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Empire at War Heaven » Units » Marauder Cruiser

Marauder Cruiser

Marauder Cruiser
Missile frigate armed with incredibly long ranged Diamond-Boron missiles able to inflict great damage. Suffers from low accuracy, weak armor, and poor maneuverability.

Tactical Heath:650
Shield Points:300
Shield Refresh Rate:12 points/sec
Cost:1800 credits
Build Time:15 seconds
Hyperspace Capable:Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed:1.8
Population Slots:2
Req. Space Station:Level 2

Strong Against
TIE fighterTIE bomber

Weak Against
Imperial Star DestroyerVictory CruiserAcclamator-class Cruiser
Special Attributes


Barrage Area: Continuously fires at a targeted area on the map. Enemy units caught in the targeted area will take significant damage. While barraging a destination, the unit cannot move.

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