posted 02-12-12 09:05 AM EDT (US)   
Hey guys,

just changed the A-wing model by another model, just to test how it works.
But unfortunatly it doesn´t seem to work very good. If game is started, A-wing can still be built, but all info on unit is missing, but model still is A-wing. Can anyone help me.

I followed part of the beginners tutorial on forum at everythingeaw.
I have to say, unlike in the tutorial, I only have 1 .alo file. So no .dds, or .tga files.
Since A-wing has no hardpoints, didnt change that file

I replaced the A-wing totaly, so in gameobjectfiles nothing had to be changed either (I suppose)

I have to say, the way it is explained in the tutorial chapter "XII: Dat file & mtd file", I dont really get what they mean. suppose this is where it is going wrong.