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Empire at War Heaven » Units » Pirate Missile Soldier

Pirate Missile Soldier

Pirate Missile Soldier
Black Sun pirate mercenary armed with Plex rockets and is especially dangerous to vehicles and structures. 2 squads (of 3 soldiers each) per company.
This unit can capture reinforcement points, build pads and some structures.

Tactical Heath:30
Shield Points:0
Shield Refresh Rate:0 points/sec
Max/Min Attack Distance:210.0/0.0
Cost: credits

Strong Against
2-M Repulsor TankT2-B Tank

Weak Against
TIE MaulerScout TrooperRebel Soldier
Special Attributes


Take Cover: Take evasive maneuvers to reduce damage from enemy fire. While using evasive maneuvers, infantry move slowly.

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