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Topic Subject: Special Abilities
posted 04-23-07 07:13 PM EDT (US)   
I had a few questions regarding apecial abilities in galactic conquest.

1) How do I use the neturalize hero ability?
2) Is it possible to Hinder / Prevent the rebels from "stealing" your tech?
3) Is it possible to spot a concealed unit in anyway? (GC)
4) How does the steal credits work, can this be prevented or hindered?

Thanks for any advice.

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posted 05-02-07 12:54 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
for question 1 how to use the nutralize hero ability just select a bounty hunter or boba fett (they must be on the three space slot over the planet) when your going to move the bounty hunter to another planet the nutralize hero slot will appears then just move the bounty hunter on it then a little window will appears then choose the hero to eliminate (for a price) then the hero is dead and the bounty hunter disappears exept for boba fett who will come back after some time for question 2 it is almost impssible to stop the rebels to steal tech but there ia a trick on each planet you have a major hero (ex:dark vader) there will de a medal (green color for you red for the enemy)under the name of the planet just put your mouse on it and you see the hero on the plenet so use a bounty hunter where C3PO-R2D2 is and they wont steal thec for a while.for question 3 i dunno for question 4 just do the same thing like the bounty hunter but put the smuggler on the steal credit slot and since smuggler are minor hero take a bounty hunter to kill them and where a emeny summugler is you will see a credit minus sign
under the name of one of your planet .

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posted 05-03-07 07:54 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
As for question three, I believe you can spot concealed units if you have one of those early detection radars or sensor arrays or something like that. I'm also assuming that you mean units that can move around the galaxy map without causing battles.

Proudly WS.

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