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Star Wars: Empire at War Heaven » Forums » Game Discussion » Long save problem, in a frustration raise pattern
Topic Subject:Long save problem, in a frustration raise pattern
posted 03-20-10 06:35 PM EDT (US)         
I have since some the patches that are released for this game (i can suspect atleast..but not prof it)
my computer(s!) developted an issue that makes it take an eternity to save a game in the campaign

Pentium 3.4 GHz
2 Gb Ram
Geforce 8600 GTS TDH

4 years later i have purchased a new computer
and offcorse i got some lust to test how it will save game on EaW

AMD Phenom 2 X4 945
Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3
4 Gb ram
Radeon EAH4850 TOP
EaW Patch 1.5

But its same pattern again, once on a battlefield are started..doesnt matter if space or land, you perform the first save and it completes it in 2 seconds, you do 2 saves, you do 3 and it goes just litter longer to complete each time, hardley noteable the first fiew saves if you arent alert, but when you are around...6 it start to be hughe different, and from there we talk about 2 minutes if it doenst stop respond during that time

and this time nobody can accuse my lack of harddrive space, cause now i have near 10 Gb free on C:/
cause in 2006 its possible i hade only 1 gb free on the disk that stores the saves (C)
yes im now playing throu my old saves from 2006
and the save folder are on 800 Mb, but i have tested to just keep the most recent saves in the folder, but it doesnt change anything,in 2008 i replayed to see if my saves where corrupted so i started from beginning in the campaign, and in the same around mission 6-7 for the republic problem starts to develope slowly

wery depressing this, and it feels like i have flushed down money in a golden toilet just
I guess nobody here doesnt have any advices ?

perhaps i could edit this "swconfig" files that use to lie around in moder games, available for modcreators yadayada
but i dont know what lines i could change in all by myself
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