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Holocron Submission Guidelines

We welcome articles from anyone willing to contribute. However, to insure that they're of the proper quality, we have a few guidelines that must be obeyed for your article to be approved.

  1. Spell check your article before you submit it. It is important to send your article in with proper grammar and spelling. This saves our staff time that could be wasted spell-checking your article.
  2. Make sure your article isn't already posted. If there's a good article already covering soemthing you want to write about, don't write it. For instance, if someone wrote a huge summary on the Original Trilogy, don't write another one. However, you could write a more specific, in-depth article on just one movie.
  3. Your info must be valid and you should give credit to your sources. If something is disputed, or if something is a personal opinion of yours, state that in your article.
  4. There is no requirement on what type of word processor you use to write an article. Acceptable formats are .txt, .doc, .rtf, .wpd and .wps. Plain text files are preferred, but any of the formats listed are fine.
  5. Your email should be sent to Crazed Ewok and should have the subject of "EAWH Holocron Article." This is very important. Also, you should include your forum name or nickname that you wish to be listed with your article. Your email address will also be listed in your article. If you would like to include any images in your article, send them in the email as well, and put

    [Image: *name of image*]

    where you would like the image to appear in your article.

Also, please note that we reserve the right to change the article for clarity, grammar errors and spelling. Aside from that, you alone are responsible for the validity of your article's subject material. You will receive full credit for your article.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer!