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Topic Subject: Reverse Engineering SWEAW: FOC
posted 06-07-22 10:07 PM EDT (US)   
Greetings, fellow humans.

I'm a Comp-Sci guy, so I've wanted to do something like this for a while, but here's the story. I love EAW, but saying that it runs poorly on modern processors is being generous. My goal with this project is to reverse engineer the FOC version of the game in the hopes that once I do I'll be able to add in multi-threading along with a couple other modifications.

I also hope to keep the game compatible with the unoptimized version, but ultimately that's secondary to actually finishing the thing.

That said, does anyone know of any tools that I might be able to use? It might save me a ton of time, so any help is appreciated.

This community looks pretty abandoned, but I figured I might as well poke the water.
posted 08-02-22 11:15 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Hello All_Seeing_Eye. First, kudos for the ambitious project. Unfortunately, as you probably noticed, EaWH is a bit lacking in human resources.

Basically, our existing Star Wars community saw little reason to depart from SWGBH, which is where you'll find most of our EaW players. I can also recommend the Expanding Fronts Discord, which has access to people beyond the Heavengames community. You can find the link here.,11890,,365

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