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Star Wars: Empire at War Heaven » Forums » Game Discussion » Flashing/lag/blinking game Bug - Empire Level 10
Topic Subject:Flashing/lag/blinking game Bug - Empire Level 10
posted 10-26-09 04:35 PM EDT (US)         
This is the level in which you must destroy the pirates to save your Interdictors, then destroy a rebel space station, hide in the nebulas, destroy another big fleet of rebels while blocking their hyperspace jump and fhen finally capture princess leia in its defenseless ship.

the problem is, once I capture Leia, all units start flashing and the game starts lagging hard. the frame rate gets unexplainably low, not meeting at all my system specs (i ran the whole game at maximum frame rate).

i read lots of walkthroughs to know if i was doing something wrong, and found out that, when the ship is capture, i should be victorious, right in that moment. but it's simply not happening, the blinking problem starts and the stage just doesnt end.

i would be really greatful if anyone could help. i'm downloading the 1.5 patch from the official website, i'll state if it works or not here. sorry for my english, i'm from brasil. thanks already.

edit: discovered that the game is up to date. so...

edit 2: forgot something: this whole time, my interdictors are on, blocking the princess' escape. when i capture her and everything starts blinking, i thought i may had to turn them off. when i do that, the flashing stops and the frame rate normalizes. but also does the princess escape! even though she is definately inside my star destroyer. then, i lose the game.

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