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News Archives - March 2006

New Poll
Posted on 3/30/2006 at 10:54 PM by AoErat
With more than 1000 votes on our previous poll, we've closed it and set up a new one. Cast your vote and let's see how many of you test your skills online! You can view all previous polls here.
Forum Party March 24-25
Posted on 3/21/2006 at 6:20 PM by Crazed Ewok
Another two weeks have passed and it's time for the community of EaWH to get themselves online and start attacking eachother! This Friday and Saturday, we'll be hosting our third Forum Party. The rules haven't changed, and the times are listed here.

Even better, the Party is just after the release of the aforementioned 1.03 patch. A great opportunity to see what this new fix does. I'll see you there!
1.03 Patch Available!
Posted on 3/21/2006 at 6:04 PM by AoErat
To download, simply access the Multiplayer feature in Empire at War. It will prompt you to download the patch. Here's the changes it makes:
New Content

* Added a new Multiplayer Land Skirmish map: "Corellian Countdown." This Skirmish map allows players to raise their own population cap by taking control points. This is similar to how land maps in Campaign games work.
* Added a new 43 Planet Multiplayer Campaign Map: "Lines are Drawn." This is a larger Campaign map that contains all of the planets from galactic map used in the story.

New Features

* Added an "ignore" button to the Internet lobby. Ignored player chat is not seen in any Internet dialog, and Ignored players are shown in a different color in the player list.
* Added "Quality Lights" to the multiplayer game lobby screen to indicate connection performance between players. Detailed ToolTips will also display when the mouse cursor is hovering over the "quality"
* Added a "test connections" button to the multiplayer game lobby screen that allows players to test out their connections with other players in a match before starting.

New Fixes

* Corrected several issues that caused Quick Match to hang indefinitely.
* Corrected an issue where Quick Match would connect more than two players to a game, resulting in a sync error.
* Several stat exploits that have been discovered and abused have been corrected. As a result, the GameSpy Arena 1v1 Space Skirmish, 1v1 Land Skirmish and 1v1 Campaign ladders will be reset. It is important to note that the ladders will remain populated. However, the current stats will be cleared to coincide with the 1.03 update as this levels the playing field allowing all players to fairly earn a ladder rank.
* Victory movies can now be skipped in multiplayer games.
* Corrected an issue where AT-ATs would stop moving when tow-cabled by Rebel speeders, allowing players to stop the unit from suffering a successful tow-cable attack.
* Client player in a match is now allowed to change color/faction after pressing accept.
* Increased Multiplayer stability for LAN and Internet games.
* Corrected an issue that caused CD-Keys to become invalid when playing on Limited-User Windows profiles.
* Corrected several text issues, including the removal of references to the Venator and corrections for "missing" text problems.
* Corrected an issue that allowed Empire heroes to be placed on the Death Star.
* Numerous other improvements and corrections have also been made in this patch.

Balance Issues

* Improved targeting priority for AI when fighting Star
* Increased the tractor beam hard point health from 100 to
150 for Star Destroyers.
* Increased the Garrison spawn time from 15 seconds to 25
Seconds for most buildings.
New Patch Due Out Next Week
Posted on 3/17/2006 at 8:22 PM by AoErat
Patch 1.03 will be hitting the internet sometime next week. What can you expect? Improved multiplayer stability, a new map with a few special features, and a brand new multiplayer campaign with a total of 43 planets. In addition, there are several bug fixes and a much-needed "ignore" button for the online lobbies.
Empire at War ALO Model Viewer
Posted on 3/14/2006 at 7:44 PM by Echuu
adthrawn, community member, has informed us of an extremely useful modding tool that has recently surfaced. The new ALO Model Viewer is a new tool that allows modders to view the model files for Empire at War. It is still under development, so it seems that extracting and rebuilding them will be very possible in the near future. The page with all of the information you need is located here. The download link is located here. Keep checking back here for updates on this potential modding revolution!
Forum Party Wrap-up and New Article
Posted on 3/11/2006 at 8:53 PM by Crazed Ewok
The two-day festivities that we've been holding have come to a close. Our second Forum Party went over pretty well, I believe, and I managed to get in about 3 games. Unfortunately, most of the games played were those that took place in space (I was interested in playing a land battle or two) but it was fun. There weren't that many people there, but that can be partially due to not posting the date and time of the parties until it was too late; I take that blame on myself.

Anyway, we had some pretty cool moments. There's five new screenshots in our Space Screenshots Gallery. This one is definitely my favorite. Also, there were a few funny times throughout the entire party, such as Ech attempting a bombing run in space, Zara and I saying the same stuff and Blood Phoenix believing he could fight 5 Imperial Star Destroyers with Rogue Squadron. It was a very fun party.

Also, lordbodin99 has submitted a new article about modding for the full version of Empire at War. It's a great feature to get you started with modding and can be found here. Enjoy!
Forum Party March 10-11
Posted on 3/9/2006 at 7:19 PM by Crazed Ewok
EaWH is going to be holding its second Forum Party in what we hope to be a long, long line of ones to come. There are going to be two seperate times, in contrast to the last Forum Party's one set time. We're hoping the new times will be more accomodating for European visitors, and thusly the times of the Parties will be 6 PM to 11 PM EST (GMT-5) on Friday and 12 PM to 5 PM EST on Saturday.

Be sure to check out the Party Thread for more need-to-know information. See ya there!
IGN's EaW Walkthrough
Posted on 3/9/2006 at 2:09 PM by Crazed Ewok
IGN has uploaded a Walkthrough regarding Empire at War.

A nicely focused real-time strategy game, Empire at War will test your patience and aggression. Do you sit back and let your scientists research that new ship, or do you press the attack? Do you sink credits into spicing up your ground defenses, or will you put all that money and effort into the Death Star? Will blowing up the planet really help you tactically regardless of how much fun the mere act is? All these questions, and any others you may have, are answered in this guide.

The article looks quite promising, but you must be subscribed to IGN to view the full guide. So, anyone lucky enough to be subscribed, go and check it out!
Star Wars Universe Highlight
Posted on 3/2/2006 at 10:09 PM by Crazed Ewok
To celebrate the recent live-linking of the Star Wars Universe forum to Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven's forum of the same name, I figured I should give a little highlight to get some people posting there and discussing what both Heavens have in common; Star Wars.

So, I bring to you, The Community Novel by Blackmoon, which is essentially a fanfiction developed by anyone that would like to post in it. Enjoy and have fun!