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News Archives - October 2006

IGN rates Forces of Corruption 8.5
Posted on 10/24/2006 at 11:46 PM by AoErat
Another good review in for the new Empire at War expansion, Forces of Corruption. In a comprehensive review, IGN rated it 8.5, or, "Great". Here's their closing comments:
While there was a lot to love about the original Empire at War, there were some design decisions that left many gamers, including us, feeling a little dissatisfied. Petroglyph seems to have taken all of those criticisms to heart and improved on nearly every single aspect of the game. What's more, they've managed to make all the necessary improvements to the original design while still creating loads of entirely new content. Those who disliked the repetitiveness of the original game will definitely appreciate the new faction, the new campaign and the units and abilities.

Read the full review here.
Forces of Corruption Expansion Pack to be released today!
Posted on 10/24/2006 at 3:57 PM by AoErat
Today is the official release date of the new Empire at War expansion, Forces of Corruption. The FOC section here on the site will be updated soon to reflect the new information. Expect lots of unit stats, screenshots, and other info! You can visit the official Forces of Corruption site here.
Fan Fiction Contest Comes to a Close
Posted on 10/11/2006 at 6:17 PM by Crazed Ewok
After months of hard work and preparation, I'm pleased to announce that our first Fan Fiction contest is completed! There were 8 entries on total, all by very potentially talented writers.

Melkor1, Novel, 100 - First Place Novel Winner
Boba Fettucini, Novel, 72 - Second Place Novel Winner
Ninja Jedi, Novel, 49
kypjargon, Novel, 47

Xaph, Vignette, 91 - First Place Vignette Winner
Friend of Old, Vignette, 79 - Second Place Vignette Winner
Leon Kennedy, Vignette, 78
BriJr, Novel, 55

Full copies of their works and my own reviews can be found in the main thread, which is located here.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to our judges, the participants, and the Force!
Demo out NOW!
Posted on 10/5/2006 at 7:11 PM by Crazed Ewok
Once again, thanks to Blackmoon, it has come to our attention that the FoC demo is out right now. I don't know what he cause of this is, but I'm downloading it now! You can access it, currently, at FilePlanet. It has also just come to 3d Gamers.

Additionally, there are more screenshots at Petroglyph's site. Take a look at them while you wait for your copy of the demo to download!