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AoErat's Bio

There isn't too much to say about me. I got my start at HeavenGames working as a moderator for the Age of Kings Heaven Modpack forum. Later I ran the modpack section of the same site. With Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds on the horizon, I began an independent website to cover the game, which was later merged into HeavenGames and now remains as SWGB Heaven. And now I'm here at the head of Empire at War Heaven.

Here's a few facts that you may or may not find interesting:

  • I enjoy metal music.
  • Star Wars is the only sci-fi I really enjoy.
  • I'm interested in medieval history.
  • In my spare time, I build armour.
  • I'm a member of the SCA.
  • I currently reside in New York though I may be found in Arizona upon occasion.
  • HeavenGames has had to deal with my presence for the last seven years.
  • I enjoy programming, particular the web-based variety.
  • My username is a result of the combination of two particular interests at the time when I made it. Unfortunately it is quite cemented into the HG community so I can't change it though I would like to.
  • I have one dog.
Feel free to message me via any of the contact methods listed on the staff page - I'm always glad to talk to visitors, whether it be about this website or other interests.