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Crazed's Bio

About Me
My real name is Christian. I'm a pretty normal guy, with a few out-of-the-ordinary exceptions; for one, I'm homeschooled, and secondly, I am a clone of Mace. Well, not really, but for all intents and purposes, I might as well be. I'm 15 in March of 2006, and I'm of German-Irish descent. I live in Pennsylvania, United States of America, and things around here are pretty boring, what with the Amish and Meddonnites (who, surprisingly, drive with a lead foot).

On another note, I like country music, but I despise Tim McGraw. My formal job is cutting up celery to make into celery hearts, which I do in the infamous Lancaster county.


  1. My foremost interest is computing. I love building computers, and have made some money doing so. Though I am not a professional, I intend to go for my CompTIA A+ certification sometime this year. I also am a programmer; however, my list of qualifications isn't that great. I know PHP, HTML and CSS fluently, but am still a student in C++.
  2. Secondly, I am a total Star Wars nerd. However, I hate the Prequels, and the only worthy addition to the Saga is Revenge of the Sith (which isn't saying much, to be honest.)
  3. German! I love all languages (except Spanish - ugh), but I like German the most. With that said, in an attempt to get rid of the horrible corruption of the English language from my mind, I am a student of German, Latin and Pennsylvania German (Deitsch). German is, by far, my best language, though I'm still limited by that horrible English language!
  4. God is a huge influence on my life. I'm a conservative Lutheran; but don't worry, I'm not the kind that raves and raves until you get mad and wish I was off the face of the planet.
  5. Band...I play clarinet. That's, uh, about it.

Physical Info:
Brown hair, blue-green-hazel eyes, 5'7'', stuff like that.

HG Life:
I registered at Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven on June 18th, 2002, so I've been here for quite awhile. My original username was Crazed_Ewok, but I lost the password and email address (don't ask) that I had to it. Therefore, I re-registered under the name The Crazed Ewok.

After I became a moderator, I had my name changed to Crazed Ewok. I became an Angel a few weeks ago (from the writing of this page, which is Jan 21st). I'm on the Forum Moderation Team, which I consider to be one of the highest honors around. I hope to keep expanding in my HG life, and this is the third HeavenGames site for me to work on. In addition to here, I work at Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven (as I mentioned before) and Rome: Total War Heaven.