R C c a p t a i n
"Excuses are like noses. Everyone has them"-Tom Cavanaugh
posted 04-09-07 04:49 AM EDT (US)     64 / 88  
Ok, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I recently started modding EAW. I wanted to change the sounds that Home One makes when it is selected. I opened the XML document "Sfxeventsunitsrebelheroes.xml" and found the area that i wanted to modify and added this


so now it looks something like this...

"<Samples>U000_ACK0101_ENG.wav Data\Audio\SFX\Weareatwar.wav U000_ACK0102_ENG.wav U000_ACK0103_ENG.wav U000_ACK0104_ENG.wav..."

The only minor success i had was that Home One skips a sound during its cycle of selection sound effects, so it is at least reading the fact that I want another sound in there, but it will not play the sound I want it to play... here is the situation:
YES - I put the .wav file in the data\audio\sfx folder
YES - the new sound that i want to play is in the right format
YES - I tried doing the same thing to a non-hero unit, and got the same results.
YES - I am frustrated and out of ideas. If anyone has had success in editing sounds in EAW please please please offer me a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how it can be done...

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posted 04-11-07 10:38 PM EDT (US)     65 / 88  
I don't know if we're including information on FoC mods here, and I don't see a place in these forums for any kind of FoC discussion (unless they're all for both EaW and FoC).

But anyway, if this is relevant here, Z3r0x has released a new version of his FoC addon mod. I've played almost all other FoC mods available on FileFront, and this one - in my opinion - is by far the best.

The link is here:;77903

The quality of work is top notch. It's not just another warlords mod with new units and new heroes - it's got:

--- A much-improved AI.

--- Buildable shipyards at relevant planets.

--- Some units can only be built on certain planets (beyond what the shipyards provide), making such planets very desirable for certain factions. It's a HUGE strategic point in the gameplay.

--- Many independent factions with their own, unique units, including the Corellians, the Corporate Sector Authority, the Naboo, the Mandalorians, the Vong, and more.

--- New GC maps, including two with only the Rebellion and Empire playable (meaning no sabotages!)

--- Over 100 new units, several new heroes, with all new abilities never before seen in the game. There are units from the Episode I era all the way through to the Extended Universe. The new units have all new models, not just re-hashes of old ones. Find descriptions of the new units - and where they can be constructed - here.

This is a full version release, so no previous versions are necessary for installation. Simply download, unzip, and read the readme file to get started. Installation time is about 10 minutes. The difference in the gaming experience is immeasurable.

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posted 05-16-07 02:16 AM EDT (US)     66 / 88  
can someone tell me how to give Palpitine his own ship when he enters a space battle?
posted 06-21-07 03:28 PM EDT (US)     67 / 88  
Is there a way to edit Hero's Stats like their HP? I've tried to find the Hero's Hp in the Heroscompany XML but there's nothing, please help.
posted 06-23-07 02:29 PM EDT (US)     68 / 88  
Question I have extracted the Config.MEG file and made a few changes but they won't show up in campaign mode even when I started a new campaign.

How exactly do I get them to work? (I just patched it to 1.5)
posted 09-23-07 04:21 AM EDT (US)     69 / 88  
1 questoin how do you install mods on foc? in the readme stands maps what wheren't in the game at all. some must i create maps or something like it
posted 11-08-07 08:08 PM EDT (US)     70 / 88  
By the look of things we need massive updates here, such as how to add units in both FOC and the original EaW. In addition to modification of units themselves such as creating hardpoints and other stuff like that...
posted 12-30-07 06:25 AM EDT (US)     71 / 88  
Help please,

I've tried to make a space map for FOC and when I try to play it says that I need at least one player on each side. The problem is that I can't select a different team (eg. Team 1 Consortium and Team 2 Empire).

The game is updated with the latest patch and I've put on that map all that is needed for that map to work (or at least I thought so...)

If anyone know what's the problem please tell me.

Thank you.
posted 04-14-08 04:02 PM EDT (US)     72 / 88  
i have just one question.. is this for forces of corruption or just EAW???
posted 04-22-08 09:04 PM EDT (US)     73 / 88  
I've got a question that's probably stupid and noob-ish to you guys, but bear with.
I'm semi-familiar with modding this game. I can make basic changes to units, add them to a starbase's build list, crap like that. What I'd like to know is.. can I take one unit's ability and just copy/paste it into another unit, and expect it to work?
Say I want to give a Tartan Patrol Cruiser the Defend ability.. would that work? Can I just past the "Unit Ability" section into the cruiser's section (under "unit abilities," obviously), or is there something more that needs to be done?

I thank you ahead of time for your patience and help.
posted 04-22-08 10:21 PM EDT (US)     74 / 88  
I also got a question, I got the Map Editor but every time I try to test it it says "StarWars game process could not be initialized..."

It does this EVERY time.

I have the Spawn points and that stuff.... but why won't it work!? D:???
posted 07-11-08 02:01 AM EDT (US)     75 / 88  
Are there any EAW Map Editor Tutorials on this site?
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