posted 11-01-09 11:50 PM EDT (US)   
Now, the words "proper" and "Guerrilla" rarely seem to go together. However, If there's one thing I've noticed about playing against the Rebels is that nobody ever seems to fight smart.

Now, I love playing campaigns. There's something about the whole grand strategy that makes the small battles worth while. When I order my Star Destroyers to lay waste to a rebellious fleet with volleys of turbolasers and bombers...Oh, be still my beating heart!

But there's something unsatisfying about it when the Rebel fleets crumple so easily, so early in the game. So, I began playing as the Rebels to help create a strategy that can beat Imperial fleets with ease, and I believe I've done it. The answer is classic guerrilla warfare.

Now, I've always believed that the Imperials have the advantage in terms of space combat early on. They don't need to create their own fighters and bombers, which means they can be relentless and dog rebel fleets across the map. The rebel fleets only get really dangerous until they get mon cal cruisers. Until then, they need to survive and focus on defending their planets, where they can get support from space stations and Ion cannons.

But you can't just defend the whole time. So, how do you attack with a weaker fleet and succeed? The answer is coordinated slash attack.

First, build a fleet. It doesn't have to be the best you can get, but good enough to take on Star Destroyers for a few tough battles.

Second, build a raiding force. three infiltrators, one rebel commander, Kenobi, Han and Chewie would be ideal. A force of this group can take any planet without ever having to fight a space battle. It's a lot of resources, but It'll be worth it.

Now you strike. Use the rebel ability to raid to bypass Imperial space defenses. The rebel raider should be able to take the planet and destroy the space statoin above.

Without the space station providing support, most Imperial defense fleets will be vulnerable, or nonexistant. Your own fleet can stroll in and secure orbit. Then, shuttle your raiders back into orbit and move on to the next planet.

Most players have "perimeter" planets that are heavily defended, and "interior" planets. These interior planets often hold the all important mining facilities. Go from Interior planet to Interior planet, raiding as you go. Don't bother trying to defend them. The Empire can move back in for free while you move on to their other planets.

Most of them will be poorly defended, as the Imperial fleets will be on the perimeter planets. The Imperial player will probably try to move these fleets back to a place to stop your rebel raiders from doing any more damage, thus drawing their attention away from your own planets.

Of course, getting back through the perimeter planets to your own lines could be problematic. As I generally have Solo or the Droids with the raiders, they can escape on their own if need be.

However, I also normally have Kenobi, two or three Infiltrators, and a Rebel commander along for the ride. Plus the Rebel fleet to clear orbits. Getting them out requires some finesse.

The only advice I can give is to either find a easily defended planet (like Endor, Polus, or Kashyyyk) and be a permanent thorn in the Empire's side, or fight your way out and live to fight another day.

However, by then your slash attack and guerrilla warfare should have crippled the Empire's economy. Without their big ships and vehicles to crush your planets, your own planets should now have fleets able to match or overwhelm Imperial fleets.

So, thet's how to win a campaign with the Rebels. I've used it several times with great success. So, if anyone ever wants to try it out, please friend me. I'd like to see someone try to counter it.