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Topic Subject: Rebel Land Tactics
posted 06-23-09 09:06 PM EDT (US)   
I know that A lot of people play as Imperial forces.
I would like some opinions on Rebel infantry tactics!!!
posted 07-04-09 11:33 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Alright, here are some:


> Rebel infantry can be killed by being stepped on or run over by the imperial walkers and the TIE mauler
> Capable of capturing build pads.
> Strong against Stormies and weak against TIE maulers and scout troopers.

Alright going off of that, I'd say the best stratagey for defending is to surround them with Anti-Vehicle turrets. This way, the Maulers and Walkers will be destroyed faster so you don't lose so man of them. It's also a good idea the have a few Plex platoons nearby. Don't worry about infantry turrets. The Empire doesn't have any rocket soldiers, so the turrets and soldiers should cut them down quickly.

Another one for defense is to keep them by turbolaser towers. I have had three plaoon of rebels facing at least twenty AT-STs and TIE maulers with a couple stormie platoons thrown in and won with the towers and the barracks still intact.

This on goes for offense and/or defense. Have them rush the reinforcement points. By taking these, you limit the number of enemy troops and take the build pads that are usually nearby. Also, you control some of the routs to your base.


> Best used in a joint assault with infantry.
> Cannot capture Build pads and buildings.
> Strong against other troopers and other vehicles

TB-4 Tanks and MPTL artillery can run over troopers, so if you don't have time to deploy the artillery, which it does this when you tell it to attack a close by stormie platoon, just run the soldiers over The tank can continue to fire at the soldiers shooting at it, which is more effective if it's firing rockets.

Try to keep them away from Anti-Vehicle turrets. Have the Plex soldiers destroy them first, then bring in the artillery.

Artillery fire is the best weapon to use when the enemy is coming at you down a road or a narrow passage way. Just deploy them and let loose.

That's all for now.

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