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As a registered member of HeavenGames, you are bound to our Code of Conduct whilst using our services. Part of this Code of Conduct covers the discussion of illegal means of acquiring games:


"Piracy" is the illegal copying and/or distribution of copyrighted content including, but not limited to, games, software, music, movies, pictures, ROMs, abandon-ware, and leaked software. "Cracks" are programs that disable copy-protection technology; "Multiplayer Hacks" are any programs, patches, files, modifications or information exposure cheats that allow a player to gain an unfair advantage over other human opponents in a multiplayer game; a "Key" is a combination of numbers and letters that is required for software installation and sometimes used to validate users for online play; and "Key-Generators" are programs that generate valid Keys.

You may not encourage, discuss, link to, or post in support of activities, methods, and/or techniques involving piracy, cracks, multiplayer hacks, keys and key-generators. In addition, the following are grounds for moderator action on your post and/or account:
Seeking help to create cracks, multiplayer hacks and key-generators
Seeking missing files that are supplied with installation CD(s)
Admitting to possess pirated materials, cracks, multiplayer hacks and key-generators
Admitting to distribute pirated materials, cracks, multiplayer hacks, keys and key-generators
Admitting to the use of cracks, multiplayer hacks and key-generators
Uploading any such files to HeavenGames sites

Generally breaking this rule will result in an instant permanent ban. However you may be given a warning for a first offence if, in our opinion, you are a new forumer who doesn’t understand why this is such a strict rule – this will be explained to you; any subsequent offences will result in a permanent ban.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in moderator action against you, which almost always entails a ban - often permanent. To put it simply: don't discuss anything illegal on our forums. If you have any questions regarding the legality of something you wish to post, please contact a moderator before posting it.

Also, if you plan to post a thread advertising your clan, your clan's site, or what have you, you must first contact a a staff member and ask them for permission to post a clan thread.

We thank you for your cooperation.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

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