posted 11-21-06 09:28 PM EDT (US)   
Yes, heavengames, the new EaW expnsion pack Forces of Corruption is out! Play as Tyber Zann in his quest to corrupt the galaxy, using bribery, piracy, and extortion!

Here's a guide to help you maximize your options when playing this game:

Part 1: Corruption in General

Corruption is the basis for all of the Zann Consortium's efforts throughout the galaxy. Different planets give you, the player, different corruption options. More importantly, some options unlock more advanced ones, such as Bribery and Corrupt Militia.

But we'll get to that later. For now, let's focus on the core of any corrupt planet: The Defiler.

Part 2: Defilers

Defilers are brain-washed commandos, similar to the Rebel Infiltrators on land battles. But in Galactic Conquest, so much more.

Defilers are the main causes of corruption in the galaxy. They are a costly 1,000 credits to train, but they are more than worth it in the long run. Click and drag a Defiler (On its own!) to the Spread Corruption slot next to any planet in the galaxy accessable to you. A list of corruption options will open up, allowing you to choose.

Corruption List:

Intimidation (Land Tactical Battle): Permenantly removes the benefits of the selected planet. This corruption option unlocks the Racketeering option.

Piracy (Space Tactical Battle): A new enemy ship is available for the Zann Consortium to purchase. This corruption option unlocks the Black Market and Slavery options.

Kidnapping (Land Tactical Battle): Grants the Zann Consortium a large credit bonus. This corruption option unlocks the Bribery option.

Racketeering: The Zann Consortium's credit flow increases.

Bribery: An enemy base no longer produces garrison units during tactical battles. The Zann Consortium is warned of enemy fleet movements ahead of time. This corruption option unlocks the Corrupt Militia option.

Corrupt Militia: Any indigenous units on the planet will ally themselves with the Zann Consortium during land tactical battles. If corruption is removed fro the planet, then the local populace will revolt and the system will become neutral.

Black Market: The Zann Consortium has access to outlawed technology to purchase with either Tyber Zann, Urai Fen, or Silri.

Slavery: The indigenous population from a planet is available for recruitment to the Zann Consortium.

Now that you've got the gist on corruption in FoC, it's time for you to test your knowledge in the game! May the Force be with you!